Featured Success Couple: Chad and Eva

chad and eva match.com success couple story

This week’s story features two of our Match.com stars, Chad and Eva, who filmed a TBS program with us as a dating couple and recently got married!

Chad had just moved to the area with his new job and didn’t know a single soul in his new city. I had lived there for a few years and had a circle of friends, but was missing that someone special in my life. Both of us were ready to find someone we were truly compatible with and to share our time with. I was a little intimidated by Chad at first, I thought he looked way too good to be true. But I kept popping up as Chad’s number one daily match and he as mine. Could it really be this easy?
Finally I got the nerve up to “wink” at Chad and he messaged me back about my profile saying that he, too, hated cinnamon toothpaste. A few long e-mails later and we exchanged phone numbers. I will never forget our first conversation that lasted well over two hours and was full of laughter and “Hey! Me too!”s. We were both deliriously happy.

One REALLY hot June evening, we met for our first date at a local restaurant that Chad picked. We were the only people in the restaurant and halfway through our meal, a thunderstorm passed through. I swore Chad planned it because it was so romantic. We were so deep into conversation that we didn’t realize the restaurant was trying to close up. We seemed to have so many things in common — our hopes for the futures, our outlook on life, and most importantly, our dislike of cinnamon toothpaste. The compatibility seemed to have no end.

Months rolled by; we continued dating and we became closer and closer until spending time apart became excruciating for both of us. Soon I met part of Chad’s family and felt right at home with them and as if I had known them forever.

We just moved to Atlanta together to lay the foundation for our life together and we’re loving every minute of it. We both cannot believe how easy Match made it to find each other – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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  • camaro_mang

    that’s a pretty good love story

  • Jennifer

    Its funny you hear “featured” stories that always work out but never do they tell the stories of how it will be weeks before I get even one match I might be interested in on the daily match, or about how many people are truly just looking for hook ups vs real connections or how many first dates never lead to second ones because the site basically has losers on it. I’d like to hear these kind of stories, the more “normal” ones so we all don’t think “what’s wrong with me” because it truly takes months to find that special someone….