Featured Success Couple: Erin and Robert

My mom met her husband on Match. My sister met her husband on Match. As the only single woman left in my family, I signed up and started looking. I mean, it worked for all the other women in my family! My mom and my sister both got married to their Match.com men (one in 2000, one in 2008). My mom was engaged to her match after three weeks!

Rob says he had been looking at my profile, but I emailed him first. The next day, I was in his “Daily 5.”

In the first 24 hours after we met, we were together for 17. We met at Osaka in Northampton, for sushi and wine. He brought me a single white lily (my daughter’s name is Lily). We stayed at the restaurant until the place was nearly empty. Then we went to a bar down the street and talked for a long time. When he left that night, immediately I felt like something was missing.

It has only been a couple months since I met Rob. He is thoughtful, intelligent, goofy, sensitive, handsome, artistic, genuine, warm, creative, loving… quite simply, he makes my life feel more beautiful. And the fact that he loves me too – that makes me feel incredibly lucky. As long as he wants me in his life, that is where I want to be.

It is hard to explain how unbelievable that seems to me. It feels like we knew and loved each other a long time ago and are being reunited.

I am deeply in love, and so deeply grateful. Though I won’t need Match anymore, but I am so glad I tried it – I found him. Thank you for everything.

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  • I love reading about people finding love–thanks for sharing!

  • Sheree

    It’s a bit premature to be labeling this a “success” especially since they’ve only been dating a couple of months. Search out these two in a couple of years and if they’re still together then maybe the word “success” will be appropriate.

  • Love is life life is beautyfull with love