Featured Success Couple: Elizabeth and Joel

Joel: I was on the site in Portland before deciding to temporarily move to Phoenix to train for triathlons. A few days after I moved, I switched my profile to the Phoenix area and searched for matches. It was late at night so instead of drafting emails to potential dates, I looked at four people’s profiles that looked interesting and decided I would email them the next morning.

Elizabeth: I was one of four people that Joel wanted to contact. I saw that he looked at my profile and I loved his, so I sent him in email. In that first email, I briefly introduced myself and asked him about “Blue Like Jazz,” a book that he had recently read, which happens to be one of my favorites.

J: The next morning I see that she emailed me and after my morning swim, I replied. I talked about how “Blue Like Jazz” helped me on my faith journey. Then I saw this ridiculous picture of Elizabeth, laughing, stuck on a jungle gym. That was catch #1.

E: I responded opening up with something to the effect of: “I know I’m breaking a bunch of rules replying so quickly, [it had been about an hour and a half], but I’m really not into playing games.”

J: That was catch #2. I thought it was so awesome, even though one of my roommates thought I had a “level 5 clinger” on my hands.

E: We probably sent another four or five emails back and forth that day, and Joel sent me his phone number in the early evening. I waited maybe 20 minutes before calling him.

J: I didn’t think she would call so quickly, so while I was on the phone with her, I was frantically trying to look up places to go on a date. I hadn’t been in Phoenix in thirteen years and the only place I could think of was Four Peaks.

E: Which, by the way, is a good brewery. I was totally fine with it. So we set our first date for the following Tuesday (the conversation was on a Saturday), which turned into another date on Friday, and another on Sunday, and the rest is history.

We were really open and honest from the start. Joel and Elizabeth had both been in relationships where you date for a while and get comfortable before you ask tough questions about the things that really matter, and then end up breaking up. We didn’t want that, so we got all the important stuff “out of the way” in the very beginning. We talked about the importance of our faith before we even met each other. As for all the areas, as it turns out, we clicked pretty quickly. It was funny how comfortable we were with each other, and how weeks dating seemed like years.


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