#MatchMusic: Match.com Presents The Perfect Pre-date Playlist and More

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Match.com has teamed up with Spotify to uncover what artists and music today’s singles are tuning in to when gearing up for date night. We surveyed more than 1,100 members and found that 78% of singles listen to music to get pumped up for a date, and whether they channel suave Justin Timberlake or self-empowering P!nk when getting amped up, music is an integral part of dating!

So how do singles incorporate music into their dating lives? Check out the data (and the perfect pre-date playlist) below!

  • Music to Primp To: When asked what type of music they prefer listening to while getting ready for a date, 57% of men chose classic rock, while the majority of women (54%) preferred pop music/top 40 hits.
  • Classic Moves: 49% of men and 39% of women said they found classic rock to be a turn-on for their dates to play in the background to set the mood.
  • Mood Music: While 49% of men choose to listen to classic crooner Barry White when getting pumped up for a date, 44% of women chose sexy current artists like Robin Thicke and Maroon 5.
  • Mood Killers: Both men and women agreed that rap, country and heavy metal music are no-no’s on a date.
  • Music Idols: 49% of men channel Justin Timberlake when embarking on a first date, while the majority of women (26%) channel P!nk.
  • Which Artist is Crushing it?  40% of guys named Taylor Swift as their music crush, who received more than double the votes of her nearest competitor, Rihanna (19%). Women are currently crushing on Robin Thicke (32%).

Based on our findings, Match.com & Spotify created All Amped Up: The Single Best List of Pre-date Anthems on Spotify!

Spotify Match.com Playlist 1

Spotify Match.com Playlist 2

Do you listen to music while you get ready for a date? Tell us your favorite “pump-up” song in the comments below!

  • jamieninja

    I like pink floyd

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  • sylvantor

    how about joe cocker? you are so beautiful, delta lady, with a little help from my friends?

  • ToddH

    Led Zep II hands down the best mood music after a few drinks and a comfort zone is established, throw this on, and 95% of the time you in for a long, wet, erotic night!

  • Elizabeth Granger

    Matchbox 20

  • DT


  • shonus

    Haha If I had to listen to that whole playlist the date would be over. Yes to Aerosmith and Journey and a big no to the rest of the crap that is flooding the mainstream airwaves.

  • Chris

    Jason Mraz – Geek in the Pink

    It helps to relax and remind me to have fun, no need to go in to a date stressed.

  • karla

    Music is good for the soul. Its always great to listen to music!!! It also, sets a good mood for making love!!!

  • BobR

    Thelonious Monk’s music works for me. A natural de-stressor that also triggers my sense of humor neurons.

  • Holliehock

    Being on the “mature”end of singledom, I admit I know very few of the songs or artists listed. Some of my favorites are Pink Floyd “Momentary Lapse of Reason”. The entire album reeks of sensuality. Michael McDonald,Journey,Great White,and Whitesnake. There are individual songs that really get me in the mood for a date like You’re The Only Woman” by Ambrosia, “Sara,Smile” by Hall and Pages,”Fooled Around And Fell In Love” by Elvin Bishop. Music is a huge trigger for memory and most of the music listed here were from younger,care-free days. Check out a few, you may find something you really like!

  • Tiffany

    Love the Rolling Stones, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Mumford & Sons–oh my! So many good songs on this playlist I’d be getting ready for a date, lose track of time dancing (watch out!–rhythm-less chick on the loose =P) and be more then fashionably late. Good playlist.