Martha Stewart Finds Her Match

Martha Stewart on

Just over a month ago, the country’s most celebrated domestic diva Martha Stewart announced to good friend and TODAY show anchor Matt Lauer that although she has had a lot of success in life, she’s still looking for a romantic match – and that in the spirit of adventure she’d love to try for the first time in her life!

Over the past several weeks Matt Lauer and Inc. CEO Sam Yagan helped Martha set up her profile, browse for potential suitors, comb through thousands of messages, and select two men to go on dates with. Both men– Larry, a steel trading executive and Stan, a commercial and film director—were introduced to Martha in person on the TODAY show and follow up dates happened shortly thereafter. See the recap of Martha’s journey on the TODAY show below:

Martha Stewart on TODAY

Sam Yagan’s tips for success for Martha (and everyone on the site) were to be yourself first and foremost, start the conversation, and stick with it! Though Martha might not have found her soul mate in two dates, she had fun with the process and it opened her up to the idea of dating again. The key is to remember that a proactive and positive approach to online dating will lead to the most success.

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  • artgal

    I couldn’t find either of the men she went out with on Match.

  • Topaz

    When she finds that most of the men are lying about their age, fitness level, relationship status, smoking habits, she’ll probably use a more professional site for finding a long term relationship. Poor guys are so sex starved they’ll say almost anything to get laid.

    Most of the people who find someone are pretty desperate to get married and will ignore the problematic behavior and lying.

    She has a long road ahead of her if she doesn’t figure it out sooner than later!

  • Sally

    Hi Martha
    What I’ve run into the most are guys that lie. Most of the time they think women are stupid and will believe anything they say. This last one tells me he owns a 2014 SI Class convertible. If I know anything about Mercedes, it’s possibly a SKL Class. I love cars and no such thing as a SI Class convertible and the 2014s aren’t even released until late July. Then he tells me he writes for “Saturday Night Live”. What’s a girl to do?

  • JFT

    Good for you, Martha. Good luck on your search.

  • Just me

    Hmmm think it is because they recognized a celebrity? I have been on Match 3 months and nothing! I have asked for a refund of the unused portion and Match refuses to even talk to me. I am not a bad looker, so I am going to assume I didn’t write a good profile. Oh well, maybe God will bring my match someday.

  • Deb

    Is Martha still seeing her Match?

  • Dawn Levene

    Congratulations. I too have joined still have not found anyone but not giving up.I know that special someone is out their. It a journey

  • supersexxychica

    It’s good to always hear great feedback when you hear good things about online dating. it makes you feel a whole lot better about joining. thank you for the feedback. I’m looking forward to joining.

  • larry booker

    Well Martha Stewart . So you Want a man I’m your Match. Singel CowBoy. Never Married . Own a Small Ranch . And sales Precious Metals . So cut threw all the / dates And I’m a Christen . And I’ll make you a Good Husband .. I’m 51 . I’m on Meet.Me So if you are looking for a God Fearing Man .. Sweet Heart let Me know . From Belton Texas.. God Bless You..

  • Charlie

    Ya, that’s all well and great, and I’m truly happy for her. But look at all the help Martha was given. What about the rest of us on Why can’t we get some of the same help that CEO Sam Yagan gave Martha?

  • gardenbag59

    I hope she knows what she is getting in to. Be prepare to meet allot of con artist Martha and most of all are located in Texas wile they tell you they are close to you. Don’t give any of your money,they are crooks…

  • SlightlyCautios

    Well, I am very happy for Martha. Maybe she receives matches that actually show photo’s of men she would be interested in, because in my case certainly does not. The daily matches that I receive never actually really match “my profile” and most of them show no photo. Oh well, then again I am not Martha Stewart.


    Martha Stewart is a criminal. You want me to believe this? Boy, are you ever stupid.

  • funseal6

    That is such a bunch of crap! I have been a member of Match for a long while and I just keep getting loosers & the same old men while Match collects my money. Sure Martha Stewart is going to get special attention & I’ll bet she doesn’t pay one dime. I get married men, men way out of my realm, men without jobs. What the heck???


    I now see what this is about…to expand her marketing database…omg I can’t believe anyone would use to expand their reach for product sales…after contacting her thru Match, I’m now getting sales pitches for the stuff she sells…wtf…I guess love = money?

  • recchy

    Good Luck to everybody!

  • Dr. Damon Sprock

    Martha Stewart – Beautiful, intelligent and a domestic diva. What an ideal convergence! My kind of lady. Hook me up,!

  • mary

    If I was Martha Stewart I wouldn’t have a problem either, even though I have the same profile. Most men my age either want someone 20 years younger or a nurse with a purse.

  • layna clay

    I started with Match at the same time as Martha and I have not had a positive experience, I’m happy for her.

  • I would date Martha. She is charming & can cook.

  • hawkti

    Is Martha Stewart to stupid to go in and set up her own account? If you are so uppity that you have to have someone else to set up an account and let them pick your match , well that IS STUPID, and I would not go on any kind of date with any woman like that!

  • Gloriagale McKee

    Good for you Martha,
    This seems to be the way of the world.
    So many looking, miles connected by the screen in front of you and at your finger tips..
    I have been a follower of yours for most of your years.
    I am on here too and looking.
    In your own words, “It’s a very good thing.
    Gloriagale McKee
    Sumter, SC

  • Itjusthappened

    I bet her men were really checked out. Most of them are scammers. It has been a disappointment, wasn’t what I expected!

  • Former Muryoak 5604

    Kudos to Martha.Hope she can find Mr.Right.She deserves happiness.i was on Match.Com4a whole month&didn’t find love.Needless2say I had alot of fun flirting on Match.Com.i was really interested in 1 really bad.he is a Grandparent like me,but he never did wink,email me back.He was so handsome/good looking/charming.Everything a woman could want in her significant other.I may join Match.Com again??

  • Watonkaram

    I wish Martha nothing but the best. She showed great character over that entire insider trading incident. The average man on the street would have never received such harsh treatment. It was so refreshing to see an individual take a fall as opposed to “ratting” on a friend who was trying to do her a favor. Most in Congress could only aspire to the level of integrity demonstrated by Martha.

  • bluto1929

    I’ve read she can be a very demanding domineering type .

    Does she want someone to date or dominate Maybe Larry Ellison could keep her in check. doubtful he would be interested though .

  • southernlady

    interesting…with all the wealth and connections Martha has, that she had not met a suitor….I cannot imagine what her profile would be or how her filters were set but I am sure she would never have considered a truck driver, or another blue collar worker. The matches whom I have been sent are either not interested in a committed relationship or just want a “play partner”. My venture has been over 2 years and this is what I find to be true on most of the sites. Either they look like an assylum-escapee or jailbird…so I am just not sure what made the “click” for Martha.

  • Beth

    You have got to be kidding me! Martha Stewart is a celebrity. She had help from Sam Yagan. Give me some more assistance so that I’m not meeting men who portray themselves as something they’re not and then ask for money or are only interested in sex and not the whole person or men who live in a completely different state and who I will never get to meet in person. This online dating is no easier than it was when I was dating 25 – 30 years ago in person. I am on three dating websites and have experienced the same difficulties on all three.

  • marsha sharp

    Im hooked up, but unable to pay due to my moving to another place. Money is tight at this point…

  • dorian O

    Wonder if her profile told that she did time in a Federal prison for insider trading?

  • sharon

    Martha, you give me inspiration and hope. So glad you are doing this. It lets everyone understand that people of all walks of life are looking for someone to share their life. It is not easy for some and hard for others. It is a challenge for all of us.

  • Rachel

    I’d like Matt Lauer and Sam Yagan match me up with a few dates. I have been on Match for years and haven’t met anyone yet!

  • Fancy Free

    WOW!! Maybe if I had the CEO personally help me set up my profile and browse millions of “suiters” I would have better luck on Match. It is the worst of all the sights I have been associated with. I wonder if she had to pay like I did or if just her “stardom” got her through free. Lord knows she needs to save her nichols for her parole officers.

  • jeff

    I think if I were a famous this would easier too , but for us ordinary people this doesn’t work.

  • TED

    Martha did NOT choose me so I do NOT need the rest of this @#$%^&*(

  • Monica

    Joined and as I knew from another site, this is almost impossible to find a real mate let alone date. You have to understand. MARTHA STEWERT that is going to be completely different than an everyday person. They will stand in line to date her. A 1000 replies. I’ve been on since she signed up I don’t have one. It’s different you cannt compare her on this site.

  • Dianne Kintzer

    Well Martha, I’m delighted for you, but here’s my take on all this…. North Carolina’s most celebrated domestic diva… okay, well, Eastern North Carolina… okay, well a little town called Newport, North Carolina… Dianne K, AKA Dianna Maria Magnolia Mae, AKA Lady Di, announced to good buddy and head-of-household black Lab, Toby, that although she is tired of picking up poop in the yard, mowing the grass, power washing the house, cleaning out the garage, changing lightbulbs, repairing stuff around the house- all by herself, she, too, is still looking for a romantic match- and that in the spirit of desperation, she would love to try for more than one month this time. So la-dee-dah, Martha. I’m gonna have George Clooney help me with my profile, so there! CEO Sam Yagan? Now really… who has ever heard of him? That is not a common name, BUT George Clooney… got one up on ya this time, Marth! Here’s my profile in a nut shell, or rather seashell….63 years old, widowed, redhead, intelligent, attractive (my grandkids tell me that), can dresss up or down depending if I’m goin’ to a gala event with George or pulling weeds, can read, write, have all my original body parts AND made these computer keys for typing this essay from left-over garage tools. So eat your heart out Marth, babes. I’m just as creative as you. Bets on that I find my perfect match before you! Happy hunting, girlfren……:)

  • Ron Deel

    The problem is that a normal man isn’t going to “fit” in with “High Society”, and therefore not even be considered nor have any chance. For the most part, most men would probalby be looked at as a “money hungry” or fake/fraud if he were to show any interest in such a lovely woman. I myself am 60 years old, divorced and have 3 grown children and 4 soon to be grand children, whom I love and adore. I’ve not made it in the “big times” and was raised extremely poor, and only moved up to a reasonable life, before having an accident that cost me a lot better future, financially and socially. I know I have qualities that a lot of women would enjoy and like, for I’m real, sincere, and dedicated. Honesty and truthfulness to me is the key and being open, and upfront from the get go and never lying would be the only way I’d even consider any relationships. Yes it would be super nice just to have her prepare some of those delicious meals she reveals on all different shows. But I couldn’t even afford to take her to a proper dinner, so I have zero opportuntiy with such an awesome person, and so I just cling to the hope that someday, I’ll find someone for myself, that will be themselves and allow me to be whom I am, as well? Thanks for listening. Wishing you only the very best, Martha. Sincererly, R. D.

  • richards

    lucky girl

  • Tony Garcia

    good for her and the best of luck I wouln`t mind going out with her

  • Nena/Loli

    The problem is that there are no men that are sophisticated socially and culturally. also men above 67they want companionship but their
    is to their families and not to a new relationship. In other words they want a free ride. Any answers?


  • Gregory

    She is a convicted felon. Did she put this info in her profile?


    Martha can go to Baby Boomer Peace . I hope her pics are recent!

  • THE hunk29

    How old do you have to be to qualify for adate

  • Mike Sowder

    Martha I would love to take you on a date

  • Single and Looking

    This is useless advice. Not everyone has all of the professionals catering to them and setting up their profile. I have been on this site for many years. I am still single and looking.

  • tuzz

    they could afford to take her out yea sure!!

  • rubye johnson

    Hang in there, the best is yet to come

  • FloridaSunshine

    I believe ‘in person’ is the best way to meet a match! The very make up of these sites encourage both sexes to choose a mate based on looks and age, Men tend to enter into their search criteria ages which are much younger than their chronological age. Women look at their desired age and say, ‘You will find that in the library under Fiction’. People age differently both looks and actions,. We don’t want a ‘father’ either!! In person, we tend to be more receptive to conversation, interests and not as much looks and age. Profiles are abound with how we perceive ourselves and what we think men want to hear, not necessarily what is.

    Charge us for actual dates or people of realistic potential interest rather than for time. I would be there in a heart beat. I refuse to give Match another dime until they change methods. I have joined several times bated by having messages. Each time, it was from someone 30 years younger who liked my picture, lived a thousand miles away or was 20 years older and had a shaggy beard. Give me a message from a realistic age, distance, interest level, someone who writes a decent sentence and I will be there with the credit card,.

    I am chagrined that Match is now trying to push “famous people” . For the majority of us, that is not impressive.. We are not Martha Stewart, and have little in common, We are regular folks who just want to find camaraderie, fun, companionship and maybe more..

  • Richard

    Why would Martha Stewart need two guys to help her with her profile. Someone who obviously knows who she is and very much herself should have no problem with her profile.

  • Gene E.

    I just did it’s personal …

  • Cecile0321

    Absolutely. I think this is a publicity stunt….

  • M

    Maybe if I had the CEO of march helping me out, I’d get a nice normal funny guy instead of paying for a bunch of creepy much older weirdos winking at me and sending ridiculous message.

  • Suzi

    I am sure, with all the help she has received that she wasn’t “matched” with a black, African scammer. Believe me, they are on the site in full force! Match professes to screen the profiles. The really do not, or not to any degree.

    A quick “tip-off” is a complete “slaughter” of the English language-grammar, punctuation, spelling, spacing, syntax, etc.

    But there are scammers out there who have a solid grasp of the language and all that goes with it. They are the ones who can “snag you”.

    As one of the comments mentioned, most men are looking for someone much younger, so if they get someone 55 (he is 65), welcome to menopause and all the “fun” that accompanies-mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats (and I don’t mean sweating during a wild, love-making session)!

    So those of us who are still attractive, intelligent, in good shape/health, financially solvent, etc., are relegated to an 80 year old with prostate issues (Viagara needed here)! Or, perhaps, a bit of dementia?

  • j7653

    I have to admit I’m really surprised by the number of people on here complaining about Match. If it doesn’t work for you, why are you on here? I’ve had plenty of dates. Some good, some okay, not too many really bad ones. I’m glad there is a site like Match and the other ones out there. Makes dating easier for me.

  • Peng

    Why is a convicted felon on anyway? This is a violation of their terms of service!

  • Lilly

    I have had several dates and one long term relationship with Match. It just doesn’t replace meeting in person because you can be a PERFECT MATCH online yet make no connection when you actually meet….also it has been my expertience that Match frequently becomes an addiction, and while men say they are looking for THE one, they are forever looking for the NEXT one…


    Hi Martha-international global rockstar legend-I do wish, and hope for you, the best of luck, in your search. by the way, i have always enjoyed your cooking show. you are quite talented, as well as quite a catch. as you already know. i am also looking, for a princess, wife. you also, already know, i am an executive chef, restaurant consultant. perfection, runs in our blood. we are simply, never satisfied, in whatever we do. i, personally would never change, this beautiful, trait, for all the money, in the world. ha-ha-ha, no pun intended. Martha keep up the great work, you are quite a talented treasure. Keep your standards, un-reachably high. Always strive for perfection. God put-us into his world, to lead, to preserve, and completely flourish. All that lives in his world, is everything, we see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and experience. Life is way too short, to partake, in everything we see. God bless you. Thank-you, for making this world a better place. Great food, is what this world is all about. We all eat with our eye’s-presentation baby, all the way…Sincerely mr. john beckman henderson-rockstar…..

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