Featured Success Couple: Shannon and Greg

Shannon and Greg Match.com Success Couple

Our story is truly special and unique and one that I never imagined. I never thought that the man I had envisioned in my mind would actually show up in the pages of Match and walk into my life “on that white horse” so to speak. These fairy tales happen on those movies or romance novels…. not to single mother of three children!!! The moment I came across Greg’s profile I stared at it and read his details maybe 100 times. I just was flabbergasted when I saw that he too was a single father of three children. Of course that was the first shock and then I read and looked at his photos. I read that he was not from CA and neither am I. The mind-blowing list of similarities between us is absolutely incredible.

After reading and fawning over his great pictures I decided to send him an email. It was during Christmas time and I had the holiday spirit and wanted to share some of that with him. His profile was interesting at the bottom it said something like “I usually do the contacting but if you feel there is a connection then email me!” I decided to take a chance and email him (which I rarely did). It was not long before Greg sent me an email back and we began an email correspondence.

We share so many views about children, friendships, and our work ethic. I was so caught off guard that he and I were simply perfect for one another. I was always so concerned that no man would understand the chaos of raising three children and that my social time for a relationship was extremely limited.

I have since moved to SD to be closer to Greg of course. I am blessed beyond measure that the stars aligned and match brought us together.  We constantly tell people how we met and are always met with an unreal look. I know many of our friends have joined because of us!!! Dreams do come true…. we are living breathing proof!!!! Thank you Match!!

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  • Linda

    Sure, works great for young Barbie and Ken but how about for mature adults who may not be models but are average or slightly average looking people with many other great qualities?

  • Renata Solomon

    I really find that hard to believe that two gorgeous people like that would have to go on Match.com to find a partner. For what I have spent on match sites since 2001, I could take a cruise around the world. The people on Match just don’t look like that.

    • Pumpkin2015

      I do too!! I put myself on a profile but don’t like what I see or read on there profiles! I think I will go old school on finding a soulmate!

  • S

    That is an amazing story, that sure is a match made in heaven.i love the part where you said that you had 3 children and then, he has 3 children when and where does that ever happen? I am a single mother of one and i can’t seem to find the right one anywhere. maybe i should check this sight out and find my soulmate. Congrats and maybe you will read my story.

  • Atlean Martin-Holloman

    Shannon and Greg your “Success Love Story”, with Match encourages my heart.
    I am a retired professional, a widow for almost three years, and two married adult daughters, who live away from home….(I just joined with Match for the month of September.) *I am becoming apprehensive about sending e-mails…I DO NOT want
    to be considered as a person, who is *desperate, a scammer or spammer but your success story has helped me to have faith to hold on longer.

  • Misty

    Its amazing how all these “success stories” are all people who look like models, extremely good looking or extremely fit. Where are the stories of the average every day people? Plus sized people? People who have disabilities?
    I’ve noticed that men always say they want someone “honest, faithful and no drama” but heaven forbid you should be all those things AND overweight. I have a great conversation with a guy for a month, we talked constantly and shared pictures but the first time I sent him a full body picture (in normal clothes), he never talked to me again.