Featured Success Couple: Heather and Billy

Believe it or not, Billy and I were high school prom dates back in 2002!  While Billy went to a different high school than me, he was a friend of a friend and was a perfect gentleman by agreeing to escort me to my senior prom.  We didn’t know much about each other and never dated after that. In fact, we didn’t see each other again after I graduated from high school and lost touch with our mutual friend.  I went about my way and Billy went his… for nine years!  Last January 2011, after some coercion, a co-worker of mine set up a profile for me on Match.com.  No more than four days later, I received an email from my first match… Billy Wayne Barnes!

“…Heather?  Is that you??  My prom date from back in the day???” the message read.  We could not believe we were a match, and we hadn’t even seen each other in almost a decade.  Here is where Billy got clever.  In a follow-up email, Billy told me how he was still in touch with our mutual friend, the one who had set us up for prom, and that she would love to reconnect with me, so he asked for my phone number to give it to our friend.  So sly, but so true.  That night, my high school friend and I talked on the phone, and made a plan to go dancing with some friends the very next weekend… where I saw Billy again for the first time.  So there we were, dancing and talking and having the time of our lives!  Billy asked me out on a date about a week later and we have been dating ever since.  After a year-and-a-half of being together, Billy surprised me by taking a day off work for a date out on his boat.  Early in the morning on the quiet bay, Billy asked me to marry him!  I of course said YES! and I cannot wait to marry my best friend.  Billy always says, “Everything happens for a reason.”  This was a match truly meant to be!

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  • Your ” love story ” truly amazing 🙂 Congrats!!!!

  • Heather and Billy I am very happy you guys were very fortunate to fine true love…