Featured Success Couple: Carissa and Adam

Their story: 

Me and my husband met over 4 years ago on Match.com. I was on it on and off for 2 years, he was on it for 1 week and I was the first person for him to speak to. I was actually about to cancel my subscription when I saw that he winked at me, so I decided to give it one last shot. I was interning in New York at the time, so we would send videos back and forth of us playing guitar for each other, and then after two weeks when I returned home, we went on our first date and have been together ever since. What has been so crazy for us is how perfectly goofy and weird we are together, that makes makes us a true believer in Match. We are absolute best friends who would never have found each other without your company. We just got married on September 28th after being together for over 4 years and had one of the most fun, goofy weddings I could have ever asked for.

With all that being said. We had a slow mo booth at our wedding that was shot by a friend and edited by my husband, Adam Henderson. It is now becoming a viral hit  and we would love to share our story with you. The video is a perfect representation of our goofy lives together, and a celebration of the amazing friends and family we now share. Enjoy!


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