Top 4 Marriage Proposals of All Time

By Sarah Pease, The Proposal Planner™ 

What makes a truly great marriage proposal?  A perfect engagement idea is like your Grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookies: there is no exact recipe.  As someone who designs dream marriage proposals for a living, I’ve been privy to some seriously fantastic engagements.  Here are my Top 4 Marriage Proposals of All Time (for now, at least):


4.  Kimye’s Marriage Proposal.  I know, I know.  Kim Kardashian & Kanye West getting engaged isn’t exactly the tale of true love (for the third time around, apparently, in Kim’s case).  But, I have admit that I was really impressed by Kanye’s “go big or go home approach” when he popped the question.  If you’re looking for something flashy, elaborate and over the top, renting out a stadium, flying in her friends and family, hiring a 50 person orchestra surrounded by torches, writing it up on a jumbotron and then celebrating with fireworks is most certainly about as big as it can get.

3.  Home Depot.  Proof positive that just about anywhere can be a perfect location for a marriage proposal.  While I have to admit that I normally consider a flash mob proposal a little played out,  Spencer’s proposal took place in a very unlikely location: an aisle in Home Depot.  With a fun, upbeat tune, friends and family (both in person and beamed in via FaceTime), this couple’s happiness and love is off the charts and as a result, so was their proposal.  Not to mention, it’s such a wonderful experience to see a gay engagement video go viral alongside all the other popular proposals we’ve seen recently.

2.  The Office. Money doesn’t buy you happiness, and it certainly doesn’t buy you a great marriage proposal.  Whether you’re looking at Jim & Pam’s highway rest stop engagement or Michael’s candlelit, office sprinkler disaster, both of these proposals are personal favorites of mine. They break nearly all the “rules” of a great engagement but still manage to make me tear up every time.

1.  Intimate and Romantic. My Brilliant Event clients George and Elise were on a business trip in NYC for his work. Since he was busy throughout the day, he treated her to a day of pampering – a personal stylist to take her shopping Pretty-Woman-style, a glam squad of hair and makeup professionals to make her feel amazing, and promised to meet her for a lovely dinner that evening.  When she arrived for dinner, instead of a restaurant, she discovered a romantically-lit penthouse.  Deep in the penthouse she found a choir and orchestra that performed her favorite song, Stille Nacht.  At the last notes hung in the air, George emerged from an adjacent room and drew her to a rooftop overlooking the New York City skyline.  He dropped to one knee and presented her – not with a ring – but with a glittering pair of Manolo Blahnik heels, and popped the question.  They shared a quiet dinner, just the two of them, immediately afterwards.  It wasn’t big and showy, it was heartfelt and meaningful – bringing them both to tears during the proposal itself.

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Photo Credit: Jeff Tisman

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