8 Things NOT to do at a Stir Event: Tips from the Match.com Stir Team

Stir events are the perfect way to connect you with other members on Match off the site, but even the most avid of party-goers could use a tip or two when it comes to a singles event.

I’m Luke Zaientz, V.P. of Events at Match.com. Believe me, the Stir Team and I have seen it all– the good, the bad and the ugly. So, to help you ace your next Stir event, the Stir Team and I have compiled an arsenal of things NOT to do in order to maximize your experience.

Follow these tips from our team of event coordinators and you’ll be mixing and mingling with ease in no time:

Tara, Events Coordinator:
Don’t Neglect Yourself— feel free to go buy a new top, shoes or jewelry.  This is the perfect excuse to spoil and treat yourself a little. You are putting yourself out there and you should reward yourself! It will help you feel fresh, confident and current.

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Heather, Events Coordinator:
Don’t come in with a bad attitude. Be optimistic and positive; leave your work problems, stresses, and worries at the door.

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Dre, Events Manager:
Don’t forget to smile- you’re much more approachable that way!

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Ivanna, Events Coordinator:
Do not hide in corners of the room! You have paid money, dedicated time, and you’re on a mission: to meet as many people as possible. And you’re not going to do this by setting yourself up as a wallflower.

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Brittany, Events Coordinator:
Even though you may be nervous, don’t be the person pretending it’s a college frat party taking shots in the corner of the bar—that’s one way to get noticed in the WRONG manner.

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Tricia, Events Manager:
Avoid constantly being on your phone. You’ve already put yourself out there by walking in the door. You may as well make the best of it! Don’t make yourself seem anti-social and closed off by texting your friends.

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Sarah, Director of Events:
Be smooth, but never slick! Ditch cheesy pickup lines and insincere efforts to impress. They never work. What does work is plain, unadorned genuineness. Converse in an easy way but skip the hard sell or player/peacock act.  Be yourself.

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Lastly, the move I see all too often:
The Bestie Blockade: This is a signature women’s move. Showing up at an event with your three besties, locking arms and forming an inward facing square – aka “The Bestie Blockade”. This is intimidating to guys and often impenetrable. Open up the blockade, mingle, invite men to talk, start conversations and have fun meeting new people. They came to meet you as well.

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  • Max Ikbal

    The Bestie Blockade is the worst. It makes no sense for women to show up to a singles event – or any social event for that matter – if they do not want to socialize with other people. If you don’t like people, then don’t come these events, just stay home

  • Dean

    So true on the “Bestie Blockade” Guys come to the events solo and the women come with 3 and 4 friends and don’t split off the entire night. The last one I went to there was a group of 4 girls that many men tried to talk to, but only 1 of the 4 was single, the other 3 told everyone right off the get go they were there “for support” for the 1

  • imadime

    hmmm … i might be able to take this seriously, except it looks like a blog post for 15 year olds.

  • Bmbchll

    I attended a Stir Event where they asked us part of an icebreaker: What thing do you wish could be un-invented? A guy answered “cell phone, because people don’t interact in person as much. We text and use social media too much”. But all through the evening, this guy was doing what???? Checking his phone and texting!