Introducing Troy and Eliza,'s Propose Perfectly Winners

As a follow up to our Propose Perfectly contest in November, we wanted to give you the inside look at our contest winners, Troy and Eliza, and the beautiful video that resulted from their proposal last month! Tampa, FL couple Troy and Eliza were selected to win our contest because of Troy’s overwhelming love, admiration and respect for Eliza– a widowed single mother of three who rarely takes time for herself. Troy (with the help of an all-star proposal team), began planning the ultimate surprise for his future bride-to-be… but not before documenting their entire love story on film, unbeknownst to her.

Check out the proposal here!

We wanted to get the scoop on love and life in Tampa from the couple themselves with their favorite places from around the city—check out where they love to go and what the love to do below:

Troy and Eliza’s Faves in Tampa

What is Troy and Eliza’s BEST tip for members in their search for love?

“Believe… trust… and don’t be afraid to put the REAL you out there! There REALLY is that one person that is made for you that is out there, and they are searching for YOU. No matter what you have been through in life, no matter your circumstance don’t quit and don’t give up hope. You may need to kiss a few toads, but just keep puckering up, because you WILL KISS THE RIGHT TOAD someday!”

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