6 Dating Tips Guys Could Learn from Justin Timberlake

By Whitney Casey

Source: giphy.com

Justin Timberlake. JT. Former ‘NSync-er turned entrepreneur extraordinaire and most likely the only man who can make a blonde Jheri Curl sexy. You’ve heard of him, right?

Of course you have. And so has your date. Besides his celebrity status, superstar friends and aspiring film career, there are a few things that Justin Timberlake has in his back pocket when it comes to making women swoon that men could learn from. In a recent Match.com survey of over 1,000 singles, 20% of single ladies called JT their biggest music crush this summer, and even the gents know there’s something about the Suit and Tie guy that is enticing: 49% of single men said they channel Justin Timberlake more than any other musician before a date.

So how does JT bring Sexy Back time and time again? Here are six things JT is doing that you should do too.

1) He’s multidimensional 

Justin started his career off as one of the front men of ‘Nsync as a singer, but he’s come a long way since the days of Tearin’ up My Heart. Mr. Timberlake has become one of the most multifaceted celebrities utilizing his talents in several different endeavors, moonlighting as a songwriter, actor, philanthropist, clothing designer, investor and even restaurateur. Not only does having a lot of different labors of love keep your mind healthy, it makes you way more interesting on a date. You can tailor your conversations based on what you find in common with your date, and the more you’re invested in, the more chances you’ll find something to be in sync about.

2)   He’s well-dressed

JT is a style icon. He’s been named Most Stylish Man in America by GQ Magazine due to his impeccable ability to throw together an outfit—yes guys, I said outfit—including his signature head topper, the fedora.  And who knew sweater vests could be hot? His confidence while wearing skinny ties and sneakers is what undoubtedly makes him irresistible to the ladies. Key takeaway? Wear what you wish, but make sure you rock it like you’re stepping onto your 500th red carpet. And a suit and tie is always a good idea.

3)   He minds his manners

Hailing from small town Tennessee, Justin knows a thing or two about how to be a Southern gentleman. Not only does he value politeness, humbleness and frugality, even superstar friends like Reba McEntire speak highly of JT’s manners: “He’s a good ole’ boy from Memphis, and with all the things he’s done and acquired, he’s still a gentleman. And very thoughtful. He looks at you when you’re talking – looks you right in the eye. His mama and daddy did a great job on him, teaching him his manners and he’s a true Southern gentleman.” Take a note from this well-mannered gent and remember the little things like opening a door for your date do not go unnoticed.

4)   He’s spontaneous (and hilarious)

Justin has had his fair share of stunts and skits, from relieving the History of Rap with Jimmy Fallon to laughable spoofs on Saturday Night Live with friend Andy Samberg performing songs like “Mother Lover” and “3-Way (The Golden Rule).” The key to Justin’s gut-busting comedy? He’s not afraid to be a goofball and let loose. Sometimes it’s important to channel your inner child!

5)   He’s constantly updating his look

Justin has sported many different looks over the years, from the aforementioned Jheri Curl in the nineties, to the shaved head look of Alpha Dog, to his newly-debuted slicked back ‘do. Justin is never one to shy away from new styles, and neither should you – refreshing your look is a great way to reinvent yourself, even if it’s just growing out the 5 o’clock shadow an extra day. Maybe your dream date like a little extra scruff, and you don’t even know it. Try something new!

6)   He has a variety of social circles

Just like Justin diversifies his interests, he also hangs with a variety of celebs (and non-celebs) that influence his work, aspirations, and personal life. From his King of Rap crew of Jay Z, T.I. and Timbaland, to his Mickey Mouse Club childhood friends (and an ex-GF) Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling, to hometown bud and William Rast business partner Trace Ayala, Justin is great at keeping old friends while making new. Follow his lead and consider online dating as a great way of expanding your own social circle. Who knows, you might meet your own Jessica Biel!

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