Featured Success Story: Ashley and Charlie

Ashley & Charles

I had just got out of a long relationship and it ended badly.  I was having a hard time finding an ideal match and I found meeting people in San Francisco to be surprisingly tough.  I’m not one to go out to bars often to meet new people, and work kept me pretty busy as well.  I thought I would try the online dating thing and it was such a great decision! 

Charlie popped up in my first group of “daily matches.” I know it sounds crazy, but I instantly knew that I had to know him, so I sent him just a quick short message on match.  It took a few days before he responded (I didn’t know this at the time but he had been on for a few months and had begun to give up.) When he finally responded we went on our first date.  We ended the date with pancakes (my favorite meal) before he dropped me back off at my apartment.  It was perfect.

A month later, we found ourselves deleting our match.com profiles, and in a serious, exclusive relationship.  We moved in together after five short months, which may sound fast, but it was perfect for us. We have such a positive relationship; we both want to make the other one happy above ourselves.  We are so happy and so thankful to have met on match.com.  We highly recommend this service, and also advocate it as “online introductions” instead of “online dating”.  We tell our friends that after a first date, it is no longer “online dating” it’s real dating, and for that we are so grateful.

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  • Atlean Martin-Holloman

    Ashley & Charlie,
    It is my sincere wishes, that your love will develop into a lasting commitment, that leads you to marriage, and a life of happiness, forever….*With Prayers & Best Wishes.

  • Dara

    They look so perfect for each other.