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Just over a month ago, the country’s most celebrated domestic diva Martha Stewart announced to good friend and TODAY show anchor Matt Lauer that although she has had a lot of success in life, she’s still looking for a romantic match – and that in the spirit of adventure she’d love to try for the first time in her life!

Over the past several weeks Matt Lauer and Inc. CEO Sam Yagan helped Martha set up her profile, browse for potential suitors, comb through thousands of messages, and select two men to go on dates with. Both men– Larry, a steel trading executive and Stan, a commercial and film director—were introduced to Martha in person on the TODAY show and follow up dates happened shortly thereafter. See the recap of Martha’s journey on the TODAY show below:

Martha Stewart on TODAY

Sam Yagan’s tips for success for Martha (and everyone on the site) were to be yourself first and foremost, start the conversation, and stick with it! Though Martha might not have found her soul mate in two dates, she had fun with the process and it opened her up to the idea of dating again. The key is to remember that a proactive and positive approach to online dating will lead to the most success.

Start your own journey today!

  • Gene E.

    I just did it’s personal …

  • Cecile0321

    Absolutely. I think this is a publicity stunt….

  • M

    Maybe if I had the CEO of march helping me out, I’d get a nice normal funny guy instead of paying for a bunch of creepy much older weirdos winking at me and sending ridiculous message.

  • Suzi

    I am sure, with all the help she has received that she wasn’t “matched” with a black, African scammer. Believe me, they are on the site in full force! Match professes to screen the profiles. The really do not, or not to any degree.

    A quick “tip-off” is a complete “slaughter” of the English language-grammar, punctuation, spelling, spacing, syntax, etc.

    But there are scammers out there who have a solid grasp of the language and all that goes with it. They are the ones who can “snag you”.

    As one of the comments mentioned, most men are looking for someone much younger, so if they get someone 55 (he is 65), welcome to menopause and all the “fun” that accompanies-mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats (and I don’t mean sweating during a wild, love-making session)!

    So those of us who are still attractive, intelligent, in good shape/health, financially solvent, etc., are relegated to an 80 year old with prostate issues (Viagara needed here)! Or, perhaps, a bit of dementia?

  • Peng

    Why is a convicted felon on anyway? This is a violation of their terms of service!

  • Lilly

    I have had several dates and one long term relationship with Match. It just doesn’t replace meeting in person because you can be a PERFECT MATCH online yet make no connection when you actually meet….also it has been my expertience that Match frequently becomes an addiction, and while men say they are looking for THE one, they are forever looking for the NEXT one…


    Hi Martha-international global rockstar legend-I do wish, and hope for you, the best of luck, in your search. by the way, i have always enjoyed your cooking show. you are quite talented, as well as quite a catch. as you already know. i am also looking, for a princess, wife. you also, already know, i am an executive chef, restaurant consultant. perfection, runs in our blood. we are simply, never satisfied, in whatever we do. i, personally would never change, this beautiful, trait, for all the money, in the world. ha-ha-ha, no pun intended. Martha keep up the great work, you are quite a talented treasure. Keep your standards, un-reachably high. Always strive for perfection. God put-us into his world, to lead, to preserve, and completely flourish. All that lives in his world, is everything, we see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and experience. Life is way too short, to partake, in everything we see. God bless you. Thank-you, for making this world a better place. Great food, is what this world is all about. We all eat with our eye’s-presentation baby, all the way…Sincerely mr. john beckman henderson-rockstar…..

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