Featured Success Story: Ashley and Jared

Have you ever felt that the perfect person for you may have just been a short distance away from you your whole life?  Well our story ended up just that way.  We grew up our whole life within 30 miles of each other.  Both from small towns, with similar interests.  As we were older, we ended up with mutual friends, traveled in the same circles to the same hangouts but our paths never crossed.  In May of 2010, little did we know that this one little wink on match.com would end up with an amazing story and discovery.  I myself had only been on Match a couple months and had went on two dates, only to find two men that were not looking for what they had said.

Out of the blue this man sends me a wink and I say I might as well take a look.  His outgoing personality and love for sports and the outdoors caught my eye.  We started to send messages slowly back and forth and just normally discuss our days, what sports are on and whose team is going to kick the other’s butt.  With both very busy lives, myself owning a business, getting ready to open a new location and Jared working well over 40 hours a week. We had little time for dating.  Come to find out, I was the first person Jared had talked to on Match.  After a couple weeks of talking, he asked for me to come meet up with him.  A little nervous about all of it, I ask a friend to come with me.  We were meeting at a mutual hangout and he was actually going to be hanging out with some people I knew; our world was going to become much smaller.  Same friends, same hobbies, same goals in mind and same personality is what we discovered the first night together after sitting on my friends porch talking until 5am.  The daytime could not come fast enough, for we were going to see each other again.  From that first night on, our lives became one and we have been inseparable for two years now.  Our profiles were deleted within a week of meeting, since we knew we found what we were always looking for.


On September 3, 2011, our son was born. These two gentlemen have brought more joy to my life than I thought could ever exist.  Today I just asked him how we got so lucky? He said “lucky?”  I replied to have found each other and to have been blessed with such an amazing son.  He replied, “because we deserve it.”  We do deserve it and now we have everything we could have imagined plus more.  Match.com took two small town people with lives that should have crossed and helped us to find the love of our life.

  • Nice story.

  • jane

    I wish you a full and blessed life together

  • Happy for you but it just doesn’t happen for us older women!!!