Featured Success Couple: Marc and Jessica


Love isn’t easy to find. Sure, it’s a big world out there with hundreds of chance encounters and crossed paths every day. But the idea that one of those random people might be the one that you are going to end up spending the rest of your life with… well, that doesn’t seem nearly as likely. Or at least I didn’t think so.

I had spent seven years in a relationship that had ended in heartbreak. I was almost done picking up the pieces, but wasn’t quite ready to put myself completely out there again. That’s when a friend recommended Match.com. At first, I was embarrassed about the idea of internet dating, but as a guy who worked at home and wasn’t fond of bars, where else was I going to meet someone?

I signed up during a “free weekend” and was flooded with potential matches. Surprisingly, there was a glimmer of promise right away – a shared interest here, a cute profile picture there – but I knew I would have to weed through a lot of near-misses to find a hit. But at least it was a start…

Flash forward to six months later. I had talked to a bunch of matches. I had gone out on dates (even a few second dates). But I hadn’t found love. This time, I wasn’t settling for “close enough.”

Unfortunately, my Match.com subscription was about to expire… and I was going to let it. I was about to chalk this up as a failed experiment. That’s when I got one of the most important e-mails of my life.

Match.com knew I hadn’t met “the one”, so they were offering me an additional six months for free. At the time, it felt like something between a promotional tactic and an admission of failure, but I realize now that it was a vote of confidence from the folks at Match. You all were certain that someone was out there for me and they were determined to help me find her. And you did.

Soon after, a potential match popped up in my Daily 5: Red headed Jessica. I instantly knew I should reach out to her.

A year later – almost five years to the day after our first date – we got married on a rooftop in downtown Cleveland while our friends and family celebrated alongside us. It was the best day of my life… and the only proof I’ll ever need that Match.com really works.

I never imagined that a “free weekend” on an internet dating site would help me find love. I signed up to Match.com hoping to find someone cool to date. You all lived up to that end of the bargain, but managed to do so much more. You managed to find my best friend. The love of my life. The person I want to grow old with.

If you ask me, that’s worth any price…


Marc & Jessica

Married September 9, 2012

  • tony

    Can I come over and stay with you tonight? Miss you

  • tony

    Wanna do something for lunch? Let me know

  • Mike

    This sounds great, but why has Match.com yet to set up any stir events in Greensboro or places like climbing gyms, kayaking trips, football games, habitat for humanity, somewhere where everyone can show who they really are!

  • Rhon6357

    Congratulations to Marc and Jessica! I am on the first few days of my free months, keeping hop alive!