Featured Success Couple: Lindsey and Dan

He found me and emailed me some form of generic, but sweet “hello.” He seemed interesting, but was way too young for my taste! I was looking for “the one” and in my mind there is no way a 26-year-old dentist could be ready in any capacity for what I was looking for. As a result I wrote back a teasing email giving what I would call a young “puppy” a hard time. I asked why he was “cougar chasing” on match.com. Not knowing me like he does now, he apologized for offending me (and says now that he thought I was bitter and grumpy). After explaining I was teasing, the witty banter began and quickly turned into rapid fire emails. Eventually that turned into long telephone conversations. I am rather cautious and kept fussing about his age, so it took him about 3 weeks to actually take him seriously enough to go on a date.

After a nice first date I was still a bit unsure we wanted the same things, but things grew and we had more fun and better dates. By Thanksgiving he met my family! Also picky, I was shocked they loved him too. As did my best friends dog, which is a huge testament to his staying power!

Our parents met at the end of January, which was also a big test and great success! Evidently, shortly after, his mother offered him his great grandmother’s diamond from the early 1900’s and in mid-March he proposed right before heading out to watch Notre Dame (my team) play in March Madness! A favorite activity of mine.

On May 12th we were married at the Hotel del Coronado with just 15 of our closest friends and family! We both feel lucky everyday that we found each other and both agree we have never been happier.

His mom made him get on Match.com, and I was frustrated taking one last chance out of bedtime boredom, but either way it worked and we never would have met without Match.

  • PeggyM

    Sweet story. Question: You state he was 26. What was your age at the time?

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  • Nice blog……

  • Date a celebrity? lol…..how many “Celebrity” relationships stand the test of time? General population marriage success is running like 50% these days? Celebrity Marriage i think u’d have to drop the 0. lol yup 5% should be just about right i’d say.