Weekend Mashup | November 15, 2013

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Say “Aloha” to Gay Marriage: Hawaii is officially the 15th state in the union to legalize gay marriage, thanks to legislation passed this Wednesday by Governor Neil Abercrombie. Amidst the nationwide excitement for the LGBT community and its supporters, even President (and former Hawaii resident) Obama gave praise to his home state for their civil rights movement. Despite challenges to the constitutionality of the law, a Hawaii judge on Thursday ruled the state’s brand new gay marriage law is legal.

Oh, Snap! Snapchat’s founder might still be shaking his head at his decision to turn down Facebook’s $3 billion offer to purchase the company this past Thursday. The popular photo-messaging app, where “snaps” you receive only last for mere seconds, was approached by Facebook amidst rumors that the world’s largest social network is having issues reaching the younger demographic. The company of over 100 million users stated publically that they were “currently being courted by multiple investors.”

Dangerous Diagnosis: ABC News correspondent Amy Robach announced Monday on Good Morning America that she has breast cancer, a diagnosis discovered only after Amy underwent a brave on-air mammogram to promote breast cancer awareness last month. The 40-year-old former TODAY show anchor disclosed she would undergo a double mastectomy Thursday, and that her first and only mammogram test (that just so happened to be aired live for millions to see) “saved her life.”

A Giver and Wide Receiver: Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is known for a lot of things, including his entertaining sideline shenanigans, but what he might not be known for well enough is his generosity. Hoping to pick up the latest PlayStation 4 at a Dallas-area Walmart this past Thursday, Bryant not only scored what he was looking for – he treated all five customers in line with him to a PS4 as well. Nice play, Dez.

Standing Tall: One World Trade Center, New York’s tribute to 9/11 and the World Trade Center attack in 2001, has officially been named the nation’s tallest building, snagging the title from Chicago’s Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower). Though the Trade Center skyscraper has six fewer floors than the Willis, the 408-foot long mast atop the Tower rounds out the symbolic 1,776-foot tall building. Affronted Chicagoans, however, are still able to argue the Willis Tower has the highest usable floor.


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