Featured Success Couple: David and Meg


David: I was first interested in Meg when I came across her cute pictures and intriguing profile on match.com last summer.

Meg: Any ladies that have tried online dating can relate when I say that it is a bit overwhelming. There are lots of guys out there, but every once in a while someone’s email will catch your eye. Last July, I got an email from David. It was short and sweet, but enough to get me to look at his profile. So, the conversation started…

David: I’m not big on email conversations, so I was a bit disappointed when Meg wanted to keep the emails going for a while and not just take a chance and meet up. But I had a good feeling about her, so I played along and kept the conversation going over email for a couple weeks.

Meg: After going on a first date, I knew David was a great guy. He was sweet, polite, attentive… all the things that a girl wants. But, I can’t deny it. I have always gone for ‘bad boys’, so I wasn’t convinced that we should go on a second date. I talked to my friend, Shannon, about it and got the best advice that I have ever received. She knew that I was looking for someone that I could spend my life with. She told me to give it a second shot because “everyone wants to date George Clooney, but you want to marry Jason Bateman.”

David: Unaware that the second date wasn’t a shoe-in, I had fun planning what I knew would be great 2nd date. I took Meg out on Lake Washington and we spent hours swimming, tanning on the boards and getting to know each other better. I don’t think that the homemade gourmet picnic that I set up on the hill at sunset hurt because I was lucky enough to steal a kiss at the end of the night.

Meg: Everything about that day was perfect. By the end of it, I realized that I was going to fall for him. Hard.

David: Only a month later, I was pretty sure Meg was the one. I let her know how much I loved her on a long weekend getaway to New Orleans.

Meg: I was definitely surprised and overwhelmed when David told me how he felt. But, I finally believed what everyone had always told me. When you meet “the one” you just know.

David: It wasn’t long after, that the planning began. I proposed to Meg six months later at the top of Crystal Mountain. I planned everything out: a private gondola ride to the summit of the mountain. A hundred roses placed perfectly overlooking a view of Mt Rainer. I even had a few of our friends secretly hiding at the top of the mountain to surprise her after I proposed. The one thing I didn’t plan on that day was the whiteout blizzard that rolled a half an hour before I proposed. We lost the view of Mt Rainer, but honestly, I don’t think she noticed. The second I dropped down to my knee the rest of the word disappeared.

Meg: David makes me feel the way that I’ve always hoped a man would make me feel; loved, supported, cherished and appreciated. My family is spread out across the country and he knew that I would be sad that they weren’t there to share this special moment. So, not only did he ask their permission to marry me, but he videotaped all of their responses so that I could watch them after the proposal. Hearing my parents and siblings react as he told them he was going to propose and showing them my gorgeous ring, well it made the miles between us disappear. I will always appreciate that gesture, probably more than he will ever know.


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  • Renee Henderson

    I loved this story a lot.

  • Thank you so much for featuring our love story. David and I are extremely honored to have just won a dream wedding contest courtesy of the beautiful Palisade restaurant in Seattle. In combination with other generous Seattle companies like Aria Style and Argosy Cruise, they are making our dreams come true. You can find the whole story on Palisade’s facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/PalisadeRestaurant

  • enjoyed reading your story…best to you both

  • Wow great story and congratulations on winning the dream wedding contest. It´s interesting to hear that you weren´t sure about going on a second date and now you guys are planning to get married. So glad you decided to give it a second chance!