Featured Success Couple: Jamie and Aaron

Jamie & Aaron match.com success couple

I was on Match.com for two days before I met my future husband. We had both joined as “dares” from our friends, and partially because it seemed like a truly viable option next to bar hopping. When I first saw Aaron and his sparkling eyes smiling at me via a wink I was smitten. Aaron reached out to Jamie reluctantly after a few days of her popping up in his Daily Matches. Though it was too crazy for either of us to admit at the time, within just a few emails we both knew we had found our soul mates. It seemed too good to be true and we were insanely compatible. Everyone around us could see it too. We felt like people would judge how quickly we were falling in love with one another, but throughout our entire relationship and engagement we haven’t met one critic. I think everyone can see how much we truly love each other and the commitment and respect that is held between us. It’s been an incredible journey and I can’t wait to continue hand in hand as husband in wife!

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