Presents: Sports and Dating

Would you date someone who cheered for your team’s biggest rival? How important is it for your match to like sports? asked over 1,000 singles just how big a role sports (and fandom) play into people’s dating lives, and singles LOVE their sports! Check out how sports stack up in the dating world below:

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  • Walter Júnior

    This is a question without importance to me. I would love my match despite this !

  • Montel773

    As long as the banter didn’t get too personal, I could date a woman who backs my rival. Knowledge of sports enhances the relationship. It’s fun when the woman yells at the tv as much as I do….LOL!!!

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  • Sports are a great way to keep the relationship external. Whether it’s one or both of the parties, this kind of entertainment can keep a relationship fun and interesting. You can learn about your partner a bit more if they have a liking to this hobby. If neither appreciate it, then there’s still a chance to find another niche to be involved with.

    As long as things stay playful, we give this info graphic a thumbs up! Go team!

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