5 Ways Channeling P!nk Will Help You Ace a Date!


(Source: wifflegif.com)

When it comes to navigating the dating terrain, some ladies just have it figured out.

For those in need of a little tune-up, the best piece of advice might be to just think P!nk—the artist, not the color.

In a Match.com survey of over 1,000 singles, 18% of men chose P!nk as their biggest summer music crush which is pretty perfect since 26% of women said they want to channel P!nk when embarking on a first date, beating out superstars like Beyoncé, country powerhouse Carrie Underwood and all-American Taylor Swift.

P!nk is known to be unique and original, whether it’s in her sometimes controversial performances, her uncensored lyrics, or what she wears on– and off– the red carpet. To up the ante on your love life, take a note from the unique P!nk and get the party started with these five tips:

1.     Stand out from the crowd

P!nk would not be an internationally acclaimed superstar if she just stood on a stage and just sang. She is known for her theatrical performances and she proves her greatness time and time again. Choose one thing about you that stands out and own it! For example, start the conversation with an unexpected question or a story about something interesting that you’ve done that will be sure to catch the attention of your date from the start.

2.     Raise your (half-full) glass

P!nk is the poster child for looking on the bright side. In fact, any negative criticism she receives she uses it to fuel her creativity. Stuck on a date you think is a dud? Try and use every date as an opportunity to learn something new—think of your date as a human encyclopedia on topics you could know more about. Has your date ever been abroad? Find out what countries should be next on your must visit list. Is he interested in wine? Ask him about the best wines under $15. Making the best of every situation will only help you to keep a positive outlook on dating.

3.     Step up your (dating) game

P!nk is known to do unpredictable things and her fans love her for it. So take a page out of her book and suggest doing something unique and completely unexpected on a first date. Not every date needs to be skydiving, or a helicopter tour of the city, but changing the scenery from the classic “meet for drinks” date can help to keep both you and your date from any rut down the road. Changing the environment of the date can also lead to more insight into your date’s personality, which is always a plus early on in the relationship!

4.     Be a Show off – of your softer side

P!nk may be the ultimate pop rock star but she’s also a loving wife and mother. Be the strong woman that you are, but don’t be afraid to show it if you like to be taken care of as well. If your date offers to open your door or pay for the date, let him! It’s okay to be damsel every once in a while.

5.     Remember, nobody’s perfect.

P!nk embraces her flaws and failures as a part of who she is. When on a date, don’t obsess about being picture-perfect—being unique makes you both distinctive and attractive. Remember, your imperfections are what make you unique, so embrace them!

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