Match Weekend Mashup | August 16, 2013

Every Friday will give you a summary of all things relevant and hot in the media from the week that you should know for your weekend date!


Oprah’s Buzzed: The Queen of talk show is already getting Oscar buzz for the movie, The Butler, where she plays the wife of the White House steward. Oprah is also getting attention for admitting to having tried marijuana when quizzed by Andy Cohen during her appearance in Watch What Happens Live!— Oprah fessed up that she tried smoking in the 80s and joked with Andy that she hears that weed has “gotten better.”

Turmoil in Egypt: The recent change of leadership in Egypt has catalyzed a series of violent acts and protests in the streets of Cairo. The clashes between the supporters of recently ousted President Mohammed Morsi and the Egyptian military have ended in deaths of at least 600 individuals.

Out of the closet, into the ring: WWE star Darren Young came out in a standard interview while at LAX on Thursday. The wrestling organization released a statement standing behind Young and his decisions to come out. Young is the first WWE wrestler who has identified themselves as gay or lesbian.

Bunny Rave: Scientists at the University of Hawaii have collaborated with Turkish researchers to breed a litter of glowing bunnies! By injecting luminescent proteins from a jellyfish into rabbit embryos they have created two bunnies that glow green in florescent lighting. These glowing animals are being used to track pollutants are they travel through the body. The scientists hope that their research will one day lead to cheaper medicines and cures for diseases.

Jimmy Fallon reveals baby details: Winnie Rose, daughter of Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen, was born via surrogate. Jimmy opened up to Today host Savannah Guthrie about being a new dad and the struggles he and his wife faced in trying to conceive a child. Fallon said he kept his baby news under wraps so they could surprise everyone once they had good news.

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