Featured Success Couple: Etta and Chris

Etta & Chris match.com success couple

At the time we met on Match.com, I was living in San Francisco and Chris was living in Baton Rouge, La.  I am originally from south Louisiana knew I wanted to meet a good southern boy, and  move back closer home near my family. I first noted that Chris and I had so many common interest then, I noticed his amazing smile and big blue eyes. I sent him the first email and he did respond with vague answers. (He told me later that he was hesitant because I lived so far away) but my persistence paid off. After emailing for a few weeks, we exchanged phone numbers and spoke a few times then we Skyped. At that moment, the connection was instant! Chris decided to fly to San Francisco to meet me in person. We had an unbelievable 5 days together walking around San Fran, wine tasting in Napa, driving the Coast and enjoying every minute of our conversations. It was so painful to say goodbye. Our relationship grew stronger even with so much distance between us.  I flew home in August for a visit and we met each others parents, needless to say,  we all fit perfectly. Again, it was so hard to say goodbye and return to San Francisco. I flew home again in Sept for a family trip to Florida and I invited Chris to join us. He picked me up from airport, checked in our hotel and to my complete surprise He proposed. The happiest day of my life. In October, Chris flew to San Francisco packed me up in a uhaul, together drove for 4 days to get back home and start the rest of our lives together. We purchased a new home and planning our wedding in December. Thank you Match.com!

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  • Atlean Martin-Holloman

    “Best Wishes”, to Chris & Etta forever!