Featured Success Couple: Dave and Alyssa

Dave & Alyssa Match.com Success Couple

Dave first emailed Alyssa on a slow Friday at work. Though he hadn’t written much in his Match.com profile, he used a tried and true technique for getting her attention: mentioning travel. Dave had just returned from a trip to Colombia, and Alyssa had just visited Chile and Argentina. After a few exchanges about travel and music, a date was set for the following Tuesday.

February 23, 2010: Dave and Alyssa first met at The Upholstery Store, a small wine bar on Alyssa’s way home from work and close to Dave’s West Village apartment. Four hours, a lot of conversation and a bottle of wine later, they realized they had a lot in common. The next day, Alyssa told a friend that she’d never smiled so much on a first date. After a second and third date, Dave knew this could get serious.
Because Dave and Alyssa both love to travel, it seemed only natural that they start discussing travel plans together right away. Dave was particularly keen on a week-long scuba trip, but Alyssa, ever the cautious attorney, suggested a weekend “tester trip” to make sure they were good travel companions.

The “tester trip” ended up being a trip home to Buffalo (where Dave met Alyssa’s parents) and Erie (where Alyssa was introduced to Dave’s parents and two of three sisters). Not exactly a low-pressure get-to-know-you situation! Luckily, the trip went off without a hitch.
After a summer of commuting, Dave moved into Alyssa’s Fort Greene apartment in October, 2010. Dave was excited about a washer-dryer and more storage space, and Alyssa loved Dave’s tv and the myriad wall art he brought with him (except for that Jabba the Hut print). But what they liked most of all was sharing the same space and living together. After an initial 3-month trial, Dave was in Brooklyn for good.

In the two years that followed, Dave and Alyssa had all kinds of adventures together–from scuba diving in Roatan, Honduras, to celebrating with friends in Budapest, visiting the United Kingdom and hiking in Japan! Not to mention many visits to Erie, Buffalo and San Francisco. Along the way, Dave and Alyssa began to suspect that they had found the person with whom they wanted to share all of life’s future adventures.

It’s only fitting that Dave and Alyssa took the next step in their relationship while on vacation. On a trip to Lake Tahoe over Labor Day weekend, Dave proposed to Alyssa after a long day of horseback riding and hiking. She was completely surprised, but not too speechless to say yes. Their wedding took place on the one-year anniversary of the engagement: September 1, 2012.


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