Featured Success Couple: Nolan and Ginna

Nolan & Ginna Match.com success couple

We initially met through Match.com 🙂 We kept in touch in via Facebook, email and phone for two years. We both lived roughly seven hours away from one another. I made a trip to Panama City Beach, FL to visit my family where I met Ginna in person 🙂 From that moment I fell in love with Ginna and I knew I would marry her. It was not long after we started dating we both realized there was nothing we wanted more than to be husband and wife. We decided to get married on Oct. 11, 2012. Not long after our vows we welcomed into this world the greatest gift that two people in love can share, our son Nolan Jr. If it was not for Match, none of this could have been possible. We want to thank Match.com for giving us such a beautiful future and life together.

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  • Enumclaw555

    I am so inspired by your success, I am going on my first match.com date this afternoon to a guy who on paper is perfect. I’ve been sort if looking for 6 yrs the usual way without successs. Wish me luck and so happy for you!

  • Twiffy

    That’s a great story!
    To Enumclaw555 – Best of luck. I went on my 10+ date a couple weeks ago. I’m such a happy camper. I believe this one just might stick 🙂