Featured Success Couple: Vanessa and Michael

Vanessa & Michael Match.com Success Couple

Mike and I joined Match for the first time within a few days of each other. We were both recently divorced, both of us have young children, and neither of us were expecting much but figured it couldn’t hurt to see if there’s anyone out there who might be interesting. 

After 48 hours, I was very overwhelmed with the influx of winks, likes, etc and all the emails. None of these men were who I was looking for. I decided to be more exact in my profile about who I am seeking. I sent out several emails and did not get replies – how disheartening! But I figured this is a lot like cold calling – you need a thick skin sometimes.

Then I got HIS email. I showed up in his Daily Matches. “We should grab a beer sometime. I’d like to hear more of your story.” Simple, to the point, not at all like the other emails I had received. I thought “Wait… What’s this?”

I looked through his profile – he sounded promising. I asked a few follow up questions about his relationship status and what he is looking for. We seemed to sync. He asked me out to dinner that Friday.

Before dinner, we started texting each other. We both had a relaxed attitude about the whole thing and you could tell we were “letting our hair down.” I asked him if he was going to wear his “good butt jeans” to dinner. He played coy. He asked if we could do a shot to take the edge off, I agreed. I suggested we kiss and hug at the beginning of the date to get it out of the way. That sort of thing.

Our first date was spectacular. Sparks flew from the very beginning. I played a little trick on him and he was a great sport. We had our shot. We shared our dinners with each other. It was crazy – like we already knew one another. He let me beat him at pool after dinner. We ended up hanging out until 2am. When we kissed, I was dazzled.

We went out again the next night. Had an amazing time. We met Sunday to go hiking – he brought me flowers. By this time, we were both walking around with our head in the clouds. We had lunch on Monday and Tuesday. Dinner Wednesday and Thursday. And so on until we had seen each other every day for 22 days straight. Our run was just broken by a weekend trip.

Mike and I feel blessed. Like we’ve struck gold or hit the lottery. We don’t know if Match is responsible or God or Serendipity but we decided we should endorse your site. For if it wasn’t for Match.com, we may not have met.

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  • rachel long

    happy for yall i met my husband on match.com