National Bosses Day: Flirting in the Workplace

national bosses day flirting

All work and no play makes for one dull workplace — which is why more and more singles are mixing business with pleasure. In honor of National Bosses Day today, we looked into the corporate courtships of over 5,000 Singles in America to get the exclusive on who’s getting cozy with the corner offices

Many career men and women end up spending more time at the office than at home, which can lend itself to some harmless flirting at the water cooler… or more. Bosses are more likely to have a Friends with Benefits relationship, along with one-night stands, so it’s no surprise that so many singles across the nation admit to flirting back. Check out some of the highlights on where singles are flirting with the boss man (or woman) below:

Top 5 Cities That Flirt with the Boss (single men and women)

  1. Indianapolis (16%)
  2. San Francisco (15%)
  3. Columbus (13%) and Phoenix (13%)
  4. Miami (12%)
  5. Charlotte (11%) and Seattle (11%)

Interestingly enough, NYC came in last place with only 6% of singles reporting they’ve ever flirted with their boss.

When looking at Men vs. Women it gets even juicier across the nation:

Top 5 Cities Where Women Flirt with Their Boss

  1. Columbus (18%) and San Francisco (18%)
  2. Seattle (16%)
  3. Charlotte (14%)
  4. Phoenix (12%)
  5. Miami (11%) and Philadelphia (11%)

Last place? Women in New York women again with only 4% reporting they’ve ever flirted with a boss, followed by Washington D.C. (5%).

Last but not least, we have to take a look at the men who admit to shmoozin’ with the :

Top 5 Cities Where Men Flirt with Their Boss

  1. Indianapolis (23%)
  2. Detroit (13%), Miami (13%), Phoenix (13%) and San Francisco (13%)
  3. Dallas (12%)
  4. L.A. (11%) and Washington D.C. (11%)
  5. Boston (9%)

Want more data? Check out the infographic here!

Have you ever dated at work?  Did you keep the relationship under wraps? Tell us in the comments below!