Marriage Proposals: What's In & What's OUT?

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Each year we hear about new fashion, design, music or wedding trends, but now we are starting to hear about another set of new trends — the best up-and-coming marriage proposal trends. As marriage proposal planning becomes more creative and more individuals choose to enlist the help of a professional proposal planner, the art of marriage proposal planning is becoming a hot topic that deserves attention.

Proposing over a candlelit dinner or while taking a stroll on the beach just doesn’t cut it anymore; individuals are looking for more unique and memorable ways to propose. The biggest trends in marriage proposal planning right now are extremely elaborate and highly personal proposals. With a wide array of options out there, planning a creative and opulent proposal can be done.

One of this year’s most talked about over-the-top marriage proposals was musician Kanye West’s proposal to reality star Kim Kardashian. West rented out a stadium in San Francisco, had an orchestra on-site to accompany the special moment and had the couple’s closest family and friends there to celebrate with the happy couple. While not everyone can arrange a proposal as extravagant as this, many individuals are looking for more elaborate ways to pop the question.

Two the easiest ways to orchestrate an over-the-top marriage proposal is to plan a very private or a very public proposal. Some of the most elaborate proposals are ones that are exclusive. Whether you reserve an entire restaurant, take your loved one on a private tour of a theatre or museum or rent out a sporting arena, a private marriage proposal at an exclusive and exceptional location is an elaborate yet meaningful way to pop the question. Another extravagant option is to propose while all eyes are on you. One current trend is to propose in Times Square in New York City while a personalized image appears on one of the many big screen monitors.

If an over-the-top marriage proposal isn’t for you, then you should focus on planning a creative marriage proposal as opposed to an elaborate one. A creative marriage proposal can include just about anything, but the most important thing to remember when planning a creative marriage proposal is to make it personal. Think about what your loved one is interested and arrange your special moment around that. If your partner adores a certain movie, create a proposal around certain events that happen in the movie but add personal touches to it. Maybe your loved one enjoys traveling, so you create a multicultural oasis filled with trinkets, photos and food that remind them of the favorite places they’ve been to.

Whether you choose to plan a luxe and elaborate proposal or a crafty and creative one, remember to make the big moment highly unique and unforgettable — two trends that will never disappear.

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