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Tis’ the season to be single, and is celebrating the best time of the year with all-new “Holidating” data. From the most sought-after gift from Santa to the hidden truths on holiday love, we surveyed nearly 1,000 singles to examine the attitudes and dating behaviors during the holiday season. So whether you’re on the naughty or nice list this year, reveals the stats to measure the pulse of holiday hearts.Check out  the highlights below:

  • Blue Christmas?: 76% of singles have broken up with someone over the holidays.
  • Unflattering Families: 30% of singles have broken up with someone because they were turned off by their family during the holidays
  • New Year, New Love: 64% of singles say their new year’s resolution will be related to finding love.
  • Santa’s List: This year, 82% of singles believed they were nice, while 17% claim they were naughty!
  • Holiday Honey: More men than women have dated someone during the holidays just to have someone to spend it with (14% males vs. 10% females).
  • (Holiday) Party of One: 80% of singles went to a holiday party solo and had a great time over bringing a date.
  • Finicky Females: Nearly 75% of women have been disappointed with a gift from a significant other at least once (versus 47% of men).
  • Best Gift from Santa: Ambition—Both men and women want career-oriented significant others from Santa this year over a hipster, foodie or party person.
  • The Gift of Giving: Singles look forward to gift giving the most (45%), followed by attending holiday parties (31%).
  • Love Actually: 82% of singles say the holidays make them feel more romantic than other times of the year

To kick off the holiday season, will be diving in to all things “holidating” from a wide variety of experts, so stay tuned for guest posts by bloggers Whitney Casey, relationship expert for, Dr. Justin Garcia with The Kinsey Institute, Andrew Schrage of Money Crashers, and Kristan Turns of DFW Rescue Me