Featured Match.com Stir Success Couple: Erin and Dusan

Erin & Dusan Match.com Success Couple Stir

We met a singles mixer through the Stir Events. It was a fun way to meet and we really enjoyed talking that first night. He asked for my number and a first date by the end of the night. I think we both checked out each other’s profiles after we met and before the first date.

Our first date was a picnic and he offered to cook for me which really set a tone for who he is and where he is from. We both knew within the first hour that we had chemistry and wanted to see what would happen. I told him that I may be moving to San Diego in a few months and he should know. Turned out he had a job offer in San Diego and he was open to see what would come. At the end of the date, we took a picture and agreed that we wanted a second date.

We’ve been together ever since. Dusan grew up in Belgrade and I grew up in southwest Missouri. We are only two months apart and it amazes me how much we have in common from family structure to childhood movies.

One of my favorite dates in the beginning, was walking to the grocery store together to buy food to cook breakfast. We picked out ingredients to make crepes and spent the entire morning together laughing, cooking, and getting to know each other. It felt easy to be together. We are both a bit goofy and bring out the best in our silly sides.

It can be challenging not knowing what will happen but for us, it was also part of the fun. Now we are engaged and so happy we found each other.


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  • Chaz27

    Are these sites real? or just scams? I would like to try but, there are too many sites of all catagories that are just in it for the money….. Thanks if you respond, sorry to bother you……..

    • Sherry Ireland

      Not scams but to find the real thing is just like that proverbial needle in a haystack 🙁

  • Blue hat

    Although a great story, this is a one in a million as the vast majority of users do not experience anything remotely close to it.