Launches New Commercials Starring Lori launched a new commercial series starring Lori (otherwise known as LNK05 on the site), a small town girl with a big appetite for adventure– from completing the New York Marathon to inviting to film her first date with Brandon! You can check out a couple of the new commercials here, and be sure to read on and find out more about Lori’s story in the interview below! chats with Lori

Lightening round questions…GO!

Hometown: Patoka, Indiana– Imagine the smallest town you’ve ever been to, then divide it in half.

Favorite food: Does a Manhattan with rye on the rocks count? If not, without fail, always sushi.

Best trip you’ve ever taken: Japan. I’ve been 3 times now and the respect they have for their culture, each other and their visitors is life changing.

Words you live by: Just Live. Right Now. Be.

A little more about you…

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

I desperately need to learn how to cook. Maybe I shouldn’t put that on here. Single men out there….please disregard, I am the most amazing cook you’ll ever meet!!

Reflect on 2013—give us your top 3 most memorable moments from this year.

  • Moving from Chicago to New York City! I still get chills thinking about the moment I crossed the border into Manhattan!  I am so thankful for the friends I’ve made since moving here and the support from all of my friends and family back in the Midwest.
  • Mile 1 of the NYC Marathon while running across the Verrazano bridge. 26.2 miles and 5 boroughs in front of me, 45,000 runners next to me and 2 million spectators supporting us is a surreal feeling!
  • Filming a commercial, obviously! Who can say that they have an entire first date on film? I can!

Dating in 2014: any new goals, rules or action items for the new year? Anything you want to start doing more of/less of in the dating realm?

  • My most soulful single girlfriends and I just made a promise to ourselves to appreciate and be happy with each new relationship we make, regardless of what comes of it. There is something to appreciate and learn from in everyone you meet.
  • Be more fearless in my dating life and take some risks! “Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is!” Right? See you on Match!

 You can catch more of Lori’s story in her profile – live on the site. 

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