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Does our ubiquitous social presence online influence singles’ demands for transparency offline- in relationships- as well? See how they answered below!

Single Women Demand Digital Transparency in Relationships. 77% of women would not date someone who was secretive with their texts vs. 53% of men.

  • Other digital offenses most women won’t put up with– a person who wouldn’t allow their date  to use their phone (74% vs. 48%) password protected their phone (42% vs. 29% of men), was secretive with emails (76% vs. 53% of men), answered calls discretely (69% vs. 47%) or limited their Facebook profile (58% vs. 37% of men).

Snooping Singles: the Modern Sherlock: Singles in their 20s are the most likely to check a partners’ Facebook (29%), text messages (26%), and email (18%) than older singles.  But nearly ¼ (22%) of all single women still check a date’s pockets, drawers or closets; while singles in their 30s and 40s are the most likely to check a partner’s medicine cabinet (44% and 38%).

Half of younger singles WOULD share passwords with a partner. While singles in their 20s are more likely to block information from a date on Facebook, 50% said they WOULD share their password with a partner at some point in their relationship. However, this sentiment drops among older age groups to – 41% (30s), 37% (40s) and 29% (50s).

In Sickness & in health – BUT still password protected. 56% of married people said they do NOT share their passwords with their spouse.

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