Featured Success Couple: Rebecca and Eric

In February of 2011, I (Rebecca), was browsing match.com, and I was curious as to whether or not there were any other musicians online. I searched under the keyword “Peabody”, which is where I had gone to school, and only one person came up- Eric. After browsing Eric’s profile, I decided that he probably wasn’t for me, although he was very handsome. He was listed as ‘currently separated’ (strike #1), and he was 2 years younger (strike #2- I ALWAYS date older). Since Peabody is such a small intimate conservatory, I decided to email just to say hello and see if we had any mutual friends. He wrote me back right away, and asked if I’d like to grab a coffee.

I was in the middle of studying for my doctoral comprehensives, so I told him now wasn’t a great time, but maybe in a few weeks after the test was over. I didn’t expect to ever hear from him again- I wasn’t really interested in dating someone who was going through a divorce, and I assumed that someone 2 years younger would be a little immature. Little did I know, Eric was the most thoughtful and mature person I ever met. Three weeks later after my exams, he remembered and emailed to ask me how they had gone- and, if we could now grab that coffee. I thought, ‘why not- it’s not like I’m gonna marry the guy’.

That was the beginning of the best relationship I’ve ever known. We have been inseparable since we met, and I can’t imagine my life without him. In April of this year, Eric made me the happiest woman in the entire world when he asked me to marry him. He proposed at Peabody, where we went to school together, yet never knew each other. Thank you, match.com, for helping me find the only person I’d want to share the rest of my life with.


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  • alberta

    That is good that the both of them are together and the age did not but what counts was how they met up after her college exam testing and than she seen him as a real man care and love her and the same about him her everything else falls from the heart that’s love right there good post i like it.