Match Success Couple: Kristin and Matthew

Match Success Couple Kristin and Matt

Dear, I wanted to write to you to tell you to try to be a little less great in the future.About 4 years ago, in an effort to help my oldest sister find love, I agreed to try online dating with her. We both signed up for another harmony site. My sister was told that she was one of the people for whom they could not find a match…I was apparently best suited for 35 year old men who were 5’6? (I was 23 at the time and 5’10? without shoes). Our initial online dating experiences were incredibly disappointing.

Over the year that followed, my sister began experimenting with OKCupid, never connecting with anyone enough to want to meet in person. Meanwhile, I kissed a bunch of frogs that I met on a “fishy” site. I even started a blog to write about my dating failures and the frogs I encountered. It was called “Adventures in Dating: A Blonde Girl’s Guide to Dating All of the Wrong Men (Or: Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll go drink vodka).” My blog had a decent following for a while – I assume because it hit home for so many of my friends. (I stopped writing in it in 2011– when I no longer needed to keep kissing frogs.)

In 2009, my sister joined It was on that she finally found someone with whom she connected enough to meet in person. They met in the spring of 2009, and they’re getting married in 2 weeks. Now, you should know that I had watched my sister begin to feel she would never find love; it was awful seeing her start to fear that her chance had passed. To see her getting married and to think back at that time brings me to tears. But that’s not my point.

Last year, my other sister went through a traumatic breakup after 3 years with a man who my entire family despised. After that, she and I decided to both sign up for If it worked for our oldest sister, it could work for us. My sister met her boyfriend on last June. We’re all expecting for them to get engaged soon. It’s amazing to see her with a man who deserves her and can keep up with her energy. That’s two sisters who found love on Not too shabby.

Finally, I met my Matty on in 2011. After 9 months together, he and I moved in with one another this year. He’s my soulmate, and there isn’t a doubt in my mind. I had three first dates scheduled for the weekend when I met Matt. After I met him, I cancelled the other dates and never looked back. Another sister down for the count. Thanks,

I’d like to put in a formal complaint that your process is far too effective. So effective that my parents are already kidding about the idea of funding 3 weddings so close together. One sister is getting married in 2 weeks, the other was told that she is allowed to get married in 2013. And I, the youngest sister (almost 27), was jokingly told that I am not allowed to get married until 2014. 7 years separate me and my oldest sister. Who would have thought we would find love within a couple of years of each other? You’d better hope that my Matthew can wait that long!

My father even came up with an idea for a advertisement. You can show a shot of my oldest sister & her match saying “We love!”, then a shot of my middle sister & her match saying “We love!”, followed by a shot of Matthew and me saying “We love!”. Finally, you can show a shot of our father, shaking his head and saying, “I hate” I think it’s clever.

You’ve changed the lives of my sisters and me, “for better or worse”. While I must thank you for bringing me my Matty, did you have to bring both of my sisters their matches at the same time? You should think more about the consequences of your actions in the future! All jokes aside, on behalf of me and my sisters, I’d like to thank you for everything. “We love”

Update: My oldest sister married her match on May 20, 2012, Matt and I were married on March 29, 2014, and my middle sister and her match will be married on May 2, 2015!


  • http://KJ Kim

    I as so glad for your guys. I have been on match now for almost 2 months and have been on a few you have mention above. I signed up for match for 6 months special. To be honest on match and the others it had been scammer after scammer, some flat out saying they are married and looking for outside action, others telling you one thing, but their profile says something else, or they say one thing in one e-mail and then contridict their self in another. And I would say that only 1 out of 25 or more didn’t instantly ask me to switch to yahoo or another site and when I refused they either got nasty or their profile disapeared. I still have hope, but not happy right now. Much luck to you and your sisters.

    • Genna

      Kim, Do not give up. Sit down and write a list out of what you want and what you will not settle for….stick to your guns and I promise you, your soulmate is out there. I too almost gave up after trying many “dating” sites for many months… tried a third go around and have truly met the man that I was suppose to meet… Keep searching (and praying) and don’t give up, the man for you is out there and when the time is right… you will meet him.

  • Amanda

    What a great story! Thank you for sharing. My Fiance and I met through nearly 4 years ago. I love hearing other Internet dating site success stories :)

    • matchuptodate

      Congratulations to you both!

  • Len Nuguit

    Well,hoping that I could find my match on this site….I’m 38 but no prospect in sight.

  • Dating Tips

    Great success story. I feel bad for your dad but he’ll get over it once you gals start giving him some grand kids to keep him busy. A lot people that visit my website are looking for dating advice. I’m considering promoting but like you said it might be too easy? I don’t know dating is supposed to be a challenge right. A lot of good guys still have trouble with confidence, does Match help them? And what about the girls that always go after the wrong type of guys? Robin seems like a classic case of that.. I’m just curious how Matched help her to overcome her past mistakes.

  • Imma Nabx

    To the Kanter family great news for sure you give the rest of us hope that all is well. I had not yet made up my mind to subscribe but these stories make me think hard about it real soon.i believe that there are honest people on as for keep up thegood tide.

  • Kristen Greene

    Seems like a wonderful story..Hearty thanks for sharing..I really enjoying listening such love stories..

  • Jana

    Thanks for posting your great success stories. You guys are so lucky :)
    I read your blog. I have signed on and i am also preparing for my GMAT :) .