Stir Event Recap: Match Ladies Get the Dating Scoop with An All-Women’s Event Series


There are Stir events happening every night all over the country, and we wanted to share with you a few of our favorites each week. This week’s recap features an all-women’s event series, planned by our West Coast Regional Coordinator, Andrea

The Nitty-Gritty

What: A forum for single women to connect in the context of networking, friendship, and solidarity when it comes to making the most of singlehood while enhancing their chances for meeting Mr. Right.

Where: two past events in the LA/Orange County, CA area, with three more in the next two months!

Upcoming Events:

What Went Down

Since February, Damona Hoffman (aka Dear Mrs D) has worked in tandem with Stir to create a series of events titled Dear Mrs D’s Secret Sessions, currently being in Los Angeles and Orange County. Events are carried out in a variety of bars, restaurants and lounges that offer a private space for the group while keeping a casual, social feel to the event. This series focuses on providing useful action-oriented tips and insight to members related to the online and offline dating experience, fashion and style, and provides a forum within which single women can network, share experiences and start friendships. Check out one of Damona’s recent blog posts where she shares ‘12 Secrets to Scoring At a (Singles) Mixer’ (this is great one for members as she speaks from her own first-hand observations and discussions with members from actual Stir events!).

Feedback from the series:

Preliminary member feedback has been positive! Women appreciate meeting other women who share similar stories, challenges and desires with regard to dating and the single lifestyle.

“This is my first Stir event.  I want to go to one of the happy hours but don’t have anyone to go with so I’m a little hesitant.  This event seemed like the perfect way to see what Stir events are all about and even meet someone I can go to one of the happy hour events with!” – Sharon.

Since the event, I’ve become friends with another woman who was there. I attended her birthday party while in L.A. and I’m so grateful to have her in my life! So until our man shows up at least we have each other!” – Wendy

READERS:  We welcome and encourage your thoughts and questions with regard to Stir’s All-Women’s Event Series. Please contact

This ongoing series will consist of a variety of event types ranging from educational to experiential events, all of which are geared towards bringing single women together in a context of camaraderie and experience-sharing. Stir also intends to test all-men’s events with similar objectives.

Find out the latest Stir events happening in your neighborhood by signing onto your account today. New events for all age groups and cities all over the country are added frequently, so head to the “Events” tab onsite to see where singles are mingling near you in 2013!

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  • quindarobest

    Maybe women should think seriously about dating a man they like and going on dates with another woman who likes that man also ( a threesome date). There are far more women looking for a man or just dates and a shortage of men out there today. I am not trying to be a person who advocates play-boy mentally, Just a man who feels for women who stay home lonely and with no one to direct their feelings towards. Just think about that before you comment and you will find dating can be more fun with others in your company.