BREAKING NEWS: Reveals Superman and Wonder Woman's Online Dating Profiles from the New Power Couples' Former Single Lives


Click previews to see full profiles. has uncovered the retired dating profiles of both Superman and Wonder Woman, hot off the heels of DC Comics’ exclusive reveal of the new power couple’s ‘super’ first kiss. The profiles of the two formerly single superheroes reveal details surrounding their unique dating preferences, eclectic backgrounds, and distinctive interests.

Highlights of Superman’s profile included:

Interests: Volunteering, Current Events, Agriculture, Air Travel, Truth, Justice, The American Way

Sports and Exercise: Racing bullets, Overpowering locomotives, Jumping over tall buildings, Counter-rotating the Earth to fix screw-ups

For Fun: I like meeting new people and helping others, but sometimes I do enjoy my solitude—I have a pretty sweet man cave!

Highlights of Wonder Woman’s profile included:

Pets I Have: I had a mythical winged horse once but it magically turned into my invisible jet—er, cats. I like cats.

College: I completed the Amazonian Trials (it’s like a master’s degree)

For Fun: Battling for justice! Stamping out inequality! Romance novels about vampires.

We’ll be following this story as more information unfolds.

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