Musings of a Marketing Intern: Office Life’s summer intern, Silvia, will be blogging weekly about her experiences working at Match and revealing the behind the scenes of the world’s largest dating site.

I love free stuff. Who doesn’t?

Working at Match is a poor college grad’s paradise. There are cans on cans on cans of free soda, unlimited bottles of juice, an unending stream of coffee, an abundant amount of fruit and candy galore! Oh and did I mention that we have free Einstein bagels on Friday? Yes, those glorious boxes of bagels are complimentary every week and it is basically the highlight of my life.

bagels office dallas headquarters

The best way to start off your Fridays – with bagels and shmear! 

Soda and bagels and juices and fruit and candy are great, but to fight the sugar and carb overloads also offers free yoga! Once a week, one of our employees, who also moonlights as a yogi, leads us in yoga stretches and exercises. There’s also talk of Zumba lessons starting up so you might see yours truly shaking off the sugar-highs in the future!

Even though the free stuff is nice, there’s so much more to working at Match than the perks. To tell you the truth, I was very anxious before I started working at Match. I had never visited the office prior to my start date and only met my team via a Skype interview so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

But from the moment I walked through the doors I was blown away not only by the dramatic lobby and décor, but by the kindness of everyone I encountered. Everyone around me made sure I felt welcome and I felt part of the team from day one! I’ve been working here at the global headquarters of for about five weeks now and still not a day has gone by without me thinking, “Wow, I really work here!”

Even though I am an intern , I have been able to partake in so many different interesting projects and have been given opportunities to work on exciting initiatives for the company already! One of my favorite projects was creating a Pinterest account for I am a Pinterest junkie so this project was more like play than “work”! (If you have an account, please follow on Pinterest!

I want to thank all of you who read my first blog last week and gave me so much support and positive comments! For those who participated in the “two truths, one lie”, my lie was that I was trained as a classical pianist! I have never played an instrument in my life, I’m not very musical. So shout out to Lindsay and Nicole Love for getting the lie! *Virtual high five* Good job ladies!

Have a great Fourth of July holiday!