Stir Event Recap: Artfully Pairing Wine and Chocolate

artfully chocolate stir eventThere are Stir events happening every night all over the country, and we wanted to share with you a few of our favorites each week. This week’s recap features a wine and chocolate pairing class to discover the complexities of wine and chocolate and how to maximize the flavors, planned by our Midwest Regional Coordinator, Ivanna. In this mid-sized event held at Artfully Chocolate, part gallery part chocolate bar, members learned how to properly combine wine and chocolate, making for one tasty event!

The Nitty-Gritty

What: A wine and chocolate pairing class at Artfully Chocolate in Alexandria, VA

What Went Down

In this delicious event, members learned the health benefits of pairing certain wines and chocolates and the chemical reasons behind chocolate’s association with romance along with other curious singles. The event started with a sparkling wine and then moved on to two other white wines followed by three red wines. Each wine was paired with two chocolates, specially selected to bring out the subtle flavors of each. Eric Nelson, owner of Artfully Chocolate was there to teach the class and discuss the similarities of the cultures appreciating fine wine and fine chocolate. People had a great time learning about chocolate in a new light while getting to share in the experience with other fun, light-hearted singles!

Favorite Quotes from the Night

“I really enjoyed this, you guys did a top notch job!”

“You really gave us a boatload of information, and it was delicious too.”

“Delicious and interesting…what more can you ask for”

“Wow, what a great store, I’ll definitely be back!”

artfully chocolate stir event 2

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