Featured Success Couple: Lacie and Ellis


I always said, “Those dating sites are stupid. Who needs those things?” Laughed every time I saw the commercial.

I had just moved back to my hometown in Mississippi. I didn’t know anyone after being away for a few years. Out of boredom, I suddenly had the urge to give the free trial a run and see how it went for me on match.com. I really didn’t have any hopes to meet anyone but during the free trial, you only get so many features for free. No way was I paying to meet someone online. That’s what I thought. I’d met only about 2 people and in my first week something told me to just buy a month membership, what would it hurt. So, I did. I kept coming across this one profile. Of course I’d read it a few times and move on because he lived too far away, but something always drew me back there. A few days in, I received a wink from that somewhat intriguing person and thought, “Ya know what, I’ll wink back just to see what happens next”.

The next day I checked my account and to my surprise, an email from my “laidbackguy407”. We emailed on and off for some time and instant messaged but I tried to keep myself at a distance. Eventually, I gave in to at least call him up and talk over the phone. We seemed to hit it off so well from the beginning and he never rushed me to meet him face to face. I learned so much about him on the phone over the two weeks before we finally met. We had so much in common from music, to family life, to what we wanted out of our own lives.

We lived nearly 2 hours apart so we made plans for him to pick me up on a Saturday morning and we’d make a day out of it. Really no plans on what we were going to do but knew we’d figure it out. I had a job interview in Memphis, not too far from where he lived the day before we were supposed to meet and I guess I got a bit impatient. It was a beautiful day out that day so I called him up and told him I’d be in the area and wondered if we could have lunch. We ended up spending the entire day together. From the moment I stepped out of my car at the Pizza Cafe and saw him, I felt so drawn to him. We spent the next 2 hours staring across the table at each other, hardly any nerves to show. I felt like I’d known him my whole life and I was getting a chance to catch up with an old friend. After lunch we spent the next 3 or 4 hours wandering through the park, holding hands and laughing, talking about absolutely nothing! I was sad to go home that afternoon, but never did I feel more alive. I was afraid to like him so much and didn’t expect anything after that. To my surprise, the next morning, he shows up at my front door, ready for our already planned date. I met a few of his friends that day for a BBQ and a football game. At first site, I thought it was a pretty interesting crowd but I felt right at home. I won’t bore you with any more details of the next 7 months, but I have met my soul mate. We spent the holidays together and being with him added onto me spending my first Christmas home with my family in a long time, made it absolutely the best Christmas ever. This guy has been my best friend and we’ve helped each other through some hard times. We’ve never given up on each other and we’re always picking each other up when we need it. We’ve met each others families and even they think I did a pretty good job finding this one. I’m proud to have him and his family as a part of my life and my family now.

Thanks to match.com, I have now found my partner in life. On February 14, 2012, my boyfriend, my best friend, became my fiancé and my future husband. We are eager to start the rest of our lives together, and we’re planning a spring wedding for next year. Thank you Match.com for bringing Ellis and me together. I love you Ellis!


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  • It’s a great way of meeting people and this is a great story – even if you don’t find your happily ever after, you may meet some ‘once upon a times’ and make some great friends. I think everyone should try it.

  • alberta

    I love this profile you live and learn everyday they will both do good will there relationship sweet that is love there and there family are happy too on both sides great match .com good for you guys that is a great feeling i am happy for both them this is not a bor too me i really like hearing and reading this .

  • bever?y coates davis

    I think its wonerful that they found each other..Good luck guys!!!

  • That is so cool- I met my husband on match.com too still going strong now it will be 5 years in April

  • such a wonderful story of true love..do hope all who are looking for their significant half in dating site could be as successful like the both of you..:))