Musings of a Marketing Intern: HACKWEEK’s summer intern, Silvia, will be blogging weekly about her experiences working at Match and revealing the behind the scenes of the world’s largest dating site.

Match_Hackweek hackathon Here at we pride ourselves in having some of the best thinkers in the business. To showcase our burgeoning talent, hosted its first annual Hack-A-Thon in which our employees come up with the “next big idea” we can implement to make even better.

Hackweek kicked off on Friday, August 9th with a happy hour where lots of swag was given out to incentivize the dozens of brave souls who decided to take on the hacking challenge.

Shortly after the kick-off, teams began creating their own unique project. The 22 teams labored throughout 10 days to build something pioneering for whether it be a new feature or an add-on application.

Teams stayed late into the wee morning hours on Monday the 19th to finish up their projects—all code was due before midnight! The judges, representing several businesses within the company, are combing through all entries and will narrow down the top four teams tonight.

Projects are being judged on innovation, originality, quality, potential impact on the business, and all-around appeal. Judges include CEO Sam Yagan, President Amarnath Thombre, CFO Jeff Dawson, CTO Clark Rothrock, SVP of Customer Care Michele Watson, and VP of Product Beth Wilson.

Tomorrow, August 21, the top four teams will be presenting their projects at a company-wide happy hour, and three will be crowned as the winners of the first ever Hack-A-Thon! Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of what our hack teams have been up to this past week:

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