Featured Success Story: Natalie and Scott

Natalie & Scott match.com success couple

Scott and I met in August of 2012. After having been divorced for almost 4 years I had been doing online dating on and off for a while. Being a single parent, it was difficult to meet people and it seemed like the best option. Unfortunately, I just never really connected with anyone. I was always looking for something a little “more.”  Scott had been divorced for a year and being the shy guy and single dad that he is, decided to give online dating a shot. After conversing back and forth for about a week we decided to meet and watch a Red Sox game at a local Buffalo Wild Wings. (We both turned out to be Red Sox fans living in Ohio!) From the very first meeting I knew that this guy was special. He was intelligent, good looking, successful, funny and a lot like me. He didn’t put on airs, he wasn’t flashy, and we had a lot in common. We both have a young son, and we were able to relate to each other a lot. We ended up missing most of the ball game because we were having such a good time. We began dating almost right away and after a few weeks introduced each other to our children. Within a month we had both cancelled our memberships, became exclusive and were spending a lot of our time together. Our boys connected right away and loved being together. We helped each other heal from our past hurts, and learned how to love another person again. We became a family. The following July on a cruise with his family in the Caribbean, Scott proposed. I of course said yes 🙂 We were married in a beautiful small ceremony on September 28, 2013. I never thought I could be as happy as I am now. I love my new family and life. Thanks, Match.com!!

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