Featured Success Couple: Dawn and Charlie

After 16 years of marriage, my husband left me for another man – yes, he was gay. Thankfully, our friendship survived, but obviously the marriage did not. Suddenly, at the age of 39, I was back in the dating game – a place I hadn’t been since my senior year in college. I decided to try online dating, and Match.com seemed like the best fit.

My first date after my marriage was a man I met on Match.com in 2008. It didn’t exactly work out, but I had a great time dating and meeting new people. I met some great guys and some not so great guys. To be honest though, after awhile, it got a bit tiring and discouraging.

In April of 2009, 13 months after I joined Match and started dating, I winked at a guy had looked at my profile. He was cute, but oh my gosh he actually had WORDS in his profile! (So many men don’t say anything in their profile, and I always hit the Back button…) We went on our first date in April 2009, and he was the 19th guy I had gone out with since my divorce.

We knew immediately that we were meant for each other. From our first date on, we were inseparable.  We were married in July, but then he left for Iraq for a yearlong deployment the first week of September. We’ve been keeping our marriage strong and alive every way that we can!

This man is my perfect match in every single way and is the absolute love of my life. He makes me happier than I ever could have imagined, and I never would have met him if it weren’t for Match.com.

  • Kim

    Congrats, I hope I am lucky like you. I have been on match now for almost a months and to be honest nothing but scammers and jerks thus far. I feel like the ones who do wink at me and send messages DON’T READ MY profile. Getting really frustrating and they seem like they don’t respect my guidelines. I wish you the best of luck

  • Carmen

    I tried match however there is lots of fraud, and pictures of man that are scammers and Match knows that but they give them the money and business…be careful

  • alberta

    That is so sweet i like the profile.very happy for them ,and she is right about meeting others guy’s on there .sometimes you you just want to stop.but you don’t.i hope the best for them and things work out..enjoy your happy life to the both of you…..

  • Peggy Dicillo

    Yes, on-line dating is a hit or miss sometimes. I started in January of 2011 and had nothing but bad luck so I decided not to renew for a few months. Then I went back on trying the same thing again but nothing seemed to change until I saw a picture of a gentleman who fit what I was looking for. Although I didn’t think at the time it would go anywhere, I made a comment about his photo in a few short words and sent it on to him.

    Apparently this prompted him to read my profile and much to my surprise he replied back stating he’d like to know more about me. After a few brief communications we decided to meet for lunch.

    This was the start of a beautiful romance. We seem to have a lot in common and a special understanding of life since we were both widowed for quite a while We are close in age and live relatively close to one another which makes it easy to jump in the car to visit. We are now making plans for our future together. He is a very dear and sweet man and we love and respect one another and are building a stronger relationship as each day passes.

    I don’t think our paths would ever have crossed if it wasn’t for Match.com.

    Peggy in Norridge