Featured Success Couple: Jordan and Diana

Jordan & Diana match.com success couple


Having tried online dating before without success, it was hard to convince myself to try again.  My past experiences with online dating were the stuff of legend.  Horror story after horror story after horror story.  Stories told at parties to amuse and entertain. But I joined Match a second time because I had thought maybe online dating had, evolved or something… and basically worked late and made no time for dating. After a couple weeks I was out of matches and was simply browsing either the “new listings” or the profiles that had looked at mine.  I noticed a new profile had viewed mine that I hadn’t seen before.  However, I noticed she did not wink nor e-mail me.  It has become a running joke in our relationship that she wasn’t interested in me at first glance.  She viewed my profile and moved out, without so much as an e-mail or a wink! But still, I decided to take a shot.  Being frustrated with the number of personalized e-mails I had sent out without reply, I simply winked.  Minutes later I received notification from Match that I had been winked at by this same person.  Match also notified me that 2 winks means its time to exchange e-mails.  I followed Match’s wise advice.  The following week, Diana and I could not stop talking to each other.  We found out we had so much in common it was eerie.  Having been through several breakups each, as well as a divorce each, we were both at the same point in our lives, and Match seemed to know that.  We dated for almost two years before making the marriage jump.  But, as I told my wife, I knew by the end of the second week that that’s where we’d end up. Today, my wife is pregnant with our first child, who is currently the size of an avocado, and neither of us could be happier.  Joining Match was the best idea I’ve ever had and the first step towards the kind of happiness I never dreamed possible.  Thank you so much!


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