Featured Success Couple: Dave and Christa

I actually saw Dave over five years before I met him on match.com. I was a nurse in the ICU, and he was a doctor. I never said hello because I was too shy, but I thought he was very attractive and had a kind smile.

Five years later and after law school, multiple relationships, and moving to a different city, I decided to take a look at match.com, not knowing what to expect. I at first did not sign up to be a member; I just took a look at singles in my area. And upon perusing through, there he was – Dave’s smiling headshot. I joined instantly, but did not put up a picture. I sent him an email, introducing myself asking him if he would like to go out to dinner.

He didn’t write me back for two weeks. When he did, I was elated. Every time he emailed me, it made my day. On our first date, we both wore the same color blue t-shirts and blue jeans. We were inseparable ever since that day.

We found out that we lived 1,400 ft away from each other, on the same street, two condos down from each other. We go to the same gym, at the same time. We shop at the same stores, run the same contiguous sidewalk at the same time every day (Bayshore Blvd in Tampa). However, despite such coordinated routines and schedules, we had never met, outside my brief moments in seeing him in the hospital more than five years prior.

About three weeks into our dating, I told Dave he was the reason I joined match. I joke with him now that I paid $35.99 for him. It was the best $35.99 I ever spent.

We got engaged in the Bahamas last month. We are so in love, and we often both look at each other and say, “I never thought I could be this happy.”


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  • Brian

    Now… That is the most beautiful love story ever! 🙂 Congratulations to you both!

  • Ralph

    Moral of the story? Be a gorgeous doctor and you get beautiful women. What a concept!

  • This is very awesome and they are totally awesome couples.

  • I love your story! Who knows what life has in store for us! My best to both of you!

  • That is truly awesome. Imagine working in the same hospital in one city and then moving to another city and being neighbors that never saw each other. That’s crazy and a Match made in heaven.