Stir: Events by

Coming soon to a venue near you…

Introducing The Stir: Events by! is once again stirring up singles’ social lives with the launch of thousands of live events for members across the country! Forget having to wonder who’s single and who’s not at a bar or hot spot. When you go to a Stir event, everyone will be single, everyone will be looking to meet someone, and each event will be customized through our group matching algorithms in terms of age, gender and interests.  Here’s a preview of the types of events to look forward to:

  • Happy hours
  • Cooking classes
  • Wine & tequila tastings
  • Bowling nights
  • Dance lessons
  • Volunteer events
  • Events for pet owners

We are rolling out Stir in more than 20 U.S. cities by June and nationwide in over 85 cities by September. With hundreds of events a month and thousands of people attending events a week, is creating more ways for people to meet.

Members can learn about and sign up for these events via, and subscribers can even invite friends and bring them along as an added benefit. Changes the Way People Meet… Again Press Release

We look forward to seeing you at a Stir event near you soon! Check out photos from past events below:

[portfolio_slideshow id=2221]

Have you been to a Stir event yet? Tell us what you thought in the comments below!

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  • A

    I don’t think people should be allowed to bring friends. That would lessen the amount of socializing and make people isolate themselves, more easily. It would end up being like just your average bar/club scene where the guy doesnt want to approach the girl in front of her friend and vice versa.

    • Thanks for the feedback, A!

      • Kristen

        im so excited to attend an event and all my friends are married, so it will be just me attending and mingling!:)

        • Kristen, thanks for your interest! We hope to be seeing you at a Stir event soon!

      • Sarah

        I just got an invite to attend a Stir Event in Providence RI..I am skeptical of going unless the age range is 25-30ish. Has anyone been to one in Providence?

      • Haley

        Will there be Stir Events in the Seattle area soon? Would love to join and check it out – sounds fun!

      • JB

        @Sarah in Providence. I feel for you and your interest in Stir Events. It’s why I signed back up to Match for a limited period of time. My guess is the event will be a Happy Hr. That’s the most common one I see unless you’re in a major city and even NYC hasn’t had that many non-happy hr events. The age range includes everyone, so it’s a crap-shoot as to who will attend. Good luck and hopefully you’ll score better than many of the other ppl posting on this site whoe seem to have mixed luck.

    • Erika

      I agree with the no friends thing. I think if I brought a friend along I would probably not be as open to talking to new people. No friends forces people to get out of their confort zones!

      • boo22

        People should definitely not be allowed to bring unregistered friends, especially if you have to pay the membership fee to even see what the events are!

    • Vicky

      I agree. I don’t think a person should be able to attend without being a member. I took a female friend to a speed dating event and I chose to hang around with her prior to the event instead of mingling. Plus why should a paying Match member perhaps miss out on a potential Match only to lose him to some girl or guy that isn’t a member and hasn’t paid a dime? That’s not fair at all. What are we paying for? There is enough competition in the real world let alone a world that we are paying for. Vicky

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  • Rich

    Cool Id Go !

  • Shelly

    I recently went to an event in San Francisco and the best thing I got out of it was a group of new female friends. We were all disappointed in the event. From talking to people it quickly became apparent that Match invited only people between 40 and 55/60, with no regard to what age group people were interested in. I’d much rather have been at an event with all age ranges present. Also, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the people but the women were uniformly beautiful. And all had the same story to tell – they send out messages on Match and get no response from the men they contact. Overall, the event was more disappointing and discouraging than anything else.

    • Wendy

      Hey Shelly thanks for your feedback. I am in San Jose myself and the event is tomorrow. I too am having issues of sending out emails and getting absolutely NO response. I am no goddess, but am no sack of potatoes either – I teach aerobics and stay in shape, and have a great day job so I consider myself a reasonable risk as far as a first date goes. Only emails I get are from MUCH older men who are way out of my requirements. It’s getting discouraging.

      • Tim

        Haha thats so funny I have the same poblem with women on dating sites. I send very thoughtful messages only to get no reply. I am not saying I am anything special but I just turned 30, I am in pretty good shape have a decent job, an place, and women have voluntarily told me I am attractive. I just think it is something about being online that makes people way more “picky” than they are in real life…. 🙁

      • Julie Ramsey

        Happy and married! Hi ladies… I found the man of my dreams on match 3 years ago and we got married 10 months after we meet… We have a new baby girl, 2 homes and couldn’t be happier… Keep looking they are out there…

        • Congratulations to you and your husband, Julie! Thanks for sharing your story here on the blog!

      • Rick

        Women are way too superficial on dating sites, if your picture doesn’t represent at least a 10 out of 10 then they won’t reply! Plus it doesn’t matter what your profile says because despite what they say they are looking for they don’t read them!

      • Arlene Bonilla

        I wish you luck Tim!I met a Tim once and he was sweet. Dating is complicated sometimes but I stay positive.

    • Erika

      I agree! I only go messages from men my dads age!!! I have know idea why those are the only people that emailed me. Can we attend a stir event and not be on I ended my membership due to a lack of good responses. Did anybody like the stir events????

      • Debbie Foster

        That’s my concern..I pay to join and go to an event (because I actually love the idea of a singles mingle)..only to have it end up being a “girls night out”. I have tried and other sites and from what I am reading here, I am not the only person that sends out emails and gets NO responses. I have even responded to the few emails I have gotten only to have the man not respond back when HE initiated the emails! What’s up with that? I’m within normal body weight, I’ve been told I’m attractive, have a pleasant personality, I own my own home, not in debt, got a big dog or three…heck I even OWN a Harley! Paid it off too! And that’s not enough?? What’s a lady gotta do?

    • Zuri

      @Rick ^^

      Women are too superficial? How can you make that statement when you just said that it doesn’t matter what we write in our profiles and that men don’t even read them? And how do you even know if 10 out of 10 pictures don’t represent them if you haven’t even met them in real life? None of your logic makes any sense.

    • Jose

      the reason guys don’t reply is that we put our profile on there and get nothing from women as well we, men, send out emails as well and get no response so end up not subscribing but leaving the profile there.

    • Paul

      Actually, I’ve been on several months and this, too, is my #1 complaint. I must send 10 messages a week. It’s extremely rare to get a response. Maybe 1 in 20-30 will respond. They show as read.. They will visit my profile… Then radio silence.

  • Brenda Ryan

    I would come to one or two of these if they are grouped by interests and age ranges. When are they and is there a fee?

    • Hey Brenda! Thanks for your interest. You can check The Stir tab on when you sign in to find out more about events in your area. The happy hours are free to subscribers, while the interest-based events may come with a nominal fee. Thanks!

      • Debbie Foster

        You know…I think to get people interested and going, maybe should start out with a once a month free event. IF things go well and people enjoy it, then they can pay to join for any event there after.

        In order to go to their first (free) event they have to register online and then print off a voucher or “ticket” to show at the door. can then keep a data base to prevent people from repeatedly going to only the monthly free event (if every time you go to one, you have to register online and print off your voucher to be presented at the door to get in.).

        IF did something like that…I would go to the free event, get a feel for how well it was organized, were where there enough men in my targeted age range???? And if so….but I didn’t meet anyone at that event, I would be inclinded to join and try again. I really love the idea of singles meeting in a more orgnaized fun fashion.

  • it’s about time.

    • Roy pittman

      Hi Christy,

      I loved your profile and wish to get to know you better!!!! you can add me up on facebook

  • Wendy

    Question – I was on the list, then canceled because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go. Now I want to but the event says it’s full. It’s at a bar. Can I show up anyway? I would imagine some people may not show and not cancel their invite.

  • Joe

    I admire match for trying but in the end it will be a failure because of the people who attend have irrational expectations.
    Women if you are going to a singles event, you there to meet a man. Not make more female friends. Stop being so scared and strike up a conversation.

    Men stop competiting over the prettiest woman in the room. Strike up a conversation just for the sake of meeting a new woman. She might have friends you might be interersted.

    Dating in the modern age has become a joke. If you seem someone you like intiate a conversation. Don’t wait for I hope he comes up to me or she is too hot and she will never go for me. Stop playing these childish games and act like an adult.

    • Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom, Joe! We hope you make it to a Match Stir event in your area soon.

    • Erika

      I half agree but do you ever go up to females and start a convo??!! I thought the man was suppose to court a female. I know its 2012 blah blah but I feel like things have gotten to far off base. My parents have been married for over 30 years and they never had to do all this. My dad courted her. I know alot of females would be soooo open to a male coming up to them and starting a convo. Just sayin!!

    • Markus

      @Joe, you make a lot of good points. Stir Events are about meeting a possible future date and striking a conversation, not standing on the sidelines.

  • just some guy

    The Match event in San Jose last night was a blast! I think there were more people than expected, and the venue was a little boring, but the crowd made up for it. Lots of attractive women (great, since I’m a guy) in a variety of age ranges.

    • Wendy

      I was there also and had a good time. The place was packed! People did a good job of mingling, and I chatted with a lot of people – both men and women. I didn’t meet anyone, but my friend came away with a phone number or two. I would go again. Also – they let me in even though the event was full and I wasn’t signed up. Nice job match!

      • Wendy, thanks for your comment! We are so glad to hear you had a great time at the Stir event. We hope to see you (and maybe some friends!) at another event soon!

        -Match PR

    • That’s great to hear! Thanks for your comment, we’ll be sure to let our Events team know!

  • they say they are going to introduce these meeting events in 20 cities I wonder what cities they are going to hold these events. If it is in a city that is 100 miles away from me I will not go. So it would be nice to know the exact cities where they are going to hold these events. I am in Sarasota Florida

    • Richard, thanks for your note! We’ll be releasing events in more and more cities by the end of the year. If we aren’t hosting events near you yet, be sure to check back often! Thanks.

      • Rich

        The Lehigh Valley Area in Pa Would Be A Great Place To Have one!

        • Check out the Stir Events page on to find events in your area!

  • I dont want to pay for being elliageable to go to the events and then they say the event is 100 miles away. Then I will want my money back I want to know what areas the events are in before I jion

  • Mnormanb

    This is interesting. Will you have events aimed at the 45+ group?

    • Hello! We will have events for each and every age group on You can check the “Stir Events” page on when you sign in to view all events in your area. Thanks for your interest!

  • Celena

    Please let me know when you are having events in Colorado Springs, CO. Thanks!

  • Please schedule an event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ASAP

    • Hey Daniel! Check out the Stir Events page on to find events in your area. Thanks!

  • I so remember those days of not having a place to go to meet wonderful SINGLE people – we would love to help plan an event around a dance class 45 minutes to an hour of a lesson – then open dance after — let us know if this is something that would be of interest!! send me an email – and let us help with an event.

  • Marisa F.

    I woud not rejoin Match until I knew what cities were participating in the “stir.” Please find a way to let people know. It is a great incentive for people that normally are not into online dating and prefer to meet the “old fashioned way!”

    • Hey Marisa! You can check out any events near you on the Stir Events page when you sign into Thanks!

      • Alex

        Really, did you not catch the part where she said she wanted to KNOW before she rejoined?!? Way to totally ignore her and give a non answer.

    • RRaks

      I ABSOLUTELY agree. I never got anything out of Match before, so I feel it could be another waste of time without having ANY knowledge in advance of whether this is even an option in my area. I love how you state you wouldn’t re-join without knowing what cities are participating and the response is “sign into”. To me that kind of indicates what’s in store. Sounded like a good idea though.

      • RRaks- you can be a registered (non-paying) user of and still receive invites to the Happy Hours we are offering, you just must be a member of the site to sign in and see what is available. Thanks!

      • I agree. And as for that ” you can be a registered (non-paying) user of and still receive invites to the Happy Hours we are offering”. That is crap. I just tried to check with my “non-subscriber” account and it wouldn’t tell me anything except that I have to subscribe, ergo pay, in order to check out The Stir. Total crap.

  • Lynn Aubrey

    How do you get in touch with the local events planner to participate as a host? I work in a wine shop/wine bar and would like to find out info on how to become a host site for a wine tasting.

    • Hey Lynn! We’ll forward your information to our Events team to follow up. Thanks!

    • I own a fun wine bar in North Denver that is already popular with match members. We would love to see how to build on this interest and host an event!

      • Never mind, I found the email address and used it, thanks!

      • Hey Barney! Please email your venue name, city & state to Thank you for your interest!

      • Good question. We have a fun gastrolounge in Orlando & would like to host an event. I’ve looked all over The Stir website and can’t find a method to get the info….even in FAQ…..

        • Hey Linda! You can email your venue name, city and state to – thanks for your interest!

          • Hey! Thanks for the info. I’ll be sending you our info….looking forward to hosting an event soon!!!

      • Ive emailed several times to become a host with no responce,

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  • E

    I’m a 35 year old single male and went to my first Stir event last night in Denver, CO and was told by a Stir check in lady that there are several more Stir events but as a lot of other people told her as well as me is were not GETTING THE STIR EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!! This Stir Event at the Tavern DTC in South Denver was the only event I have heard of as well as a lot of other Match people that I spoke with.

    A few things I would change at these Stir events is it seemed from watching that the young my age group “hotties” would come to the event, check in and then DASH. Seemed like they would come in check in, stand around for literally like 5 to 30 seconds nobody had the chance to say anything to them and then you could see them going downstairs where the Match.come event WASEN’T. I think people that just CHECK in and don’t stay around should be PENALIZED if all they do is CHECK IN AND THEN DASH!!! I think people that check in should have a minimum of how long you have to stay and mingle at the event. Like once you check in there should be like a minimum of like say an hour before one can decide to leave and if one leaves before that hour is up you are penalized for future events!! It’s just like if you don’t cancel your RSVP you hurt your chances for future Match.Com Stir Events.

    Also I agree that you should not be able to bring your friends to the event’s. I agree that by bringing your “friends” it hurts your chances with all your “friends” coming.

    • Ernest, thank you for your feedback! We will definitely be passing your comments on to our events team to improve our newest program. Thanks again!

    • earlmook

      “Women if you are going to a singles event, you there to meet a man. Not make more female friends. Stop being so scared and strike up a conversation.”

      I completely agree with this!!! I noticed last night with the Match.Com Stir event in South Denver at the Tavern DTC (Denver Tech Center) that it seemed like a lot of the ladies the attractive ones just checked in, then DASHED and didn’t strike up any conversations!!! I mentioned to one of the guys at the event how women want MEN TO HAVE ALL THIS CONFIDENCE but then these WOMEN DON’T SHOW UP OR THEY DO FOR A FEW SECONDS AND DASH BEFORE ANYONE HAD ANY CHANCE TO SAY ANYTHING!! Men want women that have confidence that actually STAY and CHAT!!!

      • jenny1224

        Women “DASH” like that, when they walk into a room of men they find completely unappealing. That’s why the women were leaving. Women don’t run away from guys they are interested in.

      • Women don’t come to these events to hang out in a roomful of men they’re not interested in. I’m sure it’s the same way with men, not just women. If people come to these types of events, scan the room and don’t see anyone they’re interested in or physically attracted to, then why should they stay? I would leave too. At least you know that the ones who left are the ones who aren’t interested and you might actually have a shot with the rest of the girls who are still left in the room.

        If someone came with the intention of meeting someone and they didn’t see anyone they liked, they have a right to leave. I don’t agree with response #17. No one should be forced to stick around or penalized for “dashing” out quickly.

      • Carrie

        With relationships an open-mind is the best thing to have…for all those members that only scan the room for the “physical” attraction will most likely continue “looking” for a match for a VERY VERY VERY long time. This event is to stir up conversation and if you cannot simple spark a conversation, you will never get far. Physical attraction is nice and helps, but its not everything. Being personable, respectable and armed with the knowlegde and positive attitude will take you far. If anything make a friend and network. This event may not only lead to the hopes of intimate relationship, but maybe a relationship that will be beneficial financially, mentally or even spirtually.

      • Zuri

        @ Carrie.

        Obviously we all know that attraction and relationships are based on a lot more than just looks. People aren’t so shallow and stupid to have to be told this. There’s no doubt, attraction is a totality of both mental and physical – but these variables and standards are different for everyone.

        You have to have some ‘tiny microscopic’ level of physical attraction to work with. If that is not even there, then no matter how well you get along, or how funny, smart or intelligent these guys may be – it will never happen.

        Some people are happy with 98% mental and 2% physical. Some people need 50% mental and 50% physical..But you can’t have 100% mental and 0% physical and you can’t have 100% physical and 0% mental. End of story.

    • E

      Oh yeah I also wanted to mention that after the Match.Com Stir event here in Denver, CO last night on the EVENT tab under Stir Events it now says there are no Stir Events Scheduled and the Match.Com check in lady last night at the even said there are other events, even this week but we don’t know about them because the Stir Events tab is not putting up event’s to let us know also The events need to make clear what age group!! Last night’s Stir Event in the DTC at the Tavern DTC had all mixed ages like a lot seemed like late 40’s, 50’s and a few in my age group of 24, to 35ish but the age group need to be spelled out as well.

    • Robin


      Can you understand that some women aren’t there to make ‘friends’? Especially ‘a relationship that will be beneficial financially?’ Wow sage advice with good intentions.

      I may be using an extreme example to illustrate my point, but:

      If you were an attractive 30 year old woman who is smart and physically fit, are you going to have an open mind about striking up a conversation with a guy who is in his 50s, bald, dresses sloppily and weighs 450 pounds?

      And even if you were nice enough to talk to him, would there be any chance you would develop an attraction to him just because you get along and he’s a cool person? Maybe..sure anything is possible, but in most cases most likely not. I’m just being honest here.

      These women aren’t coming to these events expecting a GQ model or even really hot guy..most come with the hope of finding a decent looking guy.

      Point is, everyone has different standards and if there’s ZERO physical attraction to work with, forget it. Women who dash out the door have a certain physical standard and if none of these guys even meet a minimal low end of it, why bother? You already know you’ll never be attracted to them no matter how awesome they are as a person.

      Personality, kindness, humor, wealth, power etc..they all help you view someone to be more attractive..but for some people all of that just isn’t enough to make you all of a sudden physically attracted to get into an intimate relationship with them.

      Maybe you’re ok with being in a relationship with a guy you didn’t find to be physically attractive, but has the power, network and status to make up for his looks – but a lot of us aren’t.

      • E

        Yes but men are not saying go for the 50 year old, bald, bad dressed, that weighs 450 lbs. But the point is how can women know there aren’t decent guys at the parties when they come in, stand around for literally 30 seconds, don’t chat have that closed off don’t chat with me and then dash. Your there to meet the opposite sex and date not CLAMOR with your girlfriends and just hang with your friends. If you don’t chat you will never know who you meet. He might not be exactly what you had or have pictured and a lot of times they won’t be what you had pictured or expected but when you open up, chat, be friendly, give chances you will then find someone.

      • Robin

        These women have already looked around the room – and yes 30 seconds, 1 minute whatever is all it takes to scout out any potentials. If they found maybe 1-2 guys that are halfway decent looking, they might be inclined to stay and chat.

        If there are 50 guys in the room and all of them are just completely physically unappealing to those women then they won’t be interested in talking to any of them. You don’t need to stay and chat in order to know who you will meet because you have already seen everyone that you will meet in that room.

        If you’re not even remotely attracted to any of the guys or women there, then there’s no point in hanging around talking to people you’re not interested in..There will never be a chance that you will become interested in these people even if you’ve had a nice friendly chat. At best, what would come out of it is that they walked away having had a friendly chat with a guy – but nothing more than that. There would be no further communication or attempts to spend time together outside of the event. Some people are cool with that because they just like to get out and meet people even if it doesn’t go anywhere.

        But a lot people are more frugal with their time. They aren’t there to waste their time. They know what they want, they aren’t interested in making meaningless conversation with men they don’t even find to be remotely physically attractive. A lot of guys are like this too. The point is, physical attraction is the first filter. Once that has been fulfilled then we are open to finding out more about their personality, interests, intelligence and the substance behind the looks.

        I’m sorry but this is how some people are. It’s really that simple.

      • Guy

        Through experience and observation… women find men attractive based on personality and how he interacts with people and environment. Yes physical attraction does play a role…. but (let’s be honest here)…. how often do you see really ugly guys with smoking hot, pretty girls…. (probably thought to yourself, how did that happen). For me I see it quite often, from NYC to Boston to Austin (and I’ve lived in all three areas). I’m nowhere near a 10 guy, but I get compliments on landing pretty girls all the time. Behavior plays a big role (alpha males, rockstars)… doesn’t really much matter what they look like. Point is, women should really stay, observe, converse etc. at these social events. If they want to stay superficial….no problem… it’s just no wonder women these days don’t get proposed to as often anymore and end up aging bitterly.

      • Alexis

        Obviously, yes behavior and personality plays a big roll. But…

        1. Really ugly guys with ‘smoking hot girls’ basically only happens if the guy is a rockstar, a celebrity, has mega social power/contacts/influence or just someone who is very wealthy with assets/property/money.

        2. Really ugly guys with ‘smoking hot girls’ doesn’t really happen with your average guy earning $40k a year at a boring job and living in a rented 1-bedroom carpeted apartment in Studio City. Sure, you could land a reasonably attractive wholesome girl if you had an awesome personality and cool friends and she cared more about personality than looks.

        The uglier you are (guy or girl)…the more emphasis there is on other things you can offer (as stated above in #1) to compensate for your physical set backs.

        Assuming in all of these categories below, that these people all had the same decent personality, but that the only difference is their physical appearances. Here’s what it comes down to:

        a. Ugly person – needs to be very successful or wealthy to attract a hot person. Or they can get lucky and find someone who is 100% about your heart – it’s possible.

        b. Average/sort of attractive looking – This category is where people’s standards differ the most, where ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. A strong emotional connection can help change someone else’s attraction to you or it may not at all. Depends on how strongly they didn’t like your physical appearance to begin with and how strongly attracted they are to your other qualities. Not everyone works the same way and not everyone will feel attracted to another person just because of an emotional/mental connection alone.

        c. Smoking Hot – Unless you are a really shitty person, someone smoking hot doesn’t need very much to attract other hot people.

  • Maurice

    Looking to host a stir event at one of my venues. Please email me on how I can make that happen. Thanks

    • Maurice, thanks for reaching out! If you would, please email your detailed venue/event information directly to with your location (city/state) in the subject line. Thanks for your interest!

  • Reini Hirsch

    I’ve been interested in going to one of these events but wish that Match would host some in the Westside of Los Angeles (Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, etc.)

    I’d love to hear more reviews from people who attended a recent Stir event in Hollywood or Studio City just to get an idea of what they think.

    For example, in the free ‘happy hour events’, are there games to help people interact, or do we all just walk into a regular bar/club and are left alone to fend for ourselves?

    • Hey Reini! Check back on the site to see more and more events added in your area- we are rolling out nationally and will be thousands of events over the next couple months.

      As for the Happy Hours, it is a familiar bar environment but with the comfort of knowing everyone there is single and a member. The interest-events (like the cooking classes, salsa dancing lessons, etc.) sound more up your alley with tons of activities to get people talking and interacting even more.

      Be on the lookout for more events, and we look forward to hearing from you after you attend. Thanks!

  • We own a business in Exton and would love to host an event like this. How can we get in touch with someone to discuss this?

    • Angela, thanks for reaching out! If you would, please email your detailed venue/event information directly to with your location (city/state) in the subject line. Thanks for your interest!

  • Molly

    It really needs to be arranged by ages and interest with about 10 years either way- 50 & 60 year olds. I wouldn’t mind paying a fee if it’s arranged that way. Also some real activities- like a hike in one of the parks or kayaking. There are so many activities, they don’t all have to take place in a bar or restaurant.


    • Hey Molly! We totally agree- the events will consist of similarly aged singles for both the Happy Hours and the Interest-based events. On that note, the interest-based events will include all types of activities such as salsa dancing, cooking classes, bowling, and more. Be sure to check out the site for events in your area. Thanks!

  • Patty

    I’m interested in joining match solely for the stir events. I live in the suburbs of NYC so I was surpised to see no events scheduled when I checked the site. Is it safe to assume that I will not be able to view events unless I’m a member?

    • Hey Patty! Thanks for the interest in The Stir. If you are a registered user, you can get invited to happy hours but will have to subscribe in order to RSVP and attend the event. Interest-based events like cooking classes and wine tastings are open only to subscribers. As for the lack of events, they fill up quickly so be sure to keep checking!

  • Missy

    I’ve been invited to the Stir event in Hemosa Beach on Monday night. I’m wondering what age group will be there. According to what I’m reading on this blog, Match invites people to these events who are in the same age groups, or do they invite people of all ages who live in that general area?

    • Hey Missy, great question. It is a combination of both- singles in your age range as well as near your geographic location. Thanks!

  • mike

    I’m a 26 year old dude who gets not hit back to the females I message so it goes both ways. I get ladies to talk to me in person though, so I’m guessing this online thing isn’t the best way to socialize.
    Any women need a date in the LA area? haha

    • Mike, why not try attending a Stir event? A bunch of singles in a familiar, social environment. Let us know if you attend!

  • Angela

    Are there any Match Stir events in Louisiana. If not, how do we get them started?

    • Hey Angela! You can see local events near you by signing onto and checking out the “Events” tab on site. Thanks for your interest!

  • Jason T

    When are stir events coming to San Antonio, Tx??

    • Hey Jason! You can see local events near you by signing onto and checking out the “Events” tab on site. Thanks for your interest!

  • Chelsea

    I already plan singles events in Tulsa and I woyld be interested in being a part of the event planning if Stir ever comes to to Tulsa. I already have a lot of connections for local event partners!

    • Hey Chelsea, thanks for your note! If you would, please email your detailed venue/event information directly to with your location (city/state) in the subject line. Thanks for your interest!

  • Ashley

    If I (the subscriber) cannot go, can my RSVPed guest still attend without me? Thanks

    • Hey Ashley, great question. Your guest will still be able to attend without you– When your friend checks in at the door, they just need to say your name and that they are your guest. Thanks!

  • Danielle

    When and where r the events I live in north las Vegas I would like to go to 1 of the events!

    • Hey Danielle! You can see local events near you by signing onto and checking out the “Events” tab on site. Thanks for your interest!

  • Daren

    How often will the Stir events be held in Pittsburgh, PA? Weekly, or monthly, and for what age groups?

    Any cooking classes, or bowling nights coming in the near future?

    • Hey there! You can see local events near you by signing onto and checking out the “Events” tab on site. There will be thousands more events added as we fully roll out the new site feature. Thanks for your interest!

  • niki

    went to the event in Downtown Riverside..heard 180 people RSVP but only 80 showed up, guess Riverside is a more conservative area. For my opinion there were no pretty woman, some are at their 40s acted a little slutty. No cute guys either. I think the age range is a little too wide here, maybe from 30-60? most people showed up were around 40-50 I guess. However, it feels weird to see some grandpa there. I did met some nice people, yeah I said nice, and pretty much just it. Nothing impressive. I feel this event did not attract the best people in this area. I would recommend including education background into picking groups as well.

    • Niki, thanks for your feedback!

    • boo22

      Wow Niki, you sound like a barrel of laughs.

    • Megan

      I went to the Riverside event last night. Now It wasn’t awesome as far as who was there however, it was better than I expected. The age range was pretty good. The people were nice. For my first event it didn’t scare me away, I might even go again. LOL

  • Crystlnrg

    Is the algorithm in charge of the event or a live employee?! I mean once the computer arranges the activity event participants, does a human look over the pairings or the full guest list? Are there pairings or is it just meet-and-greet sttyle? many times the computer is way off on my matches online. Just curious. . .

    • Thanks for your question- it is a combination of both our algorithms as well as our event coordinators planning the event. Thanks!

  • rose

    I am speaking on behalf of a bar/restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA. We would like to possibly host a stir event. Will you please send some information?

    • Hey Rose! Thanks for your interest in hosting a event. You can email your venue, along with your city/state in the subject line, to: Thanks!

      • I hope match plan on bring a Stir event to the Baltimore Md area.

    • boo22

      I hope this is either Jack Rose Bar or someone with a lot of Tequila Rose. Because either of those would be a freakin’ awesome event. 🙂

  • maryjean scano

    Just saw advertisement on tv. Have not heard or seen details or events. please let me know! I am a member. Minichick610

    • Maryjean, you can check out events near you when you sign onto your account and check out the Stir tab onsite. Thanks for your interest!

  • Andrea

    I agree with someone above, I would join, but would only want to attend the “Stir” events. Is there a way to do this without creating a profile and being emailed matches, etc? Is there a way to attend one event to see what it is like and then join? Or is there a way to just pay for the events that you want to attend? I am not keen on the “flirting” on line and writing back and forth, but I do like the idea of going to events of singles that want to get to know each other face to face with others around for safety

    • Andrea, you still need to be a member (with an active profile) in order to be invited to these events. The Happy Hours are for both registered and subscribed members of, while the interest-based events are for paying members only. Thanks!

      • timetheif32

        Really? Because the website said that all events are for subscribers only.

  • John

    When will these stir events start in Miami or south Florida? Thank you.

    • Hey John! Thanks for your interest in The Stir. You can check out local events near you by signing onto your account and visiting the Stir tab onsite. Thanks!

  • molly

    Where can i find a stir event in twin cities metro in mn? Im a match member.

    • Hey Molly, thanks for your interest in The Stir. You can check out upcoming events in your area by visiting the Stir tab on when you sign into your account. Thanks!

  • Marcia Manderscheid

    I have not been to a stir event yet. Is there any in Iowa? I would be interested.

    • Hey there! You can see local events near you by signing onto and checking out the “Events” tab on site. There will be thousands more events added daily. Thanks for your interest!

  • I’m just so disappointed with, seems like a hoax for the majority of us, I am just saying, has been a waste of time for me.

    • Kay

      I feel ya! It’s been the same for me! 🙁

    • Jillian

      Why is it, that no one will just say what cities the events are in? I will NEVER rejoin Match unless I know ahead of time. My experience with Match was one of the worst on the internet with, what I believe to be, many fake profiles.

      Just tell us the cities. Why make it so hard?

      • Jillin, we are adding events in cities every day and the events are listed on the site. Happy hours are offered to both registered and subscribed users, while the interest-based events are only offered to subscribers. Thanks!

      • DS

        Why are happy hours requiring a person to subscribe to RSVP and see the venue?

        Please confirm that happy hours are offered to both registered and subscribed users.

  • Zuri

    Why are all the Stir Events always in Hollywood and on a weekday? Can you please start hosting some events for all the people in the west side and possibly on a weekend? Like in Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey. I think events in these hot spots would be more successful and bring in a pretty interesting crowd.

    Please do it soon! Thanks!

    • Hey Zuri, thanks for your feedback. Tons of events are added to the site daily, and you can see local events near you by signing onto and checking out the “Events” tab on site. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you at an event (by the beach) soon!

      • Zuri

        Thanks for your response. I am actually already a member. I’ve been checking out the stir event listings every other day…Just been waiting and waiting for events in the westside but no luck so far. Hope you guys get to our area soon.

  • This sounds like fun. Do they do singles over 50 events?

    • Hey there! Thanks for your interest. There are events for all ages added to the site everyday, so be sure to check it out by signing onto your account. Thanks!

  • Jared

    these sound like a hot little mess. also they sound much like the meetups which have been going on for some time. those aren’t working out so well, so I can see these going……..? men and women get higher expectations the longer they are single. it is the classic problem. the guy saying that females show up then leave makes sense, as that is what I see when I go out to bars/clubs, which isn’t much these days. the match update person keeps saying “thanks (fill in name), go to match and check for your area”! there’s nothing in my area (chapel hill), so that means I will have to wait till fall? hope these go well wherever they have them though.

  • Chaquaila Wilson

    Hello, I am an event planner and event marketer. I love the stir concept and am interested in working with match/stir as a event manager, coordinator or ambassador. How should one get involved? Where should I send my resume?

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  • Jc

    I was disappointed to see only people up to 55 yrs old were invited. I’m 58 and I have found that people over the age of 50 seem to have the hardest time meeting people. Perhaps there could be different age group gatherings or everyone is invited to the events planned?

  • I own a bar restaurant in the Iowa city Iowa area. How or who do I contact about hosting events at my location?

  • Diana

    NOT a good first impression. I am 38 and went to the event in Orlando with a friend, who’s 29. We were probably the youngest two there!!! How on EARTH are the people for these events chosen?? I’m 38 and so figured the crowd would be in their thirties and forties. Nope. Most of the folks had to have been 50 and over. Seriously?? When we left I asked the woman who checked us in about age ranges. She ‘informed’ me that is really for folks 55 and over, and that Eharmony is more for my age range. What?? Since when?? And this person works for Match? Not exactly doing a good job selling the product! I had hopes for this event, but I was extremely disappointed. I can’t say that I’ll attend or recommend future ones.

  • Great idea

  • Jeremy

    I just saw the commercial about the new stir… I’ve tried many dating sites and u rarely get the real picture of the person or a really outdated one.. Cheyenne Wyoming needs a dating event as such.. It would be a great asset to our singles community and eliminate the trashy bar scene!

    • Diana

      Yeah, I’d like to know where the folks in the commercial are from because they definitely weren’t at MY event! My friend and I were undoubtedly two of the youngest girls there–and I’m 38 for crying out loud! I’m not looking for a dad, I’m looking for a date!!

      • allen

        These Stir Events are a STRAIGHT JOKE . . . Do NOT attend them. I agree with Diana, the commercials are FALSE advertisement, so untrue. There are no greater chances in going to one of these Stir Events and meeting someone than just going out to a popular night club. I left a Stir Event in Sacramento CA highly let down. Like Diana, I too am 38, but there was not a single person that I was attracted to or even slightly interested in, unless I wanted to date my mothers or grandmothers friends. I’m not being mean, but it was very poorly organized and not set up for singles to be successful. I’m not interested in going to a function that has a wide range in age groups. Stir Event could be MORE successful if they TRULY did what they said, which is putting like individuals (20/30’s or 40/50’s or 50/60’s) together, with similar interests (take from our hobbies section), that are looking for specific relationship (dating, serious or long term) statuses. HINT HINT HINT Stir Event Organizers…

  • Are there any stir events in Broward County Fl

    • Lynette, you can check out Stir events in your area by logging onto and visiting the “Events” tab onsite. Thanks!

      • Karen

        Its a bummer that you cant see if there are even events planned near you without subscribing. I dropped out of Match years ago due to no activity. If I join and there arent any events near me I’d be pretty upset

        • allen

          Karen – I’ve been there and done that, please DO-NOT sign back up for these unorganized and unprofessionally ran events, they are a complete joke. The commercials ran on TV are far from the truth as to what an event may actually look like, those are actors trust me. Want more info at43_1 at hott maale. I’ve tried countless time to set the event organizer straight on what they are not doing, which is being truthful to the participant interested in attending. The commercials are actors, the RSVP list of potential daters attending (thumbnail photos) are not attending either. The 10% of actual attendees leaving a descent reply will get a follow up email sent to them by the Stir Event staff, but the 90% leaving an unsettling response will get no follow up message by staff. There is a high level of indifference being established that I am hoping other attendees are noticing, for a company to be successful they need to acknowledge all responses and take note. Once they calculate the amount of similar responses set up their unhappy customers, then they may take action(s) into correcting their wrongs.

          The 3-Main issues:
          1) They are not age group specific: 20/30’s or 30/40’s or 40/50’s or 50/60’s etc
          2) These participants are not seeking the same relationship status’: dating or long term, etc
          3) The events always partake in a Bar/Dining Bar locations: leaving the only event beneficiary to be the seller of alcohol. I’m thinking the attendees should be more in favor, but with the unorganized event staff they will always be set to fail.

          • Karen

            Thanks for the reply Allen. So far I havent heard anything from a STIR event representative.

  • Hello! I have a art gallery in Chicago, and would be interested in having a Stir event there. Can you let me know the process of inclusion? Thanks so much in advance!

  • Lm kay

    What a great idea. Definitely different. Sounds like fun.

  • Would love to attend a stir event.

  • msmari

    Are these events going to be grouped by age? I am 53.

  • Eduardo Franco

    To I am Chef Eduardo Franco of Brio Tuscan Grille.My number is 210-877-9300 and I am interested in hosting an event in our restaraunt.

  • Kay

    Are there going to be any events in Tulsa, Ok or OKC? I’ve been on match and had NOOO luck.

    • Keep checking the “Events” tab when you sign onto your account as more events are added daily. Thanks!

  • Liz

    I am a dance instructor in the north houston area and would love to do a group class for a match stir event.

  • jan

    It would be fun to meet somebody at an event u enjoy!

  • Morgan Megown

    I am interested in meeting men in the Denver area. How do I find out more about events in my area?

    • Morgan, please check out the “Events” tab when you sign onto to view events in your area. Thanks!

  • Heather

    I live an hour from Pittsburgh but work in “East Pittsburgh”. When I do log in to find stir events in my area it says there are none because my registered zip code is over an hour away. When I attempt to enter a different zip code (closer to work) it resets to my registered zip. I’d also like to find stir events in other cities as I travel often to Louisville, Lexington, Harrisburg, OK City, and Cincinnati for business. I am a member and have attempted many times to look under the stir event for a list of cities where they are being held. If this “list” exists, I am unable to locate it under stir events. It continues to say no events in your area and refers to my home zip code. I’d love some assistance….

    • Hey Heather, we are rolling out events in new cities every day, so if you aren’t receiving invites at this time you should continue to check back in. As the program continues to expand, we should have events in all major US cities. Thanks!

  • Karen Watts

    It would be great to have cooking class/party. Cooking is so communal and inviting. Begin with a happy hour and conclude with a hand-on class for guests with cooking interests. Those attending would have an opportunity to trade thoughts on lots of issues, prepare food and beverage, and in the end, share a meal.

    It would be fun to learn to make sushi, stocks and sauces and the perfect steakhouse filet, complete with side dishes, of course. Oh…pies would be a fun class as well.

  • How can we go about hosting an event at our waterfront property in Newport, RI??

  • John McDowell

    Are there any events in the Boca Raton area?

    • Please check out the “Events” tab when you sign onto to view events in your area. Thanks!

  • Hi Stir Events,

    I used to run all of the LivingSocial Adventures in Charlotte, NC (division has since closed in Charlotte), and when I heard of Stir Events – there were instant similarities! I would love the opportunity to speak with someone about running these events in the area. I used to run the SAME type of events here… from Wine Tours, Kayaking trips, Sushi Making Classes, Ice Sculpting, and Mixology events!

    I can be the person in charge in Charlotte!

    Thank you in advance


  • Hi! I own EatzLA, a fun cooking school in Los Angeles, where we offer hands-on cooking in a really fun, social dinner party atmosphere. I think Eatz would be such a fun place to host these events! Please contact me at

  • Crystlnrg

    I had a good time at the NYC event on 6/25/12 at Macao. Good group of men & women, cool location. I am 45 , and the age range seemed pretty on target. The match greeter was welcoming. I would go to more events! Keep them coming.

    • Fabulous, thanks for your feedback and glad to hear you had a good time!

  • Debbie H
    Could anyone tell me do they have a Stir Events in Springfield, Mass or close by. Thank You.

    • Debbie, please check out the “Events” tab when you sign onto to view events in your area. Thanks!

  • April Childers

    How can we host an event?

  • Nelly

    Can you see events if your a free member? I would pay if they had events in slc Utah, its so boring here! I looked at stir but there isnt any events listed yet. Great idea!

    • Hey Nelly, yes registered users will receive invites to the happy hours in your area when they are available. Check out the “Events” tab when you sign onto for events in Salt Lake City. Thanks!

  • Mel

    Where can I view an upcoming schedule of Stir events/locations?

    • Check out the “Events” tab when you sign onto for events in your area. Thanks!

  • elmo

    will there be events in washington dc?

  • sunny

    when will you have events in mpls and st paul, mn

    • Check out the “Events” tab when you sign onto for events in your area. Thanks!

  • Hello, I am the GM of Lee Gribbens on Main in Emmaus PA, an upscale bar/restaurant. We are interested in hosting a Stir event, we have ALOT to do everyday.
    Thank you,
    Sherry Moore

  • We’re a “gastrolounge: in Orlando Fl…interested in hosting a event. who do I contact?

  • Colleen


  • Matthew

    Is there going to be a way for members to attend venues if we are traveling?

    • Matthew

      In other cities that is

    • Matthew, if you change your zip code to where you will be traveling to, you should receive events in that area. Thanks!

  • DS

    I was a member, but never had any luck meeting women I was interested in in the online scene and got several messages from women who were really scammers from another country based on their vocabulary.

    However, if there was a way that I could join just the stir section of, I’d be willing to pay a nominal monthly fee ($10 to $15) as long as there are a few monthly events scheduled in my area which I could register for, as I have better luck meeting women in person than online.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one with this situation.

  • Tracy

    I just can’t figure out how to find out when/where the events are….

    • Hey Tracy, check out the “Events” tab when you sign into your account. Thanks!

  • ashey

    When will any events be in the PA area… pittsburgh? state college?….

  • ashey


    • Hey Ashley, check out events in your area under the “Events” tab on Thanks!

  • Todd Richman

    I’m a corporate mixologist for an importing company and would love to teach some sake classes and or/mixology classes. How can I get involved?

  • earlmook

    I think Stir Events need to eliminate bringing friends to these events particularly the ladies don’t bring their “friends” and just go into their cluster friends and don’t talk to any guys. Ladies your there to meet the opposite sex and DATE not bring your friends, sit in your “group” close down and not be inviting so no man can approach you.

    Is stir going to make events where it’s by Age group? I don’t see it on the stir events. It just says the events but doesn’t seem to have an age group listed??? We need to have these events age group specific so OLD people don’t come to YOUNG events (20’s and 30’s) groups and vice versa!!!

    • Hey there, thank you for your feedback. Only the happy hours allow friends to accompany members, so maybe you should look into the interest based events in your area. As for the age group, you are specifically invited to events in your area based on your age demographic, therefore if you are receiving the invite then other singles like you will be invited to the same event. Thanks!

  • earlmook

    Re: “jenny1224 Posted Fri Jun 8th at 3:37 pm | Permalink
    Women “DASH” like that, when they walk into a room of men they find completely unappealing. That’s why the women were leaving. Women don’t run away from guys they are interested in.”

    How do they KNOW they are unappealing if they are only there for literally like 15 to 30 seconds and DASH??? Women stop coming in with the preconceived notion that he’s going to have this and this and this and that and these men are going to meet this unattainable “list” “requirements”. They have to give men a CHANCE!!! Not just ASSUME. If one just comes into a party for like 15 or 30 seconds, just simply assumes there are no good men there and then DASHES they themselves then are just kind of the Debbie Downers cause they are going into the party expecting that “Hollywood” LA LA “fantasy” and their “requirements” are set soooo unattainably high of course they are going to be extremely disappointed. These women that come in and DASH need to come into the parties with “reasonable” expectations. These women that come in and then Dash have their standards so high and it’s a turn off to any guy.Women would be all over men complaining if men did the dash and run.

    • Zuri

      “How do they KNOW?”

      If they scan a room and aren’t physically attracted to any of the guys there, then that’s enough reason to leave. Attraction obviously is based on a lot more than looks, personality certainly helps…but there has to be some ‘small’ level of physical interest to work with. Sorry, but no matter how funny and charming you are, if someone is flat out not completely not physically attracted to you, it will never happen. Looks matter, and anyone who makes judgemental comments about this need to get real. It’s an evolutionary primal instinct.

      • main95

        wow, Zuri..what are you a teenager? you’ve got a lot to learn and a lot of growing up to do….

      • Robert

        No. Zuri is the correct one, here.

    • boo22

      Honestly, Earl? For a lot of women, this is unknown territory. Some may dash because they don’t see anyone they find appealing, but some may do it because they’re just plain SCARED. Especially if you’ve never met men on your own and it was always through school, etc. I can’t imagine being a woman of 40 (or 30 for that matter) who’s been with the same person all your life and then walking into a room of men you have no clue about. So yes, there are shallow women out there, but don’t paint everyone with the same brush.

    • Zuri

      Really main95?

      So would you tell someone like Hugh Hefner, Adam Levine, Gwyneth Paltrow or Bradley Cooper that they have a lot of growing up to do? Would you tell them that they’ve got a lot to learn? These are all people who are either talented, intelligent and successful and I’m pretty sure that none of them would ever entertain the idea of being with someone they didn’t find to be physically attractive. If these people were single and looking, I’m certain that none of them would waste their time chatting up people they had zero physical attraction for.

      Did you not read the part when I said “Attraction obviously is based on a lot more than looks, personality certainly helps…but there has to be some ‘small’ level of physical interest to work with.” Did you just decide to ignore this or not understand what I said?

      No one is saying that looks are the only criteria for a relationship. Looks alone are never enough, but neither is a mental connection with zero physical attraction. You need both!!!!! Period. Just because you have a mental/emotional connection with someone doesn’t mean that it’s going to change your physical attraction to them if it flat out wasn’t there in the first place. Maybe it can for some people, but not for others.

      Maybe you’re the one that needs to grow up and stop judging people, it doesn’t make you any more mature because you operate with a different mindset.
      So get off your condescending, self righteous high horse because you’re no better or more mature than anyone else.

      Judging by what other people are writing it sounds like most would agree with my viewpoint.

  • Tom

    You keep saying to check the “Events” tab when we log into Everytime I check that tab & click Stir Events, it keeps telling me that there are no events scheduled for you right now. Why doesn’t it give a list of all upcoming stir events? I live near Philly, I’m pretty surprised that nothing is scheduled for the 20-something crowd in Philly.

    • Tom, thanks for your inquiry. We are adding more events in each city everyday, so be sure to keep checking! Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Brandon

    This definitely brings out a new dimension to online dating and should make stand out from all the others…hopefully in turn more members and more opertunities!

  • How can I register my venue to be one of The Stir event locations?

  • Lisa Hambrick

    Im in Roanoke va & would like to know how can one go about hosting one of your stir events?

    • Hey Lisa! You can email your venue name, city and state to – thanks for your interest!

      • lisa hambrick

        its saying default mail client not installed properly, whats that mean?

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  • Pingback: A Gameplan to Reach Customers Who Don’t Want to Talk to You | SKANOWANIE co z czym i jak()

  • Katie

    Here’s a simple way to save the members time and disappointment: You presumably post a list of places, times, etc of your “stir” events. Create a box next to each upcoming stir event and post how many of what age ranges have RSVPed to that particular event. Members won’t be wasting their time if there are no people with the age ranges they are interested in, or would consider, at least for the stirs that aren’t age-range specific. I suspect there would be a lot less of the “30-second dashers” filling up the RSVP spots where someone else could have fit in. I agree with Molly. 10-year age ranges SHOULD be the max:20 or 21-30, 30-40, 40-50 and perhaps 50 and up. But 15 year ranges could work also, 20 (or 21)-35, 35-50, 50 and up. But dance events could be the whole range, since dancing with someone doesn’t really mean hooking up with them.

    • Katie, since members are only invited to events with similar members, it’s safe to assume the window of age is already roughly 10 years for attendees of the event. If you are a 40-something, then the events that will be available to you are events for other members close to your age. Does that make sense?

      • Alex

        What if we’re not necessarily interested in dating someone in what Match decides is our age range? I am a very young looking 35 year old, and as such, date guys who are generally in their late twenties/early thirties. Shouldn’t members have a say over what age range they want to be grouped in? You might find more success that way.

  • lisa hambrick

    im in roanoke va and would like to know how to become a host for a stir event?

  • Dorrice Beery

    Is there any events in Wooster Ohio

    • Dorrice, check the Events tab on your account to see events in your area. Thanks!

  • S

    Um, no lie, but I wrote in to UK about 2 years ago and suggested this very thing. My guess is so did hundreds of others. It’s the thing that’s been missing from this concept of online dating from the beginning, for women especially. Knowing you’ll have a chance to meet available men without the uncomfortable-ness or safety risk of a one on one date is a god send. I saw a Roommate finder site do this and it worked well.

  • gina

    I am a lounge owner in the California central valley and would like to offer one of my lounges as a venue for a “The Stir” events. This has been the only place I have found to even leave a message with anyone. If anyone can help me get in touch with someone, I’d truly appreciate it. I can be reached at Thank you 🙂

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  • christian moorma

    I have a bar in columbus ohio, how would i go about hosting an event at my location.
    please email me at

  • I just wanted to post about a Stir Event that I attended. I believe it was held on Tuesday May 22, 2012 at the Loft Bar & Bistro in San Jose, CA. There were a lot of people there, and I met someone very special. It all started when I spotted her from about 15 yards away and decided to hold the front door for her. It continued when I offered to buy her a drink and the conversation felt natural and relaxed. We ended up having our “second” and “third” dates that night when we walked to a local restaurant and to the Fairmont for an after dinner drink. Thanks Match. We are still dating almost 2 months later!

    • Mike, what a fantastic story- we can’t thank you enough for sharing! Congratulations to you both!

  • Lori

    I think these events are a great idea for singles! Was wondering how someone (like me) could propose a Stir event idea to Match?

  • Deanna

    Does the stir exist in fort lauderdale yet? Also, I don’t want access to the site to search singles..I just want to attend events. Can I do this?

    • Deanna, you must be a member to access to the singles events. Happy hours are open to registered users, while interes-based events are only open to subscribers.

    I am interested in obtaining information regarding how a venue, located in Philadelphia, can host an event for “The Stir”.


  • ak

    So still no list of participating cities?

    • Hey ak, you can find a list of events in your area under the “Events” tab on Thanks!

  • Tiffany

    I would like to attend a stir event, I have never been before.

  • Lisa

    I’m a woman in my late 40’s that prefers men my age and younger. What age range of men should I expect at a Stir event? Would be nice to know this to help decide whether to go to the event. If it’s a 50+ event I’m not interested…

    • Lisa, events are targeted to specific age ranges (20s, 30s, etc.) so you can expect to see people your age at the events!

  • Amy

    It’s funny listening to people badger each other and get into arguments over which gender should do what. Internet dating has INCREASED the number of lonely people because there’s *allegedly* plenty of fish in the sea. Wake up folks…. There’s not. Lighten up and socialize. And people don’t respond because they aren’t active users any more.

    Match–any Stir’s in the Orange County, CA area?

    • Thanks for your note, Amy! You can check out upcoming events in your area by signing onto your account (you’ll find them under the “Events” tab). Thanks!

  • JessD

    I attended at Stir Event last night in New Haven, CT. This was the first one in the area, as far as I know. 116 Crown was a good venue, however, it was a bit small for the crowd size, and very hot. Not enough room to comfortably mingle, and the bar staff was a bit slow to respond to drink orders. I felt that the crowd was good, they all seemed to be within the same age range. It would have been nice to have some drink specials, since the average cost of a mixed drink at this place was $12!! Again, it was a nice place, but way too small to accomodate the crowd size. I would go to another one if it is held at another spot. I did not come away with any new dates, but it was certainly nice to meet and connect with more single women around my age in the area. There were definitly more women than men there, but that just seems to be the luck of the draw.

    One thing, I am concerned that I never received a confirmation text once I responded to the one that match sent me, asking me to “check-in”. Everyone else who had done the text check in received a message back, however, i did not. I am wondering if it doesn’t appear that I was actually there? I checked in with the hostess at the door, but I am just wondering/concerned that this will affect my future invites?

  • Angelina

    I went to a Stir event last night in downtown Los Angeles and had a blast! Vodka tasting, great food, and an even mix of men to women. My only concern was most of te people I spoke with at the event live in West Los Angeles and it took over an hour to get to the event during rush hour. Can we set up some events in the Santa Monica area??

    • So glad to hear you had a good time, Angelina! Thanks for the note. We will definitely be rolling out more events across LA in the near feature, so continue to check back in your Events tab on!

  • ENorman

    I cannot wait for you to bring events to Charlotte! If you want some to help plan events, I think that would be a blast.

  • Tia

    I would love to know how we can host one in “Vegas”, we have a fantastic venue.

  • susan

    what seems to be the deal with it being a big secret as to what cities these events are taking place? The answers by match are really rude and never answer the question. Seems like a good concept, but it is being handled very badly.

    • Hey Susan! No secret here, but new cities are added daily so to get the most complete, up-to-date list of events in your area you must sign into your account. There, under the “Events” tab, you can find event invitations. Thanks!

  • Flavia


    I just RSVP for a stir event in NY on August 7th. I’m very excited and hope I can meet young and attractive guys. I’m taking two single friends with me. I want to know if this is fine?! The email said I could bring up to 3 single friends, and I don’t really want to walk into the bar by myself!

    • You are fine to bring friends, just read the fine print about RSVPs. Thanks!

  • Frank Landry

    Hi. Could you please give me updates about events.

  • Frank Landry

    Hi. Could you give me info on future events. Thank you.

  • Pete Nettleton

    I met my ex-wife on I miss my house…

  • Josephine

    Hello ! Email me if you are looking for a salsa dance instructor in the Bay Area !! Sounds like allot of fun!

    – Josephine

  • Lisa Hambrick

    I’m in Roanoke va & would be interested in holding one of you stir events for your members in my area. How do I get started?

  • Faith

    I online dated for at least 5 years. It took a lot of time, but it was worth it. I met my husband of almost a year on I married a good man and I am very happy. It takes time to sift through dates. You might get rejected, but you will be the rejector as well. You are not guaranteed to meet the love of your life on any online dating site. However, you will meet people. You will go on dates. Match is one way to meet people. For me, it was the best way.

  • Brett Scherer

    I attended the Stir event in Kansas City, Missouri last night at The Cashew. I have some interesting observations and thought I’d share.

    1) Stir events are awesome! Thank you so much for implementing this idea and please keep inviting me to them in the future haha.

    2) I showed up shortly after the starting time (6pm) and arrived to find 6 to 10 guys standing awkwardly by themselves while groups of women sat at tables. So my observation would be that men are more likely to attend by themselves and women are more likely to come in groups.

    3) Because of #2 above, there were more women in attendance than men. I’m not complaining about this because it worked in my favor. But that’s my observation. I even had a couple people comment to me about it that night. We were shocked to see more women in a bar than men.

    4) Most people in attendance are average folks. I didn’t notice any “weird/creepy” guys or girls. I also didn’t notice any super models either (not that I could even hope to get that anyways.) But the majority of people are average in the looks category. So if you are truly a self-proclaimed super model, you’ll be disappointed, as there were maybe 2 guys there that fit that category and probably 1 or 2 girls. However, if you think you’re average or even a bit above average, there will be plenty of people to mingle with that are compatible with you.

    5) Beware of clingers! Take note of #2 above. All those guys who are there by themselves will attempt to make friends with you. If you aren’t having it, then make it obvious very early in the conversation. Otherwise they will follow you around like little sheep and block you from talking to others you may be interested in. The best way to do this is offer to introduce them to somebody in the room they’re interested in (it doesn’t matter if you know them or not), walk over and introduce the person and then politely excuse yourself as they start to talk. After that I’d suggest starting a conversation with somebody else before that person you just got rid of has the time to come back over to you.

    6) This is probably the most important observation. People are friendly! This was very refreshing as I view a lot of profiles on here as people who are fed up with the whole dating thing and who are a bit jaded. I didn’t experience any of that at the Stir event. You can literally walk up to anyone (even groups of people) and start a conversation. They were always very accepting and would engage you in conversation. This is not like the typical bar setting where people think you’re weird for coming up to them. Everyone is hoping everyone else comes to talk to them, so there’s no reason not to. The first thing I did when I arrived was sit down at a table with a group of four girls and start talking to them… and I got one of their numbers at the end of the night. 🙂

    • Hey Brett! We’d love to speak to you about your recent Stir experience further– what is the best way to reach you? If you’d rather reach out to us off the blog, you can email with your email. Thanks!

      • Brett Scherer

        I’d be happy to. I just sent you all an email.

  • I own a magazine in Macomb County Michigan. We have over 650 locations we distribute to and reach 225,000 active minded adults. Most of our Clients are Bars and Restaurants. I would be interested in heading up stir events at my clients locations. How would I go about doing this.

  • Brandon

    What time do stir events typically begin? I am interested in the concept and there is one in New Orleans on August 23, but I have a reception earlier in the evening and I want to know if I can make both.

    • Hey Brandon, the Stir event times do vary but typically they start somewhere between 6-8pm and last roughly 2 hrs. Check the website though for more accurate times! Thanks!

  • lisa

    I think ages should be noted, as long as people aren’t restricted; this way they can better choose the events they’d go to.

    Because I work out, I’m a young looking 50 year old and don’t want to have to just meet men who are older when I typically hit it off with men who are a bit younger…It would be awful if I was limited and couldn’t meet men in their 40s as well. And I don’t think I’d feel any differently about this at 51 either.

    I’ve meet some good guys on match, but just not my match. I’ve also had several disappointments. It’s a total roller coaster ride that I can’t wait to get off of…I’m hoping getting to meet personally will help me find that man with whom I can connect with at every level. Still keeping the faith!

  • I have a bar in manhatten and would love to host a stir event please get back to me thanks Jim

  • Alexis

    Anyone who wants to write a review about the stir events..please do so on yelp

  • claudia

    I’ve been waiting for an event like this, as much as people should get out of their comfort level and go alone…..I am not one of those people! 😀 I would prefer to go with at least one friend and from there I feel as though I can go around and talk to people. The way I see it, everyone is there for the same reason as you so you have nothing to lose. I love the cooking class idea or bowling activity because you get to do an activity as you get to know someone! aesome idea, I am totally signing up as soon as an event happens around my hometown.

  • I am glad to hear about this new venue. I gave up on Match after I realized that all of the men that wrote to me were from Nigeria trying to scam older women like me. They take advantage of the FREE Weeks Trial (Match take note of this). You waste a lot of time writing back and forth, they use photos from models or good looking men they find online. Ladies beware! Then they ask you for money to get them out of whatever made up predicament they are in, or ask for supplies to be sent to them. A face to face meeting is much better and you know they are really Americans that pay for a Match membership. No friends please, as you will have phonies from who knows where show up and ruin this new idea (Match take note of this please).

  • Meredith

    I want to join match again to attend the stir events, they sound like a great idea! But am I able to see the event locations before joining? I live in NJ about 30 miles outside of NYC so the only ones I see in my area are in ny and I’d like to know if some are in NJ. Thanks!

    • Hey Meredith, Stir events are only offered to members, but you do not need to be a subscriber to see the events. If you sign up for Match, you’ll see all local events listed under the Events tab on the site. Thanks!

      • Emily

        You say you don’t need to be a subscriber to see the events, but I disagree with that. When I click on the Stir tab, it tells me I need to be a subscriber to attend an event and it gives no further details about events/locations. Same thing with the emails. They show “$50” for an event on X date, but they don’t tell what kind of an event it is.

  • Jenny

    Is there anyway we can browse stirr events by State. I am from a very small town and so no events will pop up for me unless I change my city to Fort Wayne or something which is 45 minutes from where I live. I doubt stirr events will come anywhere closer that for me for when you are from small town Ohio…there isn’t much hope for big gatherings lol. 🙂

    • Hey Jenny, if you sign into your account you can see all available events listed under the “Events” tab on site. We’re adding more and more events across the country each day, so be sure to continue to check back! Thanks.

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  • Eddie

    The part that aggervates me about it was when i got my email I went and did the rsvp thing and now its coming up saying full. Does that mean I got booted out of it or does it just tell that to everyone after its full?

  • Monica

    When are you having stir events here in San Diego!!!!

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  • Chris Westbury

    Can I still go if the event is full?

  • Jamie

    I understand that these are events and people are looking for their ‘match’ (as I am too), but is there anyone at these events looking for friends? When I saw the commercials I thought it was a good idea to meet some new friends who enjoy the same activities I do. Most of my current friends are now married with children and no longer have the time to do social activities. This leaves me solo when wanting to do things. I was hoping the Stir would be more of a social situation that one would be comfortable going to alone, meeting new people with similar interests to do things with, and it would just be a bonus if you met your ‘match’.

    • E

      Re:Jamie Awe NOOOOOO! Gawd this is exactly what p*sses single men off. These are called SINGLES EVENTS NOT COME MEET AND MAKE JUST “FRIENDS”.

      Also women quit with the such “high expectation” GQ looking guy. I think too many women set their standards way to sky high they want this pie in the sky “list”, have all these fantasy “requirements” and of course they are going to be sorely disappointed, beyond disappointed cause they are both going to these events and also online and have these ENORMOUS “expectations”. If single women go into these events and also with online with more of an OPEN MIND, don’t have this huge ginormous “list” in your head that he must be this and this and this ect. you will then find a guy when you have an open mind and instead of all this expecting and demanding “list” single women will be surprised when they have an open mind, give men a CHANCE and most likely with an OPEN MIND you will find they (men) probably will have a lot of your “list” and “requirements”.

      • Bill Braskey

        Dude, you want to know why women don’t like you?
        1) You’re obviously way too judgmental and insecure
        2) They’re also not called “arranged marriage events” either. Get over yourself.

        You’ve got enormous expectations, brother. Get over your insecurities. Oats and squats.

  • Angela

    One of the main things I subscribed to was FOR Stir events. After waiting with no notifications, all of a sudden I see events (as I am active 2-3 x a day) and I get so excited, immediately clicking to register only to find they are all FULL? How are they filling up before I am even seeing them? Is there some inside track I do not know about?

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  • charlene faison

    I never attend a match stir but I want meet need people I hope I ssill found that someone who matches my needs to 🙂

  • I haven’t went to a match stir before, but I would like to go to one to meet new people and meet that someone for me:-)

  • john sousa

    I like the idea that singles can get together for diffrent kinds of events interact.

  • Mindy

    I went to my first Stir event and had a good time. It was a little over crowded and I’m glad the next scheduled one is taking place at a bigger venue. I didn’t meet anyone and really didn’t see many that piqued my interest… But I am a little picky I guess. I agree about the friend thing but there are many creepy people out there and a lot of women feel more comfortable if they have a friend with them. With that being said, I took a friend with me but I’m not sure I will to the next one. There was this women at the last event by herself and every time one guy walked away, another immediately approached… and she was average looking at best.

  • Stephanie

    I have a question… I live in the boonies, not near any major city but would be willing to travel to one for an event is there a way I can see events that would be near me because I am pretty sure I will never get an invite to one…

  • Denise C. Donn

    How do I go about getting invited to a Stir event?


  • jessie reyes

    How much is the membership fee to and how much would it cost to attend these events?

    • Hey Jessie, thanks for your note. The events are included in your membership costs, and you can see the site for more details. Thanks!

  • Courtney

    If you bring stir events to Charlotte, NC please have your events team contact me. I am the event planner for Caffe Siena. We are a top 10 restaurant in the city that can host a mixology class, cooking class, and happy hour mixer.

  • grace

    on the fence of signing up with match. Have been a member many times before. But I have to say this Stir event sounds interesting!

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  • How would someone get involved as a venue for this type of event?

  • Chris

    Can I still go to to stir event if match says its “full”


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  • helene gerstle

    Does this exist in Portland Oregon. And if not, why not.

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  • Hi! 🙂

    I work for a Sushi and Lounge Club in Astoria, Queens. We are very interested in having our space be utilized for one of your fabulous stir events! I have emailed “” but no response! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to get into contact with your representative. I hope to hear from you soon!

  • We would LOVE to host an event in Oklahoma City. Feel free to contact me at Thanks!

  • betsy

    are these events available in nc?

  • Kelley

    I am new to the website and I think the ate events are a great idea. I do plan to attend them and hope to meet someone at one of te events. I wanted to suggest an event. I think a fitness event would be a lot fun. Such as a boot camp I. Central park, a pick up softball game, a yoga or Pilates class or something active. I think active people would be able to bond with other active people.

  • Sean

    Interested in holding events at my restaurant and bar or promotions on your website.

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  • Sarah

    I cannot wait to attend stir events in the Akron/Canton Ohio area… Sound fun and the only way to really get to know a person.

  • j

    Went to my first Stir event last night in DC. Seemed to be way more women than men. And while I appreciate a diverse crowd, there appeared to be almost NO caucasian men! It was odd. Overall, the guys seemed socially awkward and the women seemed disappointed. Drinks were overpriced. I have to wonder what they are matching on – not looks or interests, probably just age and location.

  • Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my iphone and tested to
    see if it can survive a forty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation.
    My iPad is now destroyed and she has 83 views.

    I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  • Sarah C. Providence, RI

    I met my hubby on 7 1/2 yrs ago. We got engaged after 9 months and have 2 beautiful babies,,instant connection…we were attached at the hip after the 2nd date…He’s AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it!!!

  • Theresa

    I would love to attend a stir but I have no idea on where one would be,i live in milwaukee wisconsin,can u please help me find one where I live.please

  • Went to the Philadelphia Stir event last night at the R2L bar on the 37th floor of the Liberty building, downtown. I went with a female friend and to be approachable we split up as soon as we got there. The event was in a side room to the R2L bar and not the bar itself but the views were the same, awesome. I heard there were 127 women and 108 men who accepted the invitations or were actually there, not sure but I’d say there was close to 200 people there. The room was packed at the peak with similar aged people and conversations were everywhere. I talked with a few nice women, gave out match usernames for future contact, and even though I didn’t meet the girl of my dreams the event was a success in both of our opinions. We’re both looking forward to going to the next Stir event next month. Keep up the good work match!

    • Hey Johnny! We’d love to speak to you about your recent Stir experience further– what is the best way to reach you? If you’d rather reach out to us off the blog, you can email with your email. Thanks!!

  • Filip

    Event: Salt Lake City, August 30th @ Gracie’s – Absolute disaster
    First of all at Match website it indicates that if you don’t cancel your reservation you may not receive any invitation in the future. At the arrival no one at door even knew what is really going on. I was just greeted and told to have a good time. People where scattered everywhere, It became very obvious that no one had clue that what is going on. The place has 4 sitting area, downstairs inside and outside, and upstairs inside and outside. The place was busy but no one knew who is with the event and who is not, so obviously you are not going to approach every girl asking “umm sorry are you here for match?” … finally after getting a drink I made it upstairs and by than it was clear the small area was designated for match event.

    Guys, guys and more guys … on the site it was indicated that 95 girl have reserved. NO WAY unless I don’t know how to count. Anyway by then I saw a girl who had a note pad and was taking names, I am assuming she wanted to know who came and who didn’t. She didn’t seem to know what really her job is or should be or maybe doesn’t even know what an event coordinator job is. Anyway I wasn’t going to wait amongst bunch of guys in line to give my name and I am pretty sure she didn’t get everyones name. I mean I am not even sure she was with match maybe she was giving away free cookies but I assume that she was with

    So I decided to walk around and see what is going on. There were more girls (in group) everywhere else expect match area. And guys seriously t-shirts, shorts and flip flops? Come on I know this is Utah and the fashion is as bad as Afghanistan but even in Deseret industries you can find some decent, jeans, shirt and shoes and ladies please Flip Flops are not a hot item at a bar but if you absolutely must wear them there is this thing called pedicure. Not sure about you but I can NOT stand dirty feet in flip flops at a bar, restaurant or club, matter fact I can live with it at the beach or pool but that should be it.

    Anyway the guys looked terrible, over weight (sorry I am not being shallow but no one forces anyone to eat double cheese burger with extra fries and large coke, unless you have a medical issue there is no excuse, however I have seen slightly overweight guys that at least dressed appropriately) and no smile. Really? Did you guys just walked out of Rambo movie and have the need to kill someone? No wonder there are some many desperate single guys out there.

    And Ladies, yes you .. when I say hello, it mean hello. It doesn’t mean I want to sleep with you, nor I want you marry you. It is a universal friendly gesture of being polite and open up a conversation. If you are interested open up the conversation and if not you can still be friendly and with smile indicate to me that hello, but no thank you.

    Seriously the problem is not that here are not good guys or girls, or compatible, the problem lays with each and every one of us. We have built so many barriers and paranoia that we can’t even see the prince and princes even if they are right a front of us. Chill, take it deep breathe, not everyone is a creep, cheater or douche-bag. Matter of fact majority of men and women are good people. Hard working, family loving, peaceful and respectful people. STOP thinking that every guy is your EX, assuming you broke up because it didn’t work out.

    And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE turn off those cellphone, if is emergency sure but facebook is not emergency, texting is not emergency… I know having your head down and acting as if you are doing something important on the phone is way of ignoring your surrounding because you are shy and imitated to look people in their eyes and make eye contact, but trust me you can be the smartest and hottest girl in the room when I walk by and you see you dissociating yourself from the social world, I have no desire to talk to you. So in this case you are better off being alone.

    So by now I decided to walk around in which very quickly I found some of my girlfriends and start talking to them, Ahaaa now I have your attention, this cool guy, dressed like Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love he must be a catch that all those hot girls are talking too, now you wished you smiled when I walked by. But I am forgiving knowing that being single, shy and not as out coming can be intimated. So let’s give it try “Hello ..”

    Well the night was fun, between meeting old friends and new one I accomplished my goal, proving that I am still a hot single guy 🙂 Trust me it helps to be confidence yet a gentleman, a tiny bit cocky but also humble and guys I am sorry I don’t fight for women; I give them a reason to choose me over you. And since I am nice guy I give you some tips

    1. Look matter, this old boring quote that “beauty is within” is a myth. Everyone can dress like Ryan Gosling and look hot and women notice that. You can’t afford it sure you can. Your shirt doesn’t have to say Calvin Klein or your shoes Gucci trust me with a small budget you can look like a winner.

    2. Confidence is the key, when you walk don’t count the rocks, look up, look straight into her eyes, show her that you are the alpha male and worthy of her attention.

    3. Smile

    4. Keep smiling, she has enough angry, boring guys in her life but smile is the key – women want to be entertained, they want to laugh they want fun. Come one smile!!!

    5. Don’t be afraid to talk to her. Go straight to the hottest girl and work down the ladder, believe me the best and juiciest apples are on the top of the tree if you are not willing to take the risk and climb than you get the bottom rotten one. It’s ok less competition for me 🙂 But seriously models are lonely, because not many are willing to climb, hearing a NO is better than thinking “I should have talked to her”.

    6. Keep the conversation real, last thing she wants to her is about your work and many other boring stuff, tell her a funny story, its ok if is embarrassing as long as is clean and funny, she will love it. Don’t try to come out as Superman. She wants to dream about him but not date him because than she has to be super women all the time and that is exhausting.

    7. Don’t be cheap, buy her a drink – learn about many cocktails out there and suggest her something new. Find out if she like sour, sweet, bitter drink and order appropriately. They like when you take charge – Do not suggest BEER and if she insist be diplomatic and ask her “have you tired this?”

    8. BE NICE TO HER FRIENDS. This is crucial. If they like you, the deal is set if not forget it. Buy them drink too, but only 1. They should find their own sucker to buy them drinks.

    9. Don’t ask for her facebook, you don’t need to know what she is up to neither does she. Not yet. You should go into this relationship with completely open mind and heart. My facebook is to connect with family overseas and occasionally posting some embarrassing picture that make good story later on.

    10. Enjoy the whole thing, have fun when you have fun it is not important if you see her again or not. But right before she leaves ask her if there is way you could contact her. Remember “right before she leaves” because if she doesn’t want to see you she will hurry and go but if she is interested she will make her friends wait while you are exchanging numbers.


    Please do a better job in organizing events, I know that it is not in your interest to bring people together, I mean lets be real more singles means more members more revenue, but even couple are willing to spend money on events. Those cooking classes and dining could be easily tuned into profit making events for you and fun night for couples.

    And last I am for hire … 🙂

    • Debbie Foster

      Well written! Well a few minor typo’s but you know what I mean! I have not been to a Match event yet. But I think you hit multiple nails on multiple heads! Good luck to you and I hope you find your Mrs. Right! (Bejeweled flip flops can be acceptable IF your feet are clean and toes are painted)

  • Setsunna

    The same enthusiasm you all are bringing to this online/stir mess, you all could bring and be using in your everyday lives. The fact that most of you have given up on meeting people the traditional way and depend on a profit driven service which preys on the emotions of single people is probably the reason some of you are not successful in finding someone special. I think some of you should really consider saving your money and use it for when you finally meet someone that you “scoped” out on your own and decide to enjoy eachother’s company.

  • How can we host a stir event. I can get a few hundred people to be there. Thanks – Diego Nicholas. 307-251-6840

  • Alexis

    Here’s a suggestion. The Stir Events should have thumbnail profile pics of everyone that has registered for the event. We should be able to click on their pictures that will take us to their profiles – that way we can have a better idea of who is going and decide if we want to go.

  • ladysag00

    I agree with no friends also, meeting new people is the point of being on match. When is an event coming to Victorville,i would love to go

  • Shannon

    When are you coming to Maine???

  • Liz

    Sounds like everyone needs to just start organizing their own events in their own areas. If the Stir events aren’t worth it, and that’s the main reason people are wanting to even sign up, and then the only employees that reply on this page are Interned inexperienced PR that just say “Thanks” after every non answer…. sounds like a total waste of time and money.

    Also… if a couple women arrive, check in, and bounce. Is it really worth having a whole debate about physical attractiveness in social get togethers/dating? Wouldn’t you just chalk it up as they’re not woman worth getting to know in the first place, and move on? ….I’m losing faith in the human race….

    • Debbie Foster

      Don’t give up. It’s not easy…for what ever reasons. The men aren’t really steppin up either. Some don’t respond to emails (and compplain they don’t get any..well I have sent plenty), some that 40 plus years of age, don’t know how to talk to a woman. But I keep trying cause he’s out there.

    • Sara

      shocked at reading, “check out our website, thanks for your feedback, we’ll look into this, but check out our site, click here and this is where our info is, THANKS!!” is bs. Thanks for nothing… not cool Match, not cool.

  • Haley

    Will there be Stir Events in the Seattle area soon? Would love to join and check it out – sounds fun!

  • billie kolozsvari

    When will we get a “stir” event in st louis?

  • Alexandra

    I am a single female living in Staten Island, NY. I ahve never had good luck with Match as most of the men I contact do not write me back. So I was thrilled when Match statrted the events however, it seems all the match events in NYC are during the week. I love Manhatten but it is not feasible for me to be in Manhatten at 6pm when I get out of work at 6pm. Are there any plans for weekend events? And also, it seems that as soon as I get the invite, the event is full! Its very frustrating!!

  • Matt Anderson

    I signed up for these things only to find out that there aren’t any in Seattle, let alone in my small town. Then they have to select you. There is no way they are going to select me for a Seattle event or have one in my small town. They definitely got me. I’m upset and going to call them. Read all comments on here or read the conditions on their site.

    Whoever is doing sales over there did very well.

  • Luffie

    First, could you organize this blog so that the most recent posts are at the top? Second, is there a way to sign up for Stir and not get involved in the online searching part at all. I don’t want to go through that again. No emails, no posting of my profile online, no winking, none of that stuff.

    • Hey Luffie- the posts are organized in such a way that the most recent posts are at the top. Is there something I can help you look for?

      As for the Stir, it is a service offered to members only, so I’m afraid that is a part of the membership.

  • Karina (Karen ) Caponi

    I am signed up for the Cleveland Stir this month on September 26th at House of Blues. I was looking at my registration and saw it just said me. I had signed up for a friend, but maybe I did the input wrong? Can I bring her since I thought that I did? She is already a Match member, I was just saving time and submitting for both of us at the same time…So I thought! Thanks!

    • Hey Karina, you can bring your friend as a guest to the event- just let them know she’s with you when you two arrive. Thanks!

      • Eddie

        Be glad they replied to you on this. I rsvped on the one here than when I looked again it told me it was full. They never told me if it just said that to everyone or if I got bumped out somehow so I didn’t try to go. No use is paying to park to find out I couldn’t go. Looking back they skipped answering my comment too that’s what’s even more messed up.

  • Tawnie Mills

    When is the next stir event in Florida? I’m having trouble locating cities & times.

  • cd

    does it show you who is attending the stir event when you accept rsvp, so we know who to expect? lol

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  • maryhelen askins

    how do i find stir events in washington dc

  • Domingo

    Are the Happy Hour events strictly happy hour or are there ice-breaking activities? I can go to happy hours any time I want, I’m hoping there will be something to force people to interact at least a little bit. Thanks!

  • DJ JaMzZ

    I am a representative of The Legion Karaoke Bar and Grill in Dalton, GA. After hearing about your events, our team at the bar has decided we would love to host an event for any of your members who like singing karaoke as much as we do! Any contact info we could get would be greatly appreciated.

  • Vicky

    I’ve winked, I’ve emailed, I’ve liked photos, I’ve complimented, I’ve said too little, I’ve said too much, I’ve done everything possible to get a response and no one ever does except for men who possess none of my requirements. I am attractive and have my act together. Only one guy responded with a “no thanks” and I was so excited that someone actually responded and I thought he was such a nice guy for doing so. I never felt so good about being rejected! Plus guys wink at me and then when I go to look at their profile, they removed it or blocked it. Match explained that they must of found someone! You mean they found someone else within one hour? I think Match should offer a “Suggestion” box and pay attention to what everyone is complaining about and not respond with “thanks for your comment” but to offer a solution. Everyone should be required to post at least one head shot without sunglasses. I’m tired of looking through a magnifying glass to see what they could possibly look like. I’m just saying!

    • Debbie Foster

      I could have written your post myself! Same problem…and what gets me is I have emailed, winked, and also liked photos of universally attractive men (hey why not?) to average Joes, to average Joes with extra weight and bald…(but still attractive to me)..and NOTHING. No response, no…nothing. And I have people (men and women) tell my I am beautiful. I own my own home, have vehicle AND a Harley…I’ve got my act together like you. So what are men looking for?

      And like you..I have had a handful or responses…only to go check out their profile and the picture is removed or they are no longer available…within 24 hours???

      I have worried that I’ve said too much…so I have scaled back. Nothing. I have left opportunities open so the guy could ask me questions…nothing. I even told one fellow…after 5 or so email exchanges..his only asking me “How was your day”…was not the kind of quesion to ask if he wanted to get to know me. I pointed out that I have asked him questions he did not answer..and left open opportunities for him to ask ME questions that he did not ask. So I felt there was no communication going on. He said he was shy. We are in or mid 40’s talking via typed word….If he is too painfully shy to answer and type questions.. I can’t begin to imagine sitting across a table from him during dinner.

      When I read on here about the social events and the men clumped to one side of the room and the women on the other, it sounds like a jr. high school dance. I think it’s ridiculous that grown people need to have a tour guide on how to interact with each other. Men take the lead for pity sake! Let go of the bar, chair, wall your buddy’s elbow and step up!! Respond to emails and stop thinking Barbie is going to eventually find you and send you an email begging for your affections. And women…Brad Pit (has aged himself) and is not on an online dating site…be more open to the average Joes, who may not be so average. And EVERYBODY post pics of how you REALLY look and not from 5 years ago.

      • Vicky

        Bravo Debbie!

        This question is posed to Match and I would really like some type of answer and not a “thanks for your comment.” Match.Com obviously knows about all of these common problems that both men and women are experiencing yet continues to operate within the same guidelines. Does Match care enough to address the inefficiencies in this process enough to restructure it? I’ve read many suggestions from members that seem logical and I have several of my own. And yes, Match does have some success stores but with the amount of members you most likely have, you’re bound to get lucky here and there. I signed up for stir events and was advised there wasn’t any in my area but that I would be notified when there was. The next time I clicked on the stir location, it said, “Ooops you just missed the last stir event in this area.” WTF! I’m surprised that more people aren’t reporting Match to the Better Business Bureau for taking advantage of single people all in the name of the almighty dollar. I am very discouraged with Match.

  • allen

    Dear Stir Event Coordinator, PLEASE be age group specific when organizing an event. Say, 20/30’s 30/40’s 40/50’s 50/60’s . . . not all together in one location, its NOT fair. I am looking for someone that I am attracted to and that’s not in my mother or grandmothers age group. The STIR event Last Night at the Dive Bar, Sacramento CA was a JOKE. Furthermore, PLEASE start showing the actual people that have an RSVP to that event. I drove 2-hours for this event and it was a HUGE let down. If I were to refer this type of unorganized function to a friend, then I would probably lose that friendship for not being truthful. Lastly, In the future QUIT QUIT QUIT advertising good looking people as the RSVP group. NOT a single person in the RSVP images is attending these events. I’ve got a photographic memory and NONE of the 10 females listed in the RSVP group were there. Be MORE truthful and show the late early 40’s mid 50’s and late 60’s participants. TRUTHFULNESS will go further, it should be about the singles being able to meet someone with common interest, same age group, and increasing their odds in truly meeting someone, it’s not about a bar making money off of alcohol sales. CLEAN IT UP PLEASE for other unsuspecting singles.

  • Raz

    I recently went to a stir event this week in NYC. I was the youngest person at this event.(I’m in my early 30’s). The majority of the crowd was in their 50’s or possibly 60’s. Match should make these events age specific.

  • JM

    I went to the Stir event last night in New Haven…since I had already seen the comments above, I knew what to expect, which is pretty much a summary of the comments above. I did see quite a few women huddled together, but I just dived right in. Everyone is single, no pick up lines needed. I did meet some prospects so it was a sucessful night. And I thought the age range was fine, probably 30ish-50ish. With 90+ men and 100+ women, there was plenty to choose from for either sex. This is a great idea by Match!

  • aglaia


  • The events in NYC keep filling up so quickly. Is there a waitlist? Or is it ok to go to the event and see if there are no-shows?

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  • Arun Sams

    I went to ‘Stir event’editing academic paperswith my cousin

  • Happy bunni

    When are you planning to have events Westside – santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey?

  • Pingback: Sponsored Post: Stirring It Up With — Single Gal in the City()


    I am thinking about joining because I heard there was an event coming up in Oct in Providence. Does anyone know anything about it – like where it will be or if it is cooking or bowling, etc…? It is my first time signing up for and I don’t know if it is worth it.

    • allen

      Staci – do not sign up for the activities, because the STIR EVENT is not NOT NOT WORTH any ones time. It is POORLY organized, doesn’t care about anyone’s responses unless they are praising them for their poorly organized event. Only sign up for if you are serious about meeting someone through their website. The STIR EVENT is set up for one thing only and that is for the bar scene to profit off of being a host. The STIR EVENT puts ALL age groups into one location, 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s all in one location. If the event organizers did what they said, placing people with common interest, common age groups and with individuals seeking a common relationship status, then it would be a SUCCESS . . . so far it is an UNSUCCESSFUL venture.

      • STACI

        Thanks for the response. After reading many of the comments on this website, I think most people tend to agree with you. Too bad. Sounded like a good ‘idea’! maybe someone can improve on it. Thanks again!

  • kelly

    can we have a stir around decatur il

  • kelly

    can we have a stir around decatur il or springfield il

  • Ana

    How do I find out about stir? In miami fl?

  • Leo

    I’m a male and I’ve been to two stir events. I’d like to get a feel for how the age ranges are determined. I think I was among the youngest, if not THE youngest of attendees there at both events (and I’m 48!). While it doesn’t make good sense to have all ages attend (for proper mix&match combinations), I think it would be helpful for the events to mix things up a bit and maybe publish the age groups selected for certain events. These events could not have had all ages attend. There are way too many people on Match that the turnout was representative of the available ages of Match members. Do people 30-45 go to these things? For example, another dating event site has events that are listed like: Women 30-40, Men 35-45. This has overlap and gives attendees an idea if that suits them. I’m not suggesting that you would exclude a 29yr old female or 46yr old male. But, at least one would know what sort of “room” they would be in. Additionally, the feedback survey should have a comments section for open comments and not just YesNo type questions. I would like to say that the venues were very nice, but the bar staffs were totally unprepared for the volume of people that arrived. These are my first impressions of the first two events I attended.

  • Ann

    Hello! Kindly Let me know how to access the Stir events? I see the info on the different type of venues, but I dont see details on dates and times. Thanks for your help!


  • what exactly are these events like??? Are they okward? I never been to one but, I would think of going to one. I don’t know if it would be wierd going to one of these where there are a lot of people that you don’t know. What goes on at them besides the obvious try find someone your interested in talking to? Just interested in what people experienced at them and if they would recommend trying it?

  • A. Lisa

    I have noticed that everytime I get an email notice of a Stir event in New York and log onto to sign up, it’s booked within minutes. I find that almost impossible to believe…seems like email notices are being sent even if the event is full. I only joined for the stir events and have not been able to sign up for one. Pretty disappointing

    • M. St. James

      I have that same problem here in Boston. I get an email, go to sign up right then and it’s already full. I’m sure part of this problem is living in a big city with so many match members but it’s really discouraging. I have a few friends on Match and they have all said the same thing. Maybe there just needs to be more events or a limit on how many a single person can sign up for in a month. C’mon Match, find us a solution for this problem.

  • I’m registered for tomorrow’s Stir Event in NJ. How do I see the profiles of other registered attendees? I received the email saying I would get a text. I’m signed up for mobile alerts, but I haven’t gotten anything. Nor have I received any other emails or info besides date and time. Thanks

  • Interested in upcoming events stir sounds interesting

  • We would love to attend our Blue Door Chamber Concert Series, our Symphony performances and our 15th Anniversary Special presentation of the world famous Vienna Boys Choir in Delray Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Aventura and in Key West! Please contact the South Florida Symphony Orchestra: 954-522-8445.

  • I am curious to find out what blog platform you’re working with? I’m having some small
    security problems with my latest website and
    I’d like to find something more safe. Do you have any solutions?

  • Lola

    How can a place become a venue for The Stir?

  • G

    Hi, just wondering BEFORE I join if there are any scheduled Stir Mingle Events in the area down south between Mobile, AL & New Orleans, LA? If so, can I be sent a notification via e-mail??? Age group 50+

  • Debbie

    How do I find out the next event in San Antonio or Austin. Thank you Debbie

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  • Hi, I am the owner of a beautiful facility located right outside of Atlanta, in Gwinnett county – Elite Signature Enterprise. I would love to host your singles events! Please visit our website to view photos and get more information about the venue. You may contact me at 678.228.8642, or via email to discuss further. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    Avis Cunningham, CEO
    Elite Signature Enterprise

  • Linda

    I just joined match and will trying out some of the Stir events in Atlanta. Though Match posts that Stir events are not speed dating, I think Match should include speed dating events into the Stir program. It is a fun way to get people to interact and avoid men on one side of the event and women on the other.

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  • Any events planned near Springfield MA? It’s an area that could really use something like this…please advise. Thank you.

  • Melissa

    I would rather match post the event and age range to all match subscribers and let you decide which event are right for you. I was really excited about the idea until i realized match only invites you to what they think is good for you-so far none of them were anything i was interested in! Im getting invited to”hunts” while my friend gets happy hours…..
    Why would they leave it up to you and have it be first come basis?

    • Bill

      Melissa – Hi
      You are so right…….customers should have greater control of what events they wish to attend!
      – Bill

  • Jess

    Our company is interested in partnering with Match for a Stir event. Who do we contact?

  • gm

    I would like to host a “Stir” event. We do fine dining at my showcase organic farm with the best chefs in Miami. As a member, I would like to reach out to members who are foodies and are open to experiencing an an amazing five course meal paired with fine wines and on a farm!

  • Bill

    What would make these events more desirable would be having people opt in to events in certain age ranges. I have been to three of them – and I was typically the youngest in a crowd of 55 and over. I am 50 – and prefer women 37-47. Also – supposedly there is a way to electronically check in and check out the people attending. I have tried it twice – it doesn’t seem to work.

  • patricia vitale

    Please let me know about upcoming events

  • I don’t know why I am unable to sign up for a
    Event. As soon as it posts it’s already full. I really wanted to go to the bartaco.match party in west Hartford ct. Is there something I need to do to go?

  • MAdison

    Let me know of upcoming events

  • Jim

    To whom it my concern,

    My name is Jim Caruso and I’m an event planner in the Boston area. I have a large number of connections to different events in the city. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in speaking to me regarding hosting a Match Stir Event.

    Thank You,
    Jim Caruso
    617 678 2307

  • E

    I attended the Crave Dessert Bar Stir Event (The Sweetest Thing You Can Do) in Denver, CO last night Tuesday, November 27,2012 and it was not completely organized. Everyone was under the impression as the Event tab on had described that after arriving, chatting for awhile that we were supposed to break up into smaller groups and then there was supposed to be a “teaching”/course on how to make the chocolate strawberries. I and I think most of the people there was kind of expecting them to tell about what kind of chocolate they use ect. None of that happened. At the beginning a lot of us asked the bartenders/waitresses at the Crave Dessert Bar what the plan was and they had no clue other than all of us that actually showed up just basically have a $30.00 “happy hour” drink and eat the strawberries. There were also supposed to be total 26 people to show up. 13 women and 13 men. All in All I think there was about like around 8 women and around 6 guys. Why would people pay for something and not show, cause it was clearly stated they aren’t getting their money back, so they were just throwing their money away by not showing up. Wasn’t bad experience at all but these restaurants that hold these events definitely need to get more ORGANIZED and when it says that there is a “teaching”/course everyone there expects it to happen, not just stand around for a fairly expensive happy hour…Great people at the event but I and I think most others at the event were expecting more than just a happy hour.

  • earlmook

    I attended the Crave Dessert Bar Stir Event in Denver, CO last night Tuesday, November 27,2012 and it was not completely organized. Everyone was under the impression as the Event tab on had described that after arriving, chatting for awhile that we were supposed to break up into smaller groups and then there was supposed to be a “teaching”/course on how to make the chocolate strawberries. I and I think most of the people there was kind of expecting them to tell about what kind of chocolate they use ect. None of that happened. At the beginning a lot of us asked the bartenders/waitresses at the Crave Dessert Bar what the plan was and they had no clue other than all of us that actually showed up just basically have a $30.00 “happy hour” drink and eat the strawberries. There were also supposed to be total 26 people to show up. 13 women and 13 men. All in All I think there was about like around 8 women and around 6 guys. Why would people pay for something and not show, cause it was clearly stated they aren’t getting their money back, so they were just throwing their money away by not showing up. Wasn’t bad experience at all but these restaurants that hold these events definitely need to get more ORGANIZED and when it says that there is a “teaching”/course everyone there expects it to happen, not just stand around for a fairly expensive happy hour…Great people at the event but I and I think most others at the event were expecting more than just a happy hour.

    • SO TRUE . . . MORE and MORE people need to be truthful, such as yourself. These events are not what they are all cracked up to be…. Thank you for telling the truth, Stir Events are pure garbage and deceptively put together to make the hosting bar/location a few extra dollars. They are never set up for other singles to meet another individual with similar backgrounds or interests… Great post!!!

  • j m

    went to three events so far. the men certainly did not seem to have anything in common with each other – or me. it was very odd. the women all seemed normal and the men were…lacking social grace.

    also they cancelled an event i was looking forward to in arlington, va (due to weather), and have yet to reschedule.

    not a fan so far.

  • We would be interested in hosting a event at our venue. Please send me more information or call me at (973)883-5853.
    Thank you

    • THE STIR EVENTS are FALSE Advertisement, PURE GARBAGE. I’m well above average in looks and profession, the Stir events are meant for those individuals that do not frequent hot spots or popular event locations. Lastly, it should never be dependent upon a location or event in order for someone to meet another person, it solely lies upon the individual looking. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, the Stir Events are a complete Joke, trust me. I wish I could leave my contact information for others to contact me directly to fill them in truly on what these events are set up for, which is not directly set up for other individuals to meet one another. They are hosted by bars and locations wanting to make some extra money and are never set up to benefit the single patrons. I’ve done one event and seen enough within the first 10 minutes. Lastly, the individuals that the Stir Event shows as individuals who have RSVP’d the event will NEVER be there, that is apart of the deceptive steps taken to full in more normal individuals. I have a photographic memory and the 10 girls listed as RSVP/attendees never showed up. Additionally, the contact individuals hosting the event do not care what you think or feel when you do arrive and feel a tad bit let down of the deceptive ploy to get more people there under false pretenses. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THESE EVENTS, BUT IF YOU DO PLEASE BE TRUTHFUL AND TELL OTHERS WHAT YOU TO HAD SEEN or Better yet what you didn’t see… Go to a grocery store, library, art/music events, site seeing, people watching, and or anywhere there is less expectations as there are far better locations to meeting someone…. Good luck in your search.

  • naila couverthier

    When is your next event in new haven for

  • Ev

    I represent Club Sinergee and I would like to know what I may need to do to have one of your stir events at this classy brand new club.
    Kind regards

  • jt you need to show the age ranges for the various events.
    I went one event, and most of the women looked like they could be collecting Social Security checks. I am a very fit, mid 40s and not interested in a 58 year woman, which seemed the norm.
    My age range for women is mid 30s to lower 40’s. I also state this in my profile, so your algorithm should have picked up on this!

    Not sure who built the algorithm for matching up people? Maybe it was done by an offshore programming team and something was lost in translation.

    When I asked the rep what the age range was for the event, she couldn’t tell me or maybe she just didn’t want to divulge this information for whatever reason.

    Another suggestion is that shows the people attending in advance.
    This way you can see who you are interested in.

    Not sure why there is no transparency to this process.
    C’mon this is 2012, let’s have some transparency.

    So, I think the member should decide if they want to attend an event or not and should be shown the age.

    For example.
    If you are 40 years old, could potentially set up two events which are vastly different.

    You could have the following ages ranges of 25 to 40 and 40 to 55.

    So the algorithm would fit this person into both events, but obviously they are drastically dissimilar.

    This is why transparency would be the way to go.

    Wake up, fix your algorithm.

  • paddy

    I agree also that you should be able to bring a friend with you. It has nothing to do with ones comfort level. It is just akward sometimes to attend an event where everyone is a stranger and at the least I would havemy friend to converse with as we meet new friends to chat with !
    I too like the idea of the Stir events and would sign up if they became available in the Bay area. A great idea would be an outdoor one as well at a park where members can bring thier dog if they like! Maybe cater something to animal lovers so they can share with other members.
    Bowling sounds awesome as well ! They have some bowling alleys where it has a DJ and Laser lights while you bowl.

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  • Maree

    Where are the men that sign up for the Stir events to meet in Pittsburgh, PA. I drove over 100 miles from WV and was so disappointed! Match isn’t putting together a “night to remember” in a positive way. Women whe went from early 20’s to later 40″s…and men from early 20’s to 89’s…and one man for every 7 women? it was a flop, and noone even spoke of it, so how would they know it was a flop?
    I was NOT impressed! And they NEVER hav e anything coming from our state!

  • Jerry

    What’s the process to hosting an event at my bar in Dallas?

  • Hi to all, the contents present at this web site are really remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

  • How can I have my cinema become a venue for events?

  • Hello,
    How does one post an event? I am planning a Singles Night at the Sports Club I work at and would love to put it up on your site. Does it cost anything? Thanks for the reply!

  • We have been looking at The Stir and have come up with some great ideas for an event for to have. I think it is perfect for a company like yours and could be a lot of fun as well. Who can I contact about these ideas?

    Thanks, George

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  • I’ve been to 2 events. Both were poorly organized. I’m not sure I’ll go to another.

    The first was a Techshop in SF. 30 people signed up but only 12 arrived. The organizers had planned for 30 and had already defined groups so when only 12 showed up some groups had no people, some had no women or no men. As Stir has been around for a while you’d think this kind of thing would be planned for.

    The second was a gaming night at a lounge. Same deal. 30 people signed up only 10 showed up. The host made us sit around for an hour hoping more people would show before she started the games. She should have had plans for that situation as it seems clear this is common.

  • Anthony

    How can a business host a stir event?

  • For a Friend

    Are there vegetarian cooking classes?

  • Danielle Damiano

    how can i become the event host for stir events? I was hosting speed dating and mixer events and would like to continue to do so but the company i was with is no longer working with

  • Mindy

    How can my restaurant become a venue for The Stir?

  • pythonflash

    I tried one of these.. you can’t hear the person across from you speak. I’m not sure of the point. Met nice people regardless

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