Stir with Success: Tips for Acing a Stir Event by Whitney Casey

It’s been one year since we launched Stir, Events by, and to celebrate we are continuing our Stir series on the blog with tips on how to make the most of a Stir event by relationship expert, Whitney Casey. Whether you’ve attended an event before or are a first timer, use her pre- and during event guide to Stir you in the right direction! 


By Whitney Casey

Do Your Dating Due Diligence

So, you’ve picked the stir event you are attending (cooking, mixology, bowling, volunteering, wine tasting, or a stir cocktail event)– now it is time to do a little research! Consider this step your Nancy Drew/Matlock Moment.

Look into how the events work and what is involved. How long are they? What do I need to bring with me? Where do I park? If you are going to an interest-based event, do a few little background checks on the topic too. If it is a cooking class, get a little of the basic’s down like: do I know the difference between a stove and an oven, baking soda and flour, a shallot and an onion? A little background info makes a big difference.

Doing a little dating “due dili” before you stir it up will help you feel much more at ease and confident- and confidence is magnetic. Go get it.


What to Wear and Prepare

Attire is, of course, event specific. If you signed up for a cooking event, don’t wear a cocktail dress and stilettos! In the same breath, if you signed up to volunteer at an animal shelter, don’t show up in a suit and tie. Pick clothing that will make the task at hand (cocktailing or cooking) easy, while still giving you the confidence and snappy looks you would normally need when looking to attract the opposite sex.

So, when you have your attire mastered you will be comfortable on the outside…but how about the inside? Make sure you also spruce-up your mind a bit too. A good rule of thumb is to know at least three non-controversial but important or inspiring things that have happened in the news that week. Remember you don’t want to be the Debbie Downer or political nutcase at the party. Keep current, positive and neutral. Here’s a recent example:

Good topic: The heroics and the incredibly resilient human spirits of the three Ohio women saved from a decade of being held against their will.

Bad topic: The horrific things that happened to them while in captivity.

Get it? Get dressed with sharp and snappy accessories both for the mind and body!


Be Where You ARE

Hopefully, you did not take the initiative to attend this stir event so that you could spend it checking out who liked your last Instagram “selfie” or who RT’d your last pithy 170 characters. You are there to both learn and meet people. So be present. “Check in” to the location you are via the Stir mobile app, not the one your friends, followers or fellow texters are. Take a quick glance at your fellow attendee’s profiles.  Then leave the social media and be social. Post-event, you’ll also be able to connect with them on the Match site using the post-event details page.

Opportunities are all around you, be aware and receptive. If you like what you see, make eye contact and give a warm smile. If you are talking with someone and someone else catches your eye, be polite and finish your conversation with authenticity. You never know if the person you are talking with, whom you aren’t interested in, has a friend you are interested in.