Featured Success Couple: Sara and Adam

I don’t even know where to begin! Never been so happy with someone that I’m STILL in awe! January 4th! I had an amazing man show up on my list of people Match suggested to me as people I might be interested in. So I clicked “yes” to Adam. In hindsight, I had a very big gut feeling that something amazing was going to happen with him. Match had notified him that I was interested. He sent me an email that same day and we have been loving the ride every since! I never believed in Love At First Sight.. but now I do believe in Love Before We Met! After what seemed like forever, Friday, January 13th (of all days!) we met. I never believed how good things could be until I met Adam. We are so confident in our relationship and love and so devoted to each other. We owe it all to Match for giving us the tools to finding each other, finally!

  • It’s great to see and read these success stories. There are many articles written these days from people who claim to have done their research and studies and have basically proved that online dating will not work.
    This just doesn’t seem logical to me. These types of stories do tend to prove their errors in judgement to me.