Musings of a Marketing Intern: History of’s summer intern, Silvia, will be blogging weekly about her experiences working at Match and revealing the behind the scenes of the world’s largest dating site.

This year is the 18th anniversary of! Match was the first online dating site created and still remains the leader in the industry.

To shed some light on how we progressed to our current presence and also to share where we came from, I have for you, the history of!


1995: is launched by entrepreneur Gary Kremen. It was started as a theory that aimed to provide classified advertising systems for newspapers.


1996: By the fall, there are 100,000 registrations on

1997: Match celebrates its 150th couple to walk down the aisle and get married in 1997.


 1998: The movie “You’ve Got Mail” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan further popularizes online dating.

2002: launches internationally and is available in 40 countries.


2003: re-launches its site offering an array of new features and also introduces MatchMobile, an app for you to connect wirelessly.


2004: encounters exponential growth in 2004 with the introduction of TV advertisements and the launch of the success database,

2005: This year marks Match’s tenth year was the world’s largest online dating and relationship company.


2008: Despite the stock market crash in 2008, experiences its largest membership growth.

2010: Match is recognized for more dates, relationships, and marriages than any other dating site. It is also’s 15th anniversary.


2011: OKCupid becomes a part of the family.

2012: launches Stir Events to give our members fun and exciting opportunities to connect offline.


2013: Tinder is launched by the family in early 2013.

The future: No one can predict the future but will continue to facilitate more dates, more relationships, and more marriages both on and offline!


Did you learn anything new about the history of Tell us in the comments below!

  • James Robertson

    I think it may have more class then Meet.Me.Com