Match Weekend Mashup | June 28, 2013

Every Friday will give you a summary of all things relevant and hot in the media from the week that you should know for your weekend date! weekend mashup newspaper headlines

So, it’s the weekend and you’re about to go on a date. You have your attire mastered and your hair freshly done so you’re feeling comfortable on the outside… but how about the inside? It’s important to make sure you also spruce-up your mind as well.

Our relationship expert Whitney Casey tells us that a good rule of thumb is to know at least three non-controversial but important or inspiring things that have happened in the news that week. So to help cut down on your reading, here are some snippets of recent happenings in the news that you should know to participate in a fun and engaging conversation with your date!

Kiss my grass: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova along with other top 20 ranked players have failed to qualify past the second round of the famous Tennis championship. Federer has not lost before the quarterfinals at Wimbledon since 2002 and hasn’t lost before any quarterfinals in a Grand Slam since 2004. Big upsets on the grass!

Insta-celebrity: Michelle Obama officially joined Instagram and uploaded her first picture on Thursday. The First Lady took advantage of the new video feature and documented students performing a welcome dance at a middle school in Senegal. The Obamas embarked on their Africa tour earlier this week.

Butter makes it better: After initially cancelling her appearance on the Today Show last week, Paula Deen appeared on Wednesday’s TODAY show and had a tear-filled interview with Matt Lauer. Despite all of the bad press Deen has been receiving about alleged racial slurs, her latest book has surged to No. 1 on Amazon’s best-seller list.

Follow the North Star: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s name for their newly born daughter, North West, is meant to be inspirational not sensational. According to sources, the couple named their baby “North” because nothing is north of north. The duo has been saying that North is their highest point together as a couple.

Equality for all: The Defense Against Marriage Act enacted in 1998 and Proposition 8 enacted in 2008 were both struck down in the Supreme Court this Wednesday. Gay and straight couples alike celebrated the news by getting engaged and married. Actress Kristen Bell proposed to actor boyfriend Dax Shepard via Twitter after the DOMA ruling.

Happy weekend! Let us know your thoughts on any of the stories above in the comments.

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