Featured Success Couple: Stephanie and Brian

Stephanie & Brian Match.com Success Couple

I had just moved to Los Angeles and didn’t know very many people. I wanted to find someone who was interested in a serious relationship, and I thought match.com would be the fastest way to find that.  Brian and are both teachers. I teach fifth grade, and he teaches 12th grade English- Brian did a search for teachers within his area, and I was one of the first women who came up. I had a baseball-related username and photo, which caught his eye (as a baseball coach). We are big Dodgers fans.

On one of our first dates, long before we were even “officially” a couple, we went to a Dodgers game. Brian told me that he had bought us Stevie Wonder concert tickets for my birthday, which was two months away. I was shocked at his foresight… I just looked right at him and after a pause he said, “I just assumed we’d still be dating then.” That was the first time I really knew this was something extra-special. Two months later, on my birthday, he told my friends and me that he would marry me. In August of this year, that is going to happen! We are counting down these last two months to our wonderful day — a small summer wedding, with karaoke, tacos, donuts, and paper flowers. It’s funny to me that we are so perfect for each other, yet would have never met if we hadn’t tried match.com at the same time. Same town, same profession, but it took match to bring us together! Thank you!

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  • ben

    that was a great article

  • RhonLynn

    You two just gave me hope…I was beginning to wonder if the Match stories I had been hearing were real. I’m in LA also, makes it more real. 🙂 Buying those tickets shows Brian was very serious about finding the right someone. Awesome. Love you guys story. Congratulations!

  • Marilyn

    Nice article – I wasn’t aware you can search by profession in match

  • Twiffy

    Congrats to them!!!

  • nickoury

    I guess it’s lucky they don’t live in Florida, no Wonder in the Sunshine State.

  • Wanda

    This is a wonderful story, thanks for sharing. Wishing you all the best.

  • della

    Well I have been looking for someone for 3 years now and no luck so what makes u think that u can help me find some one near me to be with

  • Anya

    Thank you for sharing. Your story has inspired me.


    Oh how wonderful! Much happiness to both Stephanie and Brian. Gives everyone so much hope. Always stay in love! Congratulations!!!!